You'll find some scrap on the far end of the room connected with it, along with another set of stairs on your west side. Become Mad Max, the lone warrior in a savage post-apocalyptic world where cars are the key to survival. Keep heading down and you'll see a container at the end, with scrap located on both sides. Pick them clean, then go upstairs (located to the southeast) and climb the nearby ladder.

(The fuel cans you saw earlier will do the trick as well.). Grab it, then work your way down the stairs you passed before, which will lead you to the lower level. That'll blast the flame stream blocking your path. There's also some food on the nearby balcony ahead of you. There will be a grating there that you can rip off, and a ladder to access. Take them out. Head that way, and take out any enemies you didn't kill when you were on the bridge. Take care of them, then move on to the next ladder to the left. Just got the V8, so kind of need some scrap to upgrade it a few times, which will take a long time if I just get 139 per round from ally camps.
Make sure it's destroyed (if it wasn't already) and then go to the south to pick up the piece of scrap on the ground. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),, Go back to the stairs and head up, and look to your left at the top to find some scrap, just past the doorway you went through.

Haha, thanks pixophrenic. Make your way south (away from where you were previously) and you'll spot several cranes. Destroy this connector and then pan the camera right to see a ladder. Don’t go charging into this camp.

Don't eat it right away, though, unless you're low on energy. The first leads to a door that you'll need to blast open, so instead take the other doorway (on your left), where you'll find a fuel can waiting around the corner. (Some will pop up out of the sand, so be weary of when they attack.). Follow the path at the top and Max will discover sniper ammo. Once you get to the gate, a Thunderpoon or level six harpoon will make quick work of it. Head back west, and you'll see another tent that holds a pair of scrap pieces to be picked up. Head west and you'll find some ammunition on another roof, right above the main entryway. Instead, take the path to the left of the stairs, and you'll locate a History Relic at its end. Some ammunition will be inside, along with one last Scrotus Insignia to destroy. From there, go to the lower area, where the blown-open door was, and head through. Look for a staircase on the right hand side and make your way up. Keep an eye northeast, where you’ll find a Scrotus Insignia to destroy. Mad Max. Move back to the open area and look for some huge gates to the south of you. Now, climb that wall and you'll reach a few more foes to defeat, along with a new fuel can. © Valve Corporation. Ignite a fuel can and blow up the tank, then keep moving along this path. Head down the main path for a little bit, then go to your left to spot the throne of the Top Dog you just defeated. Another project reveals all the loot locations so you can find scrap "pallets" , car bodies , etc. Go back down, and you'll find yet another staircase on the west side, next to the wall you just went up. Like before, there will be a hidden entrance marked by yellow paint, to your northeast, if you prefer to go in quietly. To achieve 100 percent completion in this camp, work your way down to the southwest of your immediate area and you'll find more scrap.
Move down the path (which will take you east) and you’ll reach an open area with a few more baddies. Instead, look to the left for a spot with yellow paint. Return to the ladder and go up, but stop by the far right corner to pick up the scrap at the very top. From there, destroy the towers right next to the entryway, then make your way up the nearby ladder, which should be to your adjacent right. Go through it, and be sure to pick up the two pieces of scrap, which will be hanging in the corner. Destroy them, then use more Thundersticks to bring down the three oil pumps. Don’t worry about the Scrapulance yet. After he's done, there will be two valves on each side of the area.

You'll see a crane with a wench on the left hand side. Make your way to the far left corner, where some scrap will be waiting, then head back to the door and kick it down. (A good Thunderstick throw will destroy it.) Once they're done, look for scrap to your northeast side, then find a ladder to your south, where you'll be able to peer left and see a Scrotus Insignia that you'll be able to shoot down. Set a fuel can on fire and toss it towards the oil drums (another transfer tank) to blow them up. Head down and then take out the group of foes waiting for you with well-timed counters and strikes. Head up, and stop in the room to look to the southeast, where you'll find another History Relic. Devour it if Max needs health and go left.

Make sure you stop by the water source as well, right next to said container, so you can fill up your canteen. Take them out, then make sure you destroy the oil tank that's right over the entrance, as it's fueling a flame shooter that is blocking your path. A Scrotus Insignia will be there, which you can blast with your shotgun. This will allow you to take out the three snipers with ease using your longshot. Take out the enemies with Thundersticks first, as they may fire at you from a distance, which can be quite difficult to dodge when you're surrounded. Head up the ladder, and you'll find a staircase. Take out the enemies waiting at the end, and don’t forget to fill up your canteen at the water source, which is close to the center of the room, to the east. You'll see stairs that you can go down.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I've been outside of the walls, around the entire mountain, and through this camp at least 10x and they're just not there. After passing through the second, look left and climb the ladder. A little alcove contains more scrap on the wall, along with a fuel can just to the right of the entryway. Once you destroy it, make your way east, and you'll find one more piece of scrap in a nearby room, to your south, on the floor. Head down, and pick up the Oil Well project part at the bottom, which should be to the northeast. That marks all the collectibles for this part of the camp, so head back to your Magnum Opus and drive to the northwest side, which you can easily pinpoint on your map. Once you blast open the door, head through it and make your way through to a waiting ladder. Go over it and stay to your left, keeping close to the right wall so you don’t fall off. The shielded ones pose the biggest threat, so counter their attacks, and then beat them to a pulp before worrying about the others. Prepare to battle multiple opponents! From there, work your way into the opening area, where a few thugs will be waiting. You'll find some scrap to be picked up down the hallway a bit, to your left. Scarps added by ally camps used to be somewhere above 300, now it's 139 the last few times for some reason. This should finish up the camp for you. There's also a fuel can next to the nearby rail car, along with some ammunition. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. You'll deal with various thugs here, but make sure you pick up the ammo to the left of the doorway and the two pieces of scrap on the right hand side before getting into that skirmish. When you reach the top, walk along this path and then climb onto the platform, which will take Max to another ladder. You'll see a doorway to your west. You'll see a lot of outside defenses at this camp, including three snipers and various Thunderpoon launchers, along with two War Criers that you can pick off. If you took care of the War Crier, you only need to worry about a few thugs that are waiting in the open area. Pick up a fuel can and take it out. Either way, your call. Once they're done for, look for a zip line on the opposite side of the platform and take it.

Camp completed! Head back, but this time move west, where there's a crane. Head up, then stop and pick up the nearby food (if needed) before working up another nearby wall (to your left). A wench will also be there. Take them down, but make sure you focus on the ones with the Thundersticks first, as they can do the most damage. Open the door to that, and pick up the scrap that's inside. Go left around the cage to discover an entrance. Grab it, then go back to the ladder and head down to make your way through the pathway. There will be a fenced area to the south hand side. Head in and pick up the scrap inside. Go into the below area to find the oil pump. You will see a ladder behind the flames, along with some maggots on the left.

Double back to the entrance and find the ladder right next to the initial container you walked in through, and climb up to get to a new location. Watch for a doorway to the right of it, though, where you can pick up even more scrap. First, take out the snipers by setting up a shady spot to the north, and using your longshot. Make note of it, and go back through the doorway. Head back to the main gate and you'll see some scrap just to the north of it. Pick up another fuel can (from the entrance), and that'll allow you to destroy two more Transfer Tanks waiting in the southwest corner. There will be a single sniper visible, but you can shoot him with the longshot from the southwest side. Grab it, then return to the door you saw previously and blast it open. Here you'll find ammo, along with a Scrotus Insignia that you'll easily be able to destroy. There’s also food nearby if you need health. Make your way down, and then make your way along a lower staircase to find a water source, should you need to fill up your canteen.