Coffee also triggers acid indigestion, but there are ways to manage heartburn and reducing the likelihood of experiencing acid reflux every time you sip your favorite drink: Try a low acid coffee bean. Cut back gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms, including headaches. Making sure your belly is full when you drink coffee can also help to prevent dizziness. Drinking water is a good way to replenish lost fluids, as is drinking clear broth, which … It can also be artificially created and is sometimes added to food products, including many sodas. If you feel dizzy after drinking coffee, you're most likely lightheaded from the caffeine. Too Much Caffeine & Lightheadedness | You might try eating some broccoli to stop the dizziness. Photo by stu_spivack on / CC BY-SA As mentioned earlier, there could be many different reasons why you are suffering from dizziness after drinking caffeine so it is hard to give an answer to stop something without knowing the root cause. "They may feel hot or even start sweating," Hultin says. Some of the water we take in on a daily basis comes from the foods we eat, so eating at regular intervals will help to keep us hydrated. Rehydrate your body with rehydration solutions that contain glucose, potassium and sodium and are available from a pharmacy. That means more blood pumping through the system and … The key to getting rid of this type of dizziness is to keep yourself well-hydrated. Follow the instructions for dilution and consumption of the product. The darker the roast, the lower the acid; so choose your coffee beans wisely. Caffeine is a chemical substance found in nature in such plants as coffee beans, tea leaves and kola nuts. Rehydrate, nourish and rest your body to help you recover from an alcohol-induced dizzy spell. Treatment for caffeine overdose Treatment is meant to get the caffeine out of your body while managing the symptoms. Cut back gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms, including headaches. Regardless of the temperature of the coffee, many people who are sensitive to caffeine feel hot or "flushed" after drinking it.