This list of characters from the Assassin's Creed franchise contains only characters that are considered part of Assassin's Creed canon. Having a bomb filled with poisonous gas thrown at her, Aveline unwittingly inhaled the vapors and subsequently began to hallucinate, believing she was being assailed by the Templars she had slain. After experiencing visions of the First Civilization and reading the Codex Pater Intellectus, he took it upon himself to reform the Order, which he believed had grown corrupt after aligning itself with the aristocracy for centuries. Among pages found from Jeanne's diary, Aveline discovered a map detailing the location of an ancient artifact deep within a nearby cenote. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Living in exile in his manor, Achilles abandoned the Assassin ideology until his meeting with the young Ratonhnhaké꞉ton, Haytham's son, whom he started to train on the boy's behest. Although she interrogated him, Dominguez was revealed to possess scant information of value, being little more than a transporter of goods. Cristina Vespucci is based on real life historical figure Simonetta Vespucci. Leonardo comments that his current work lacks purpose, but Maria is confident that he will go on to do great things. However, upon the artifact failing to work as Madeleine had expected it to, she grew frustrated, allowing Aveline to strike, as her induction was merely a ruse to destroy the Templars from within. Hunting down several of his subordinates, Aveline sought to shut down the Templar's operations and eventually discovered the slaves' destination, a work camp in Chichen Itza. After leading the army to many victories throughout Italy, Cesare developed extreme sadism and a lust for conquest, having the primary goal to unify all of Italy and conquer all of Spain. [4], Aveline then infiltrated the stronghold via a set of underground tunnels, following which she made her way to the cells and freed Patience. Born in a time when the Assassin Order in London was at its weakest in over one hundred years, alongside his sister, he appears in Assassin's Creed Syndicate. After being freed from Washington's control by Ratonhnhaké꞉ton, Franklin sought to help the rebellion take down King Washington. She held this position until her brother returned in late 1512, after which Ezio resigned from the Order and assigned a successor. However, many of the Ottoman Empire (The Janissaries in particular) deem him to be an unfit ruler in times of war and times of peace. In order to facilitate her career as a pirate, she posed as James Kidd, an illegitimate son of the late William Kidd. As she grew, she found herself torn between the values she had inherited from her parentage, which compelled her to form her own core beliefs. After navigating the mansion's hallways, Aveline reached the governor's office, where she overheard de Ferrer and governor d'Abbadie talk about the plans of a mysterious individual referred to as the "Company Man". Despite her efforts, the recruiter managed to reach the city's fort and hid within its walls, prompting Aveline to then infiltrate it. To her surprise, she encountered Thérèse, the slave Aveline had rescued from captivity about four years ago, who, along with various other slaves, seemed to be perfectly happy at the worksite. [18] He was trained by his father, Francesco, and in 1474 he worked with him to take over Florence. [55], Followers of Romulus (Italian: Secta Luporum) were a pagan cult operating in several abandoned locations underneath Rome. Kassandra is the granddaughter of King Leonidas of Sparta, which draws the attention of the Cult of Kosmos, and eventually embarks her on a journey across the Classical world of Greece during the height of the Peloponesian War.