But it is important to acknowledge its potential risks. -RockenRoll, ** I also like this blog. Reducing the risk of their impact is achieved by special protective clothing, heat-shielding screens, the use of newer technologies, as well as therapeutic and preventive measures for the staff; apply a cold on the head, the region of the heart, neck, armpits, in the groin and spine; wrap the affected person with a cold, wet sheet — when the water evaporates from its surface, the temperature will decrease; to enhance the effect to direct the flow of air from the fan; in severe cases, artificial respiration and emergency call are indicated. We have installed drywall heating revolts for the third year - the heating is very soft, I would even say gentle))). So, we should use sunscreen to prevent sun burn. Infrared rays can cause your skin to burn because of its high intensity of heat. Medical studies have shown that long-wave radiation is not only safe for humans, but also boosts immunity, triggers the mechanism of regeneration and recovery of many organs and systems. All variety of radiations emanating from the Sun has a single nature - these are electromagnetic waves. Nature has endowed man with a very perfect thermoregulation system. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Industrial and medical lasers also emit levels of infrared radiation that that can place workers at risk. Well, it does not matter, the main thing is everything is clear. IR-proof goggles can be required in certain industrial environments in which high exposure to invisible infrared radiation can cause blindness or damage to the eyes. … But, if there is still a heat stroke, you should perform a certain set of measures that minimize its consequences: Humanity lives in the world of natural and man-made sources of various radiations. The human body needs a constant supply of these wavelengths. There are so many facts that were made simple. Since IR radiation only works to get molecules moving, any moderate dose of IR radiation will simply heat up any living tissue it touches upon. The human eye is sensitive to all radiation, including infrared radiation. This rather wide range of IR rays is divided into three parts: All of them are emitted by excited atoms (i.e., with excess energy), as well as ions of matter. Due to the transparency of the ocular media, the retina is particularly susceptible to damage from IR in the lower wavelengths. So what's the oddity? All bodies are the source of IR radiation if their temperature is above absolute zero (minus 273 ° C). At the site of exposure due to the expansion of the capillaries, reddening of the skin may appear, up to the formation of blisters. So now, you know what are the harmful effects of the Infrared radiation. Job well done guys.! Exposure to intense electromagnetic radiation, including infrared radiation, can damage the lens and cornea of the eye. Therefore ,we should be more careful in using things that have a Infrared radiation to prevent those things. What Are the Harmful Effects of Infrared Radiation? At the higher wavelengths, the pigmented iris and lens will absorb the infrared radiation, and it is believed this may play a part in the development of lenticular opacities. ( Log Out /  Information on this site is not an indication for treatment. Previous Quotes Time! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Exposure to intense infrared radiation can damage the lens and the cornea of the eye. In our case, these are electromagnetic rays with a wavelength longer than that of visible red light. The benefits and harms of infrared radiation for human health . The earth’s surface and the clouds above it absorb radiation from the sun’s rays and reemit it as infrared radiation back out into the atmosphere. Now we shall understand the concept of the intensity of electromagnetic radiation. The initial meaning of this prefix in Latin is to be below or under something. Radiation adjacent to the red part of the visible spectrum, not perceived by our organs of vision, but having the ability to heat the illuminated surface, was called infrared. Partial absorption and scattering of infrared rays occurs in the atmosphere of the Earth. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. Long-wave infrared rays, falling on the skin, affects the nerve receptors, causing a feeling of heat. I love the info. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This factor depends on the distance to the heat source and its temperature. In direct sunlight, the temperature of human skin rises to about 40 degrees C following … •. The scale of infrared solar radiation is indicated by the fact that it accounts for 58% of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves emanating from our star. -JeromeJunsay, Thanks for the compliments.. "under ...", "below ...". ( Log Out /  The technology is quite new, I can not find any research on this topic. The reason for the known effect of thermal shock is precisely short-wave infrared radiation. When the air above the earth’s surface has a high concentration of water vapor, elements such as sulfur and nitrogen, and chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons, the infrared radiation becomes trapped on the earth. Extremely powerful lasers are even being developed for military use as a weapon. An increase in the temperature of the brain by 1 ° C already causes its symptoms: Overheating by 2 ° C can trigger the development of meningitis. It causes only an increase in the temperature of the skin. But there is no statistics proving his harm. Short infrared rays are especially dangerous for the organs of vision. And knowledge of the patterns of its interaction with biological objects makes it possible to use the beneficial effects of infrared radiation on humans to prevent diseases and to treat various diseases. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. That is why staring at the sun is harmful (because sun has an infrared radiation). The range of infrared rays is quite wide. What is the effect of infrared radiation on the human body? Long Term Side Effects of Radiation Therapy. “Physicist, yes, of course we are sure that“ infra ”in Russian means more.” - strange comment. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! Of course, infra means the same as before, i.e. IR-proof goggles can be required in certain industrial environments in which high exposure to invisible infrared radiation can cause blindness or damage to the eyes. Physicist, yes, of course we are sure that “infra” in Russian means more. Exposure to intense infrared radiation can damage the lens and the cornea of the eye. The visible part of the spectrum of solar radiation begins with the shortest - violet waves (0.38 μm) and ends with the longest waves (0.76 μm), which the human eye perceives as red. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Its natural source is the sun. In 1800, the German scientist Herschel discovered some invisible rays behind the red part of the spectrum, causing a significant increase in the temperature of the thermometer used for the study. These lasers can be strong enough to burn a hole through metal and so could certainly damage flesh. They are able to penetrate to a depth of several centimeters, causing the heating of internal organs. A variety of workers can be affected by exposure to infrared radiation, including glass blowers, smelters, firefighters and kiln workers. First of all, these are bodies with temperatures exceeding 100 ° C. Such may be the following. These are waves with a length of from 7 to 14 micrometers (µm). The prefix "infra" means "more." ( Log Out /  The human eye is sensitive to all radiation, including infrared radiation. People who work near intense radiation must wear goggles  to protect their eyes in this kind of radiation because if they continuously work without wearing goggles, this can lead them to irreversible blindness. Let's find out. Indisputable effect of infrared radiation on the human body. So, depending on the temperature of the emitter, IR rays of different wavelength, intensity and penetrating power are formed. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. The human eye is sensitive to all of the radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum, especially if that radiation is at very high levels of intensity. I love Science. Answer the question - is it harmful to humans infrared radiation, you can, armed with some information. Long-wave infrared rays, falling on the skin, affects the nerve receptors, causing a feeling of heat. IR rays with a wavelength of 9.6 microns are particularly effective in this regard. Everything. We are talking about the frequency of the range - the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength. One of the example of a high intensity of heat is laser beams. If you become the owner of a short-wave heater, follow the rule - the closer the heater, the less should be the time of its impact. A completely different mechanism of action of infrared rays on the human body, relating to the shortwave part of the spectrum. Sunlight damages human skin, resulting in a wrinkled appearance. The primary harmful effect of infrared radiation (IR) is thermal injury, but scaling and hyperpigmentation of skin can also occur, even if no pain is felt. The diversity in their properties is caused by differences in wavelength. ❤. Other benefits that we can get from Infrared! Tell me, infrared warm floors should be afraid or you can safely install?