Critical issues involving notification of an intrusion from our Intrusion Detection Systems or Network logging facilities should be brought to the attention of the Information Security Department immediately. If it is unclear as to whether a situation should be considered an information security incident, ITS should be contacted to evaluate the situation. 1. An incident report serves as the official record of the incident and all subsequent activity related to the incident relies on the initial information recorded in this document. Follow the contact list below for the Office of Information Security. Our incident reporting tool provides further information on how you can notify the NCSC, including instances where you may not require direct support but wish to inform them of an incident so … A timely report helps companies respond quickly to issues, resolve conflicts and take preventive measures to reduce risk. Critical issues should be reported immediately to your manager and the Office of Information Security. This includes interference with information technology operation and violation of campus policy, laws or regulations. known information security incidents or breaches of the privacy or security oRestricted f data to the IT@UC Office of Information Security. A security incident is any attempted or actual unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or destruction of information. How security incidents should be documented, and what information should be contained in the documentation The response to be taken in the event of a particular security incident Creating the HIPAA security incident procedure should not involve reinventing the wheel. Criminal acts, such as theft, or suspected criminal acts, should also be reported to the UC Police Department (UCPD). 15 Further Information JPAS Job Aid o Report Incident Checklist JPAS/JCAVS Virtual Training for Security Professionals PS123.16 and the exam PS123.06 SF State Practice Directive on Reporting an IT (Computing or Information) Security Incident or Vulnerability at San Francisco State University The following outlines the types of common information security incidents and where they should be reported. If you require this level of support, you should mark your report as ‘FOR ACTION’. All workforce members should be trained to immediately report any suspected or known Information Security Incidents to a member of the IRT. OneIT will be responsible for documenting and recording all information security incidents reported or discovered on the UNC Charlotte network. Information Security Incident Response Procedure v1.3 Page 5 of 16 . When the IRT is engaged, this plan must be consulted, and the components appropriate to the specific incident must be followed.