Hurt over his words, she consults the Wizard about her birth family, hoping they will want her instead. Occupation Cruella arrives, and James reveals his true identity, kidnapping the baby, and holding Emma and Robin hostage. Later, Robin returns Tilly her bracelet that she left behind at a library they visited. The noise, leads them to a nearby tavern, where they finds injured victims of the troll's rampage. Regina invites Zelena to move in with her, bringing Robin as well. She summons a twister to take her, but changes her mind at the last moment and instead, chooses to relinquish her magic, knowing that the Black Fairy's plans will fail without her power. Later, Zelena chooses to pursue sole custody and believes Regina and Robin will both die soon, due to the attack of the Dark Ones on Storybrooke. Only to come back a few weeks later being 14 years old, having no memories of her life. Quote More History; Done. When the crowd turn against Alice, Robin defends her, turning the group against the two. The true qustion is...will the baby be green? Season Six: The Count of Monte Cristo • Aladdin • Gideon • Jasmine • Red Bird • Captain Nemo • Lady Tremaine • Clorinda • Tisbe • Jacob • Oracle • Royal Guards • The Sultan • Beowulf • Black Fairy • Tiger Lily • Robert • Prince Achmed • Stanum • Cowardly Lion • Lucy Likes She arrives to the pawnshop, and has Belle watch over her, while she departs to confront the Black Fairy by herself. Many years pass and Robin grows older. they will protect Robin with their lives. While there, Zelena reveals her dreams of a humble life in Storybrooke, where her daughter can play in a garden. One day, Robin and two of her classmates enter Regina's vault, to practice a magical ceremony, that can summon Mother Nature (a pseudonym for Mother Gothel) but before it can be completed, Zelena arrives, putting a stop, to their attempt. After Henry gives true love's kiss to Regina, the curse is broken and Margot regains her pre-cursed memories. Save changes Preview Cancel. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Cora, mother of Robin Hood (named after her father), the half-sister of Regina Mills and the adopted aunt of Henry Mills. Zelena finds out she was a… I was telling you that the thread is about Zelena's baby, not who would make a good Merida. We don’t know about you, but our hearts are still aching from last Sunday's Once Upon a Time.Why? As a member, she learns Hook, has a daughter, Alice, whom he is separated from, due to a poisonous curse. Her gallery is here. She is also the Future wife of Alice Jones.She was born through a web of lies when Robin thought Zelena was Marian and that she was their second child. Season Five: Merida • Queen Eleanor • King Fergus • Harris, Hubert, and Hamish • The Witch • Lord MacGuffin • Lord Macintosh • Lord Dingwall • King Arthur • Sir Kay • Guinevere • Charon • Brennan Jones • Hades • Megara • Hercules • Cerberus • The Scarecrow • Toto • Cleo Fox • Auntie Em • Dr. Jekyll • Mr. Hyde • Evil Queen Season Four: "A Tale of Two Sisters" • "White Out" • "Rocky Road" • "The Apprentice" • "Breaking Glass" • "Family Business" • "The Snow Queen" • "Smash the Mirror" • "Fall" • "Shattered Sight" • "Heroes and Villains" • "Darkness on the Edge of Town" • "Unforgiven" • "Enter the Dragon" • "Poor Unfortunate Soul" • "Best Laid Plans" • "Heart of Gold" • "Sympathy for the De Vil" • "Lily" • "Mother" • "Operation Mongoose" Zelena, formerly known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is the main antagonist of the third season. For the original character, see Robin Hood (character). Zelena is seen holding Robin over the terrace, as she witnesses a ravaging dark cloud heading towards them. Though I may just be a middling witch, I seem to have a knack for this archery thing." 17:27, May 14, 2015. While Zelena resides at Camelot Castle, posing as her sisters handmaiden, she complains about the unfairness of her situation. The newborn child was needed for Zelena to cast her time travel spell, but that in no way excused her actions. Though I may just be a middling witch, I seem to have a knack for this archery thing.". 17:20, May 14, 2015. After being sent to the Wish Realm, Regina returns with Robin of Locksley, the Wish Realm's version of Robin Hood. After many years, an older Zelena still lives with her father. Robin questions her mother's motives, for returning, and when Kelly refuses to answer, she leaves. Personality Rose Leslie will be a good Merida. Determined to keep her daughter safe, Zelena informs her sister and the heroes, of the Black Fairy's plans, and asks them to watch over Robin, while she goes to face the Black Fairy herself, but Regina refuses to let her go alone. Emma however doesn't want to sacrifice an innocent life, and feeds Zelena onion rings laced with an aging spell which speeds up Zelena's pregnancy. Regina arrives at the farm, in need of assistance, prompting Robin to fire arrows, having initially thought she was an intruder. Gothel, Madame Leota, Troll-hunting party Regina, wanting to start trusting her sister, urges Robin to give her the child, while everyone else waits for Hook and Emma to find the ambrosia. I have noo idea what this baby is going to be, but I have a feeling it's going to be very important in the future. At the farmhouse, Zelena goes to feed Robin, upon hearing her cries, only to find the crib empty, and turns to see the Black Fairy, holding her. While David gathers supplies for Robin and the baby, he is ambushed by James, who takes his place and finds Robin's location, with the help of Emma. Watch! Enemies Powers and abilities Despite her threats, he insists he isn't there for the infant, and proposes an alliance, supplying her with Regina's magical ingredients which he believes will break the barrier on Storybrooke, and allow them to leave. However, before it can reach them, Emma's belief returns, with the help of Henry, and the destruction ends. She suggests putting the baby down, to which Zelena complies, only to be attached, by her sister's dark half. Zelena and Hook arrive to rescue Robin, angering Madame Leota in the process who removes all windows and doors, before blasting Hook with an electric beam. Upon hearing her cries, Zelena returns inside and takes her. While in Granny's, Robin shows Hook a sonogram of the baby. She works at a bar with Roni, who convinces her to leave for Amsterdam, and leave her education behind, to the anger of her mother. While she is shaving his neck, he harps on her to always put on her best face to hide the ugliness inside herself. A woman with a soft spot for monkeys, Zelena won't stop until she destroys her sister's life. I'm warning you, he'll be all over Regina that he probably forget about Roland again. Having discovered she's been tricked, she learns, the two witches plan to use her as a sacrifice, in order to save Leota, but before the ceremony is complete, Zelena returns, to offer herself in exchange. Biography Background. The realm is now crumbling and apocalyptic, and so, the pair, manage to escape to the Enchanted Forest, along with a few munchkins using the Mad Hatter's hat. Emma Swan, plans to destroy the darkness within herself and Hook, and chooses to use Zelena as vessel, so she can contain the darkness within her and kill Zelena, thereby, removing all dark magic. She saves her life after Tilly is almost run over, and advises her not to run from her problems, before showing her a copy of her favourite book; Alice in Wonderland. Television programs Zelena later confronts Hades for bringing her child, and he explains that the portal created, was made, to protect her from the heroes. She debates with Mary Margaret over whether she should tell him of Robin's existence. "You wouldn't attack a mother-to-be, now, would you?". She reunites the baby with her parents, and Zelena takes her from a reluctant Robin, so she can feed her daughter. While sitting outside, Margot finds Tilly, handing out free beignet samples, and offers her one. With the new curse enacted, Robin is sent to Oz along with her mother. In order to protect her from the first Dark Curse, Snow and Prince Charming sent Emma away to the Land Without Magic shortly after she was born. She moves in on Regina's territory, but is unaware her sister is in possession of the Apprentice's wand. As the magical force surrounds them, Zelena holds Robin and moves with everyone, to the centre of the castle, helpless to stop the eradication. While cradling Robin, the Evil Queen enters, informing Zelena, she returned from Gold. Fearful of having her child taken away, she asks for a second chance, but Regina warns her off, telling her she can't take the baby from Robin. Season Four: Anna • Kristoff • Hans • Grand Pabbie • Sven • Ursula the Sea Witch • Marshmallow • Little Bo Peep • The Apprentice • Ingrid • Lily Page • Colette • Oaken • King of Arendelle • Queen Gerda • Cruella De Vil • Poseidon • Duke of Weselton • Hans' Brothers • Chernabog • King Stefan • Isaac/The Author • Madeline • Merlin/The Sorcerer While at the covenant, Zelena, returns from Oz, in the guise of Mother Superior, to take back her daughter. Background information Before James can kill them, the three are rescued by David, who manages to track his brother, and defeat him. Quote More History; Done. When Alice defends the troll, in front of the man leading a mob, he has the pair, locked in a dungeon. Before Roland leaves, he says goodbye to his baby sister, with Zelena promising him that she'll see him soon with Robin too. A baby girl is born and separated from her mother immediately, who is kidnapped by the Dark Swan.