It was an infrastructure investment,” De Silva says. Because it was all so new—restaurants as pleasure palaces, chefs as stars, dynamic owners instead of disapproving maître d's, and the food was amazingly diverse, interesting, and creative. Art is an indelible aspect of the area’s history, and an integral part of its future. Upon further consideration, an idea was hatched, and the vision of a high-end shopping locale home to the most luxurious and sought-after brands was born. Not to mention their huge help in choosing the location in the first place!” said Mr. Farinetti. Suites at 300 Biscayne have been specifically designed with the health and wellness of future residents in mind, tailored to enhance the individual’s physical and emotional states. “It’s not just about digitization but also about policy—you don’t implement new technologies without having a plan for how everything works together,” says Gordon, who calls technology an “enabler,” but warns that it can only succeed if data is shared and everyone follows a singular policy. But celebrity chef Curtis Stone has pulled it off. Benstead and his partner now plan to expand into California, Texas, and New York. The centre of Canada’s hippie movement and the birthplace of the Toronto International Film Festival, Yorkville is where Margaret Atwood first scribbled dystopian fiction as an underground writer, and Colin Farrell closed down the bar night after night at the Hazelton Hotel. Charred onion pho dip with tendon puffs could rule any Super Bowl spread, while the truffled toad-in-a-hole resembles an amplified riff on the croque madame. That location is in Toronto’s Manulife Centre, occupying 50,000 sq ft across three storeys. “It just completes the transportation system.”, With this infrastructure in place, Oshawa is also attracting a steady stream of information technology companies, start-ups and young professionals. The flood of capsaicin takes hold, your adrenaline spikes, the sweat starts to drip, your nose begins to run, and you realize there’s no turning back: The crunch, the juiciness, and the cayenne-smacked transcendence of Howlin’ Ray’s Nashville hot chicken has you hooked. When that became unaffordable, young chefs with their first kitchens went farther afield, and their customers were also living in the new neighbourhoods. “They reinforce each other,” explains Benham. Midtown and Wynwood did not exist.” Referring to some of Miami’s most iconic neighbourhoods today, Shear describes how these areas have been brought to life over the past decade through new infrastructure investment and real estate development. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE. David Lefevre’s take on the American steak house is so midcentury plush, it’s an excuse to splurge. “If you were to enable any of those transit corridors, all of that should be six storeys as of right,” he says. “We made a big bet on it and it’s worked out, it’s profitable, so we’re happy with it.” The learning curve was sharp; Longo ruefully recalls the biggest lesson they learned in the first few weeks of operation was not to use a third-party delivery company. Going to these very trendy places in recent years I’ve noticed that some are good, some not – but the wash of social media around them is alarmingly similar. A post shared by Sawyer (@sawyersilverlake) on Jul 7, 2017 at 1:22pm PDT. “As a boy, when I looked at the city, the tallest building was the Royal York Hotel,” Romano recalls. Shelves overflowing with photo-worthy produce. That’s linguiça heating up a Portuguese fish stew, and house-smoked albacore beneath a pile of arugula. While the roasted escarole heart with Parmigiano-Reggiano and anchovy vinaigrette evokes something essential about the Italian cucina, the marsala-deglazed chicken livers tossed with maccheroncini spears summon the era of scallopini and spumoni. We can have the best of both worlds.” So why Toronto over Montréal or Vancouver? Currently under construction, MiamiCentral will connect current rail service with Tri-Rail and the All Aboard Florida high-speed train, providing residents with seamless transit from Miami to Orlando. “A grown-up gastropub focused on world-class hospitality,” he says. A post shared by ⚒ Hatchet Hall ⚒ (@hatchethall) on Jul 2, 2017 at 4:41pm PDT. These great minds and revolutionary thinkers are at the forefront of change, pioneering innovations, and partnering with us to create vibrant communities for generations to come. One of the things that people really like about the neighbourhood is the pedestrian lane network and the ability to move through streets and buildings off the busy areas. These deluxe ingredients heighten what’s already compelling: a chef fluent in the language of modern cooking who celebrates the family table. Right now it’s the millennials who don’t yet have children and have some disposable income. The menu from Don Dickman includes sides such as braised pea tendrils, secondi like grilled lamb shoulder, and generous spreads of antipasti, salads, and cheese. The opening of Palm Lane, a stunning 2,100 square feet full-service restaurant by the Chase Group (legendary restaurateurs behind Kasa Moto, Colette Grand Café, and The Chase), will expand the culinary options available and add another premium tenant to Yorkville Village. He’s all for celebrating Toronto’s strengths. A post shared by HOWLIN’ RAY’S (@howlinrays) on Jul 6, 2017 at 9:16am PDT. That’s “bandage wrapped” cheddar in a sandwich, and what would “open-faced brioche toast” be without kale, an egg, and a shock of “lacto-fermented hot sauce”? Even from the beginning, the word fusion was seen as a little derogatory. A post shared by Jon Hernandez (@wtffjon) on Jul 6, 2017 at 4:17pm PDT. MOCA’s arrival, and the surrounding development projects, will not only form a bridge, connecting the Junction, Roncy Village and Dundas West, it will be a hot destination in and onto itself, for art aficionados, and far beyond. In Live Different (page 62), PMG Principal, Ryan Shear describes the wave of change redefining Miami and explains how PMG is taking a different approach to development – creating forward-thinking social living communities for awesome people to thrive in. Chef Jeremy Fox has bestowed great energy on a Santa Monica fixture that has always been as mellow as a day at the beach. The name of this charcuterie-driven New York transplant is an homage to Belgian cycling legend Eddy “the Cannibal” Merckx. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Given Torontonians’ love of new experiences and penchant for chasing the next Instagrammable moment, there is no question that Canada’s first Eataly will see both food-savvy locals and tourists flocking there in droves. Smart City applications, across every platform, create jobs while enhancing the experience of Toronto’s citizens and additionally solving the urban density dilemma: how will we best serve all of the new people moving here? The natives had been making pulque for centuries, taking the same maguey (read: agave) sap used today for tequila production and fermenting it to create a wine with an alcohol level between 4% and 6%. A post shared by Bestia Restaurant (@bestiadtla) on May 19, 2017 at 5:48pm PDT. “Toronto is evolving and emerging as its best self and we shouldn’t be shy about telling our story,” says Tanenbaum. A post shared by Marsha Niles (@marshibabe) on Apr 2, 2016 at 2:50pm PDT. How did (and does) Toronto measure up? Longo doesn’t think so: “I think there’s always going to be a need for brick and mortar stores, but the design will change; you won’t just see 100,000 square feet grocery stores. Shareable meaty additions include a Flintstones-esque beef rib, oxtails, and golden Jidori chicken. My godfather, the actor Robert Morley, was also the restaurant critic for Punch and Playboy and he gave some pointers. Influenced by his Italian-American heritage and his time at resorts like the Greenbrier in West Virginia, Michael Fiorelli creates a confident version of pasta-centric coastal cuisine. By 2014, we had 147 high-rise buildings under construction, while NYC came in second with 90. While Romano is busy keeping his team on track with the build, MOCA’s programming team is focusing on lining up exhibits. We’re going to enhance that with 101 Yorkville and create new laneways and amazing [open] public space the public will really enjoy.”. You don't want to fill your shelves today, because there are other memories down the road. “Our Smart City will be a success when we have the biggest impact on the largest number of citizens. Promising to build on the rich architectural history of Yorkville, 101 Yorkville will add a modern shopping experience to the overall revitalized rush of the neighbourhood, in addition to public art, music, food, and festivals. A post shared by All’Acqua Restaurant (@allacquaresto) on Jul 9, 2017 at 4:44pm PDT. 300 Biscayne is genuinely a condo project on the leading edge—and it’s the future of living, as far as PMG is concerned. The idea of the tasting menu was at its height with Avalon, Nekah, Susur, The Fifth, Splendido (where it lingered longest under Victor Barry), Hiro Sushi, Hashimoto, and Sushi Kaji. Jesse Vallins is cooking like a charm at Maple Leaf Tavern; you can see the technical, classical mastery in his work – unexpected in that venue. A post shared by Lucques (@lucquesla) on Jul 13, 2017 at 8:18am PDT. Since the doors first opened, Mjölk instantly became one of the city’s top destinations for home decor, receiving regular ink in Toronto Life. That last mile—actually getting the products to the consumer’s door—is the most expensive and most difficult to execute consistently.”, Looking ahead to the future, Longo thinks that channels will still blur when it comes to the food experience, and the success of their downtown in-store restaurants certainly backs that up, with customers dropping by for coffee and a meeting, or stopping by after work for a beer. “If you meet the requirements of building codes and conform to the city’s midrise guidelines—knock yourself out.”. A post shared by Michael’s Santa Monica (@michaelssm) on Jun 21, 2017 at 6:46pm PDT. How much was this boom in fine dining restaurants driven by the decades’ relative prosperity? He finds the alcoholic beverage industry fascinating and notes its growth through an accelerating number of mergers and acquisitions. First Capital’s Yorkville story began with the acquisition of Hazelton Lanes mall in 2011. In January 2008, his job became yet another casualty of the crash, but his previous experience of dining in restaurants worldwide put him in a rather advantageous position as a restaurant owner. Wine appreciation was growing dramatically with places like Prego and Centro building exciting new lists. Art speaks to each of us on different levels, through many varied mediums. Even Queen Street had lost its lustre. The forage-heavy ethos remains strong at this mellow Studio City street corner, where local produce is highlighted with a deft touch. They want a home to look like a magazine home. Short fideo noodles form a bed for bits of octopus and smoky sausage. Most nights it seems as if half the Valley is here, huddled at the bar for a peaty scotch cocktail or squeezed into a booth for a bowl of fennel-perfumed mussels. A post shared by Nick Simmons (@northwestnick) on Jul 9, 2017 at 5:08pm PDT. You returned to Toronto again in the 1980s. With the population in the GTA projected to grow by over 2.6 million to 7.45 million people by 2031, how will Toronto respond? When a restaurant lists three varieties of regional risotto grains on the menu, you know it’s not kidding around about Italian. What should we be celebrating that is about us?”, That’s not a hard question to answer these days as Canada’s economic and cultural centre enjoys a period of unprecedented excellence. PMG is leading a real-estate evolution in South Florida through a collection of innovative developments that would be radical for any city, and Shear feels they will put Miami near the top of any list of future-thinking, vibrant, and vital cities in the world.