§ 19.23 Withdrawal for exportation from one port to be credited on warehouse entry account at another port. When goods arrive at the destination airport, the goods again need to be taken to a CFS warehouse to be held until proper Customs documentation is provided to release the cargo to the public. Drayage usually occurs within one business day or a single shift – and is often just one element of a more comprehensive transloading or shipping process. The usage is the same, even to the letters are different. Of course, this would be a mixing of the two different types of LCL and full container shipping. One phone call handles all of your container cargo handling service needs. R&M Trucking will give you great service in devanning ocean containers, loading ocean containers, segregating air pallets, and building ULD’s. § 19.40 Establishment, relocation or alteration of container stations. Our skilled team of specialist can set up local or long range deliveries to ensure that your time-critical cargo is received on-time, every time. § 19.41 Movement of containerized cargo to a container station. § 19.17 Application to establish warehouse; bond. In this case, your shipment will be packed up at the CFS in the departing port and will then be unloaded at the CFS of the arrival port. When in doubt, try to ask and confirm the destination CFS warehouse fees ahead of time. Part 19. In the US, a … Our air import/export department consists of a group of knowledgeable staff that can accommodate any of your requests. CFS stands for container freight station. R&M Trucking has the capabilities to handle all of your freight moving needs. The airport warehouse can be directly managed by the airline or by a 3rd party CFS warehouse operator. This is a warehouse where goods who belong to several people wishing to ship items get grouped together. At the port of origin, LCL cargo must be consolidated and loaded into a container at a bonded facility. This obviously makes loading and unloading the equipment more labor-intensive and potentially more costly. CFS Warehouse Fees can vary widely: Importers should be  extremely cautious with CFS warehouse fees, particularly for ocean LCL freight. Import & Export: If you need to transport your cargo internationally, you can count on us to work out the logistics, including the customs clearance requirements, and to get your heavy haul products to their destination on time. Container Freight Station R&M Trucking has the capabilities to handle all of your freight moving needs. § 19.6 Deposits, withdrawals, blanket permits to withdraw and sealing requirements. Efficient packaging uses container space effectively for greater cost savings and improved international trade processes. A Container Freight Station refers to a facility that consolidates or de-consolidates freight before preparing such freight for the next leg of its journey. § 19.13 Requirements for establishment of warehouse. A Container Freight Station is a legal extension of the U.S. Customs port of entry inspection station and is designed to reduce port congestion. © 2019 CARGOCENTRIC INC. ALL RIGHT RESERVED.