When I tested the knife for this review, I was impressed with how well it held up to hard use. The Gerber StrongArm is glass filled nylon that’s covered with a rubber overmold. It has a spike pommel, in case you need to break glass or someone’s skull, and a hole for a lanyard or 550 cord if you want to use it for chopping wood. Best EDC Knives I’ve never failed to be impressed at how sharp my Dad makes his old Buck knife before skinning a deer and its made from the same 420 HC steel. Het blad is 12.2 cm lang, 3 cm hoog en 4.82 mm dik. For a survival knife you don’t necessarily need a razor sharp edge for day to day work. Het blad is gemaakt van 420HC staal wat niet het meest exclusieve staal is, maar zeker een goede allround staalsoort is voor dit soort messen. Excellent review of the Gerber StrongArm fixed blade knife and sheath. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Het is een goed allround mes voor De schede is verder rammelvrij. Het was al weer een tijd geleden dat we een nieuw tactisch mes van Gerber konden testen, maar vandaag was het dan toch zo ver. It’s a half inch shorter than the LMF II Infantry, but has an almost identical blade length. The StrongArm’s small handguard doesn’t really allow for a thumb on the blade grip so the less comfortable square spine isn’t an issue. My thumb just seems to be a little confused, but does just fine. The grip does seem a little on the small side, but I’m confident that if my knife fighting skills learned in my beloved Corps ever had to kick in while carrying this knife I’d do just fine. And of course, a high carbon steel like this one is ideal for corrosion resistance. Squeezing it tight doesn’t result in much fatigue or pain. The LMF II Infantry has a fascinating story and was built for a very specific purpose you should check out here. Best Tactical Knives De schede is gemaakt van lichtgewicht kunststof in combinatie met ballistisch nylon. This makes the grip ‘soft’ in the hand. It’s one of those steels you sharpen before any really heavy duty cutting is needed. My hands are massive, but think it’s less of a problem for the handle and more of a problem because of the double guard. Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife with Fine Edge - Black, The StrongArm features a black handle and a fine edge, full tang 420HC steel blade, Ceramic blade coating and rubberized diamond texture grip, A striking pommel at the base of the handle breaks through hard surfaces, Four mounting pieces and sheath can be used for mounting on MOLLE, belt, or in drop-leg fashion, Proudly made in USA at Gerber's Portland, Oregon factory. Het blad heeft een drop point vorm en is voorzien van een matzwarte coating. This means my knife never leaves the pack I go camping with. Maar daar zit een veel groter eindstuk achter op het handvat wat gebruikt kan worden als slagijzer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. De StrongArm is voorzien van een glasbreker die vergelijkbaar is met die van de Prodigy. I’m just going to come right out and say that I am a huge fan of the Gerber Strongarm. I prefer the plain edge. The Gerber StrongArm is no exception as it was designed for the brutal conditions of military service in the Middle East. Maar daar later meer over. It’s a lot smaller than the LMF II, but still capable enough to smash windows and skulls. The Gerber StrongArm is a great little knife, especially when you factor in a street price of around 50 bucks. The StrongArm has a squared off spine that’s perfect for stripping bark, batoning wood, striking a ferro rod, and truncating wood. What follows is my Gerber SrongArm Review: We all have that favorite thing, whatever it is. The Gerber StrongArm has 4.8 inch fixed blade made from 420 HC steel, is 9.8 inches overall, weighs 7.2 ounces and is proudly made in the United States. The Strongarm’s sheath is versatile, allowing the user to attach it to many different things in many different ways. The pattern is rough, but doesn’t rub the hand raw, or even really create hotspots that I’ve noticed. The thing I really want to hit home in my Gerber StrongArm Review is the ergonomics. Het laat je het mes dragen aan een broekriem, overdwars dragen, ondersteboven dragen en je kunt het zeer goed en snel bevestigen aan een MOLLE systeem. Het tweede wat direct opvalt is de lichtgewicht schede waar het mes netjes in opgeborgen is. Het handvat van het Gerber StrongArm mes ligt goed in de hand en is effectief net zo groot als dat van het LMF mes. Jacobs Outdoor In terms of fixed blades it’s actually somewhat small. It’s available in a serrated version or non, which is what I’ve chosen. The StrongArm is one of many made in USA knives in their catalog and likely one that will be around for a long time It’s an excellent budget bushcraft knife. Ook niet wanneer je het mes ondersteboven draagt. Over the last couple years I’ve been drawn back to Gerber USA made. The knife is too big for any kind of horizontal concealed carry, but it’s really great for a snag free carry while wearing armor. I do find it slightly smaller than necessary, but to be fair I have XL sized hands. It has held up perfectly over the years and is only showing minimal wear on the finish. It had infantry in the name so I couldn’t go wrong right? Best High Value Knives. Your email address will not be published. The Gerber StrongArm gives a lot of bang for the buck. It’s also got a lanyard loop if your StrongArm needs a leash. More than that, and more recently, is the Gerber StrongArm. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Before we move on, let me tell you my downside to this knife. The knife is easy to carry, and perfect for those looking to trim as much weight as possible from their loadouts. The little bit of give also allows the blade to mold to your hand just a bit. Being that I’m a Marine, the obvious choice is a Ka-Bar. It really feels fantastic in hand. When you go to re-holster it, it provides a positive, audible click to let you know it’s home and though it seems to have worn out a little bit, after all it’s metal on plastic, it still holds the knife in place while upside down, shaking like the madman I am. The StrongArm may not be the LMF II Infantry, but it’s a gre… The 420 HC steel does mean that once the finish is worn away rust may develop. Drawing horizontally from the belt prevents this. June 28, 2019 By Huntsman Leave a Comment. You can find these survival knives for relatively cheap prices online. While I think the overall sheath design is brilliant and has totally grown on me in terms of usability, the snaps have worn out to the point where if I attach it to my belt and hit it hard on something it can unsnap. The bottom of the handle is a small pommel. Here's our review. Ja, wat willen we eigenlijk nog meer? Popular knives typically have plenty of sheath options, but with Gerber you are getting all of them with the knife. Filed Under: Camp Knives, Fixed Blade Knives, Gerber, Made in the USA, Rescue Knives, Survival Knives, Tactical Knives Tagged With: 420HC, drop point. Where other sheaths lack in retention or only use a snap, the Gerber StrongArm Sheath has a sort of action and passive retention system built into it. When you think “passive retention” think about something that just kind of happens on its own. It is strong, and is a great knife that I recommend highly. De grip is zelfs nog verbeterd. Another place that has both models in stock, or if you’re into the serrated model, is this website. Er is meer dan genoeg ruimte voor het plaatsen van de hand. The StrongArm is proudly stamped made in Portland, Oregon. I’ve had this knife since its release when Gerber sent me one for review at a different publication. That has happened to me once and I’ve since changed my method of attaching it to my belt. Reactie document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5cf813d0360aa28bffba9ddd86d449e" );document.getElementById("aef9e0df9b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Mijn naam, e-mail en site bewaren in deze browser voor de volgende keer wanneer ik een reactie plaats. Knife Review: Gerber Strongarm Posted on 24 January, 2017 13 July, 2018 by Subwoofer Gerber’s latest incarnation of the military/tactical survival knife has taken its evolution to another level. It still is. We’ll finish this up talking about the brilliant sheath system Gerber included with the StrongArm. Fixed blade knives are built for work. Thank you very much. The sheath is also outfitted with plenty of lashing holes for those who aren’t satisfied with the included sheath options. Gerber StrongArm Review Posted on februari 25, 2016 februari 28, 2017 by Jeroen Klantenservice Het was al weer een tijd geleden dat we een nieuw tactisch mes van Gerber konden testen, maar vandaag was het dan toch zo ver. That specific purpose resulted in the knife’s lack of a full tang. Gerber’s reputation was hit hard by imports of poorly made foreign knives, but they seem to be working hard to fix that reputation. Back in the day a couple years ago, my main complaint was the sheath. Met de review van de toch al wat oudere LMF2 nog vers in het geheugen, op naar het nieuwe StrongArm mes!