There are also five iron. Kill any mobs that bother you along the way. It sports all the same rules as Minecraft Earth, and is a good place to start learning! Beware, if you pour water in the water cauldron, or pour lava in the lava cauldron, it will spawn skeletons in the cauldron. : Make sure you place the adventure far away from you to start (to avoid ambushes like these), and kill the spider at a safe distance. Dig through the ground and kill the zombie below. Solution: Dig down to find the chest at the bottom of the cave on the far side. ... Adventures: - Leaving an Adventure can take up to 30 seconds and indicate you have no rewards. : You can kill the muddy pig and no skeleton will spawn (like in other adventures). There are structures one should dismantle to acquire a number of things which may include red stones, gold, TNT, woodblocks, concrete blocks which are usually found in chests as they are the crafted items. In an adventure, players can fight mobs, collect additional resources that are unavailable with tappables, and collect rewards. Pro tip: You can just take all the TNT, you don’t need to explode it to find the chest. After killing the two zombies the floor below will open up to a dungeon. Solution: Dig through the floor to see the four redstone lamps. Other Resources: Crafters Guide, Video Walkthrough, Subreddit post, Above ground: Igloo with a melon snow golem and two skeletons behind an iron door, Below ground: Small ice cave with some ore. (maybe more when the chest is revealed). Solution: Dig through the floor to find the ice cave below. : One cow with a blue cornflower a dandelion, and some grass blocks with ferns. There is four gold, five iron, and twelve coal to collect. Other Resources: Crafters Guide,  Subreddit post, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Above ground: Wood house with seven oak trapdoors, Below ground: Four TNT, redstone, levers and two creepers. Join a community of builders and explorers spanning the planet, collect resources for your builds, craft in … Destiny 2 and all of its expansions are now available through Xbox Game Pass, but it's quite a daunting title to dive into. : Break through the top, kill the skeletons below and then copy the same pattern that is above into the hole where part of the pattern is complete with the correct color wool and the chest will appear. Try walling off the top half of the hallways on the left, bottom right and top before you kill the skeleton buried in the ice, which will spawn three skeletons from the left, bottom right and top. : Two iron doors with levers next to them below, : Dig down to reveal the cave below. Kill all the mobs that come down the stream without dying. : A classic cobblestone temple (tower,  church) from villages in vanilla minecraft. There is a bone spider in the wall in front of you, and another on the left. : TNT with a lever and a button on it, an oak tree, a cow and some flowers. We will also show you how to level up in a swift manner, so let’s get started with our Minecraft Earth tips and tricks guide on getting tappables and leveling up quickly! Just take the lever, and place it on the sandstone block next to redstone, flip the lever to trigger just the one TNT and blow the doors open. Solution: Just dig through the bedroom to get the uncommon chest, but you may want to kill the two bone spiders first. Solution: Just dig down to find the chest on the top right corner. Kill all the hostile mobs to reveal the blue chest. Below ground: A small cave with some rails below. Organize the yellow and red flowers on each corner so that all of the red flowers are together, and the yellow flowers are together to reveal the chest, two diamonds, four iron, and ten coal. : Break through the floor of the cage up top to reveal a large fortress down below. All the sheep will then turn into horned sheep, and the chest appears along with six iron ore. You can kill the horned sheep and get six horns. Flip the levers so that the redstone lamps mirror each other across the way to reveal the chest. : This is a great adventure to leave and come back with all your empty buckets to fill them up with lava and then use for smelting as it’s the most efficient fuel source in the game. Below ground: Mineshaft cave with lots of skeletons and spiders below. Once all four of the redstone lamps are lit up, the floor will open to reveal the uncommon adventure chest, along with three iron. There is also four iron and three coal hidden in the wall right underneath where you start. You can invite your friends and go on an adventure together! : The chest is in the south wall behind a trapdoor. Above ground: Two pigs and a broken structure with a glass block. Loot: There are also four gold, four lapis and nine coal. You will need lots of cobblestone for crafting basic tools. Activate each of the redstone lamps in the dungeon below. Above ground: Wood fort with torches on top, Below ground: A dungeon with red carpet below. Other Resources: Crafters Guide, Subreddit post, Video Walkthrough, Above ground: Muddy pig in a oak fence pen with mud and hay bales, Below ground: A cave with some lava flows. You can kill the rest of the skeletons and spiders by looking through that one hole in the floor and carving out some blocks down below. : Two sheep (one on the roof) by a wood house. The chest and some diamond should be behind the wall immediately in front of you, and apparently you don't need to kill all the mobs. : A pink and a light blue dyed sheep in a cave pen down below. After that, break the doorway right underneath where you start to reveal the chest, two diamond and three gold. Just dig through the top of each pillar to kill the skeletons inside. When you are out and about in the real world, you may notice some particularly big tappables with glowing rays of light emitting from them. Below ground: Underground ice cave with some waterfalls. Above ground: Three white rabbits by oak fences with some cobblestone grass and flowers, Below ground: large cave with water on the floor, Solution: Just dig down and find the chest on the right hand side at the bottom, Above ground: Three white rabbits by fences with torches with some grass and flowers. Using GPS data and augmented reality technology, Minecraft Earth brings the beloved game to the real world in a spectacular way. : Kill one of the fish to spawn in four skeletons. Above ground: Two rabbits on a grassy hill with some snow off to the left side. Kill the skeleton, and then get the chest right behind him. Loot: There are three diamonds, eight gold, and three iron in the rooms to the sides. Read more…, Minecraft Earth Boost Minis: We have a piece of great news for all the Minecraft fans and players. A pickaxe is needed for mining some stone blocks (a stone pickaxe is required for harvesting iron ore), a sword is useful for attacking hostile mobs, and an axe is most efficient for breaking wood items. You can use the tools to pick up items and mobs. When you’re ready, mine out the four iron trapdoors in the middle of the adventure to spawn off a massive wave of mobs. Solution: Just keep digging until you find the chest, Above ground: A cow with a small oak tree, Below ground: A very little room with wooden floor, Solution: Just dig through the wooden floor to access the chest, Above ground: Three white rabbits on a pile of cobblestone with a small blue cornflower. There is also eight gold, three iron, and eleven coal, along with lots of rails and a minecart. Kill all the mobs, then flip each of the four levers once to reveal the chest along with some diamond, iron and coal. Above ground: Stone structure with vines, lava, two chickens, a cow. Kill the two skeletons and then collect the chest and the diamond, redstone, and coal behind bars. Once all four of the redstone lamps are lit up, the floor will open to reveal the uncommon adventure chest, along with three iron. You can kill the rest of the skeletons and spiders by looking through that one hole in the floor and carving out some blocks down below. Solution: Grab the flint and steel to use on the TNT and equip it in your hotbar. Below ground: Four redstone lamps in the corners in front of four hallways. The chest is directly below where you start at the very bottom, along with two diamond blocks, two redstone, two iron and five coal. There is also two gold and three iron. : Dungeon with two zombies in a cage below. Adventure mode features the survival aspect of Minecraft Earth. Collect redstone dust around the room and place it on the floor to connect the four lamps together to close the circuit and reveal the chest and iron ore. : Dig below the desert floor and kill the four skeletons below to reveal the chest. Above ground: A small pile of stone brick stairs with a single hole. : There are three diamonds, eight gold, and three iron in the rooms to the sides. (Ctrl + F) and type in a description of the solution you want to find, using some of the words for the first things you see. Make sure to get the two diamonds off to the far left of where you first stand. Loot: Three diamond blocks underground beneath some cracked stone bricks near the center. There are also three skeletons and three zombies to kill, and the zombies are guarding a room with two diamond ore in the floor. Make sure to put powered rails next to the redstone torches. Best to place the adventure away from you to keep some distance between you and the zombies. The delay duration ranges from less than a minute to several minutes, depending on the location. For the two behind glass walls, place the sand on the wall above so that it drops and lands right between the glass and the chiseled stone block to make the chest appear. Solution: Kill the three zombies that appear right around you (best to place every adventure a ways off at first to avoid situations like this), after which kill the three skeletons that spawn at the top of the ice tower, finally break the block right underneath the skeleton to drop him into the pool of lava below (or just break him out and kill him). There are 39 lava source blocks. : Four more TNT with levers and redstone, and two skeletons. Pro Tip: This is a great adventure to leave and come back with all your empty buckets to fill them up with lava and then use for smelting as it’s the most efficient fuel source in the game. There is also three gold, three iron, two redstone, and three coal. Above ground: Stone brick and cobblestone structure with a staircase leading down, Below ground: A lever connected to two TNT blocks, some lava and lots of zombies.