', Queen Mary. They sent 7000 troops, but would only agree to use them if the Infant Mary Queen of Scots was betrothed to the future king of France, the Dauphin, Francois. Whilst he would not pen a deliberate lie, it is probably that his recollections of their conversations matched his own desires. ", On receiving Knox's summons the Congregation prepared its levies in every town and province. Her advisers thought the best course of action was for her to return to Scotland - the country she had last seen at the age of five. Their blind zeal is nothing but a very mad frenzy, and therefore, to take the sword from them, to bind their hands, and to east them into prison, till they be brought to a more sober mind, is no disobedience against princes, but just obedience, because it agreeth with the will of God. But Scotland was still a highly unstable place, and dissatisfaction with the Catholic church was rampant. Mary sailed into Leith on 19th August 1561. Wherein I unfeignedly acknowledge myself to have done most wickedly, and from the bottom of my heart ask of my God grace and pardon.' Therefore, Madam, I must say again that they dare never dispute, but when they themselves are both judge and party. ', With this, the Queen was called upon to dinner, for it was afternoon. Your will, Madam, is no reason; [18] neither doth your thought make that Roman harlot to be the true and immaculate spouse of Jesus Christ. The dear brethren, if they attacked the Queen's servants, came under the Proclamation of October 1561; so did the Catholics, for they "openly made alteration and innovation of the state of religion. 'Please Your Majesty, learned men in all ages have had their judgments free. The godly departed with great grief of heart, and at afternoon repaired to the Abbey in great companies, and gave plain signification that they could not abide that the land which God by His power had purged from idolatry, should in their eyes be polluted again. It is said that Mary Queen of Scots trembled whenever John Knox went to his knees to pray. It is no reason that either of the parties be further believed, than they are able to prove by insuspect witnessing. ', Queen Mar y. And from these two 4 'Why' and 'What' 4 at length sprang out this affirmative, 'The Queen's Mass and her Priests will we maintain. This moved Philip to be favourable to the Don Carlos marriage, but he waited; there was no sign from France, and Philip withdrew, wavering so much that both the Austrian and Spanish matches became impossible. On reading the actual narrative of the business, what Knox said and what Knox meant, I must say, one's tragic feeling is rather disappointed. Darnley, Moray, Lennox were all assassinated, when their day came, though the feeblest of the three, Darnley, had a powerful clan to take up his feud.