The Whiteboard: Tips for NBA Draft prospects to impress in their Zoom interviews, Why the Detroit Lions must win the Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes, Buccaneers fans can finally start feeling pride, Get the newest Buccaneers gear at Fanatics, Tom Brady doesn't blame Bill Belichick and 3 other things he told Howard Stern, Falcons Legend Deion Sanders: 'I Absolutely Love' Atlanta's New Uniforms, Atlanta Falcons fumbled the snap on their new uniforms, Tom Brady's video with Julian Edelman hits different knowing he was never coming back, 2020 NFL mock draft: Wide receivers dominate the first round. Earlier this week, the franchise confirmed that they will be introducing new uniforms in 2020, with details to be unveiled next month. The best news for Bucs fans is that both of the jerseys have ditched the horrendous alarm clock numbering which is enough of a reason for Buccaneer fans to celebrate in and of itself. It’s a time of exciting and significant change for the Bucs. Hopefully, given how things went the last time Tampa Bay changed things up, fans won’t be let down by ownership. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Even though they may not be the creamsicles, this writer is satisfied with the changes that have been made if they are true. The Bucs have pivoted away from this current look that also utilizes pewter on the shoulders to one that is all white with red accents. Tampa Bay Buccaneers news from FanSided Daily, Tampa Bay Buccaneers suspend traveling due to coronavirus, Buccaneers: 7-Round 2020 Mock Draft with Compensatory Pick, Buccaneers 2017 NFL Draft Profile: WR Mike Williams, Buccaneers: 3 running back draft picks that can actually catch. The Tampa Bay Bucs are ushering in a new era as Tom Brady is set to make his official decision to head to the franchise. The pants for this design are gray with the red stripe down the middle as an almost exact copy from the early 2000s. We now know which uniforms the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are planning to wear for each of their games in the 2020 NFL season. But what color is it? As far as when to buy them, the uniforms will be available for pre-order on the Buccaneers official site as well as NFL Shop, Fanatics, and all the other places you go to get your NFL gear. It happened to the Cleveland Browns a few years ago, and just last month the Rams new logo leaked days before the team officially unveiled it. The Buccaneers tease new uniforms for 2020 The latest clue change is coming: The team posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday. Build your custom FanSided Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Tampa Bay Buccaneers and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. It’s a redesign of the classic 90s/00s logo that was the only thing about the jersey kit that felt right. Bucs confirm uniform change for 2020 The new design will be unveiled in April, the team says. For the fourth time in franchise history, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be getting new uniforms. As noted by Lukas, the reported uniform changes mirror head coach Bruce Arians’ statements in Indianapolis that the Bucs’ new threads will bear a resemblance to those worn by Tampa Bay when they won the franchise’s lone Super Bowl in 2003, with some slight modifications. MORE: Buccaneers fans can finally start feeling pride. The team is set to reveal its new look on Tuesday, one that fans have been dying to see since the introduction of the infamous “alarm clock” jerseys the team has been wearing since 2014 — widely regarded as the worst in the NFL. These would be a return to the Super Bowl-era look for the Bucs, one that didn’t really need to change and would be a reminder of better times when the likes of Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, and a Super Bowl championship were synonymous with the look. Of all the things wrong about the current Buccaneers uniforms, the logo is actually the one thing that works. Published on mar 22 2020 tampabaybuccaneers jerseys uniforms nfl 2020 season the buccaneers announced they would release the new uniforms jerseys for the season and here are a few that were. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Here is a look at the new … Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. But the Buccaneers have been able to keep everything under wraps for the entirety of the wait. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey Leaked, 2020 uniforms - YouTube . Illinois state wears black caps with an almost indiscernible black logo. The Buccaneers tease new uniforms for 2020 The latest clue change is coming: The team posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday. The months of rumors have seemingly come to an end as many fans have hoped for a return to something closer to the older designs. While most fans of the Buccaneers thought that they would have to wait several months to finally see what the new jersey designs would look like, Paul Lukas of reported today that he has seen the new uniforms and was able to provide recreated visuals. Buccaneers: Antonio Brown opens up the Tampa Bay offense, Buccaneers just a slight underdog to the Chiefs, Buccaneers: 3 glaring weaknesses heading into Week 12, Buccaneers: Jameis Winston could return on cheap contract, WrestleMania 36 at Risk of Being Canceled by Hillsborough County in Florida. Up next: The Saints’ NFL deep Catholic ties behind role in abuse crisis The pewter has been scrapped from the shoulders in favor of a much more monochromatic design. The first impression is that the jerseys do look very similar to the Super Bowl era threads. New Bucs QB Tom Brady is instructing his new center, Ryan Jensen, on exactly how to fold his towel to avoid a sweaty butt (from Kary Klismet). Beyond that though, the video absolutely accelerated the conversation and the fan anticipation of a new look for the Bucs in 2020. The team announced their uniform schedule Wednesday, including the debut for their new all-pewter set, which Bucs fans will see for … — ムᄃん (@TrillTaysom) April 7, 2020 Based on how the black and white jerseys match, it would appear the #Falcons are throwing it back to black for the home uniforms which excites me greatly. Whenever teams have announced they will be changing up their uniforms, a leak of some sort seems to follow shortly thereafter. Your privacy is safe with us. As of right now, the answer seems to be no. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released new uniforms today, and hopefully, they can finally got it right. While the creamsicle doesn’t appear to be a part of the new designs, Bucs fans should be happy that an improvement was made if these designs are proper representations of the actual jerseys. Illinois state wears black caps with an almost indiscernible black logo. Changes are coming to the uniforms of more than one-fifth of the NFL teams in 2020. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. It’s a time of exciting and significant change for the Bucs. Buccaneers new uniforms 2020 leaked. Respected uniform guru (and former SI writer) Paul Lukas of Uni Watch reports that he's seen the Bucs' new uniforms, and though he obviously wasn't allowed to … The play on the old designs is clear but they also allow this young team the opportunity to form their own identity. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: What happened to LeSean McCoy? The new uniforms come on the heels of the ... Looks like the Bucs uniform MAY have been leaked last night pic ... 2020. Seven teams in the NFL will have changes to their uniforms for the 2020 season. Unlike the Los Angeles Rams, the Buccaneers have been exclusively teasing new uniforms and have been careful not to include mention of their logo. The closest we’ve come to an actual leak is UniWatch releasing mockups of what they were shown back at the beginning of March. At least it now appears clear that the team takes some of what the fans care about and say into consideration. Then again, fans have been releasing dream mockups of new uniforms ever since the infamous alarm clock jerseys were unveiled back in 2014, so it’s not as though there’s been a shortage of potential leaks floating around on the internet. Buccaneers new uniforms 2020 leaked. View the Bucs newest uniforms and jerseys for the 2020 NFL season! NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - OCTOBER 06: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet is pictured during a game against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes Benz Superdome on October 06, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The new red jerseys with the pewter pants are a nice upgrade over the current red jerseys.