We welcome inquires from anyone interested in more details about this remarkable herd and will be glad to put you in touch with any of these breeders. If the Roman army enjoyed the tasty beef of Gaul this would make perfect sense." These animals, all told – and particularly Bolebec Dun Controller – represent an outstanding new infusion of purebred Belted Galloway stock in the United States. It derives from the Galloway cattle of the Galloway region of south-western Scotland, and was established as a separate breed in 1921. A hardy breed, they are naturally polled and are distinguished by their thick heavy coats with white belts around the middle. They are also regular breeders and calve easily. Hoffman Holistic Cattle did not choose the Belted Galloway breed just for their unique appearance. The Belted Galloway cattle breed is generally observed as a polled breed of cattle. His major purchase was Bolebec Dun Controller, from Mr. Christopher Marler’s Bolbec farm, one of the most prize-winning line of bulls in the British Isles. Belted Galloway Cattle are an ancient breed of Galloway Cattle that are rugged, efficient, and able to convert a wide range of forages into delicious meat. Copyright © 2020 Cattle for Sale. Many of Controller’s progeny have won first class awards and now reside in CO, CT, GA, IL, KY, MA, ME, MI, MD, NY, PA, VT, WV, WY, and Alberta, Canada. £550 For Sale Belted Galloway steers and heifers for sale. Enter The Belted Galloways. "We've enjoyed sharing the Beltie story with our community and friends...they're known as 'Oreo cattle,' 'Police-car calltle,' 'Texas zebras,' or 'Moonbeam cows' - the last a reference to a beautifully illustrated children's book about Belties." Within the United States of America, the Belted Galloway bred cattle have often been referred to as Oreo cows specifically due to their distinctive color pattern as a bearing a direct resemblance to the renown Oreo cookie, which is typically a cookie sandwich comprised of two chocolate cookies with a cream filling. "A great shout was heard coming from the direction of the manor (Chartwell Manor in Kent, Sir Winston Churchill's home). ~Bill and Wilma Craig, CRaigland Farm. The exact origin of the breed is unclear, although the white belt for which they are named – and which distinguishes the breed from the native black Galloway cattle – is often surmised to be the result of cross-breeding with the similarly-coloured Dutch Lakenvelder breed. This is most likely the oldest foundation herd in Scotland. “I love them.”. texas belted galloway for sale. Unlike some breeds which have suffered from outbreeding, the Belted Galloways of today maintain the same pure blood lines of those original cattle which grazed the steep hill pastures of Scotland years ago. They have been found living in the poorer hilly areas and windswept temperate grasslands of southern Scotland. The breed are effectively suited for grazing on rough landscape with the ability to effectively exploit coarse texture grasslands occasionally shunned by other cattle breeds. The Belted Galloway breed is highly adaptable to the less than ideal pasture and has been found to produce an excellent quality of beef while solely grazing on grass. And helping me restore the land at the same time,” says Anderson. ~Beltie 2006 Magazine. © 2007 Anderson Hill Farms. And because of the rich milk they produce, their calves do very well. Better still, come over and visit us and see our outstanding herd of Belted Galloways, and see how they’re helping us return the hilly acres of Anderson Hill Farm to their original wild beauty. It is adapted to living on the poor upland pastures and windswept moorlands of the region. "Belties are without any doubt the finest breed in the world." The average Belted Galloway bull weighs between 1,700 pounds to 2,300 pounds. Breeders located within Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom can be found mainly in the Dumfries and Galloway regions which are recognized as home to the Galloway breed cattle. "In this colorful world, birds and animals banded with the sharp contrast of black and white always attract attention. The breed over the years has been bred mainly for the production of beef. texas belted galloway for sale deer turkey outfitter hunting cattle for sale oreo cows belted galloways texas Welcome to J&N Belties. "An ancient breed...A promising future." Some of the registered breeders found within the Northeast regions of the United States include: Midwest United States is recognized as the home to some Galloway breeders including. One more thing: “They are really beautiful out there, grazing. The Belted Galloway Society through its organization is responsible for the record keeping of Belted Galloway pedigrees in addition to maintaining the registration of the Red and White Galloway breed cattle located overseas. ~Sandra Keatley (in Cascade Cattleman).