I've been study a lot to recover the deficiencies. Answers. Would you explain this to me please? So that’s important now because I could have some cake? (= Her leg is still broken now.). As well as the time period being finished or unfinished, you also need to consider whether the action is finished or unfinished. i don't know even watching this video twice i didn't understand the present perfect and simple. Click here to see the current stats of this English test Today I woke up, I had breakfast at 9:00 and at middley I did the video lessons and now I'm doing my homework. I Prepared this content as per my level of knowledge. Right, I’ll look at them again. Take a rest!’ So that’s one difference between them. Wow, that was quick! No, not at all. She is still writing the blog now, so the action isn’t complete. La forma affermativa del present perfect continuous si costruisce con il soggetto seguito dall'ausiliare have/has, dal participio passato di to be (been) e dalla forma in -ing del verbo principale: I/you have been eating, he/she/it has been eating, we/you/they have been eating (io sto mangiando da…, tu stai mangiando da…, egli/ella/esso sta mangiando da…, noi stiamo mangiando da…, voi state mangiando da…, essi stanno mangiando da…). I have been working all morning. It indicates that action started two hours back and still continuing(not yet finished), Since 2003 I have been working at Hyderabad, They have been dancing on stage Since 2 p.m, She have been staying at Hyderabad for 10 years, He has been learning english the whole year. Your mum’s been writing her blog for years now, hasn’t she? The present perfect continuous is often used when an action continuing until now has a result in the present. But yeah, she won a big award earlier this year. If anyone having concerns\issues on this tutorial please bring to my notice. Present perfect continuous keywords. )She’s broken her leg. )I’ve forgotten. We also use present perfect with just for talking about a recent action. Can you help me :-( I don't understand when use present continuous and when use present perfect!!! That’s right, they’re in the Grammar Snack on the present continuous. Please do not misuse or manipulate for personal benefits. For example: ‘You look tired. I am tired. Srilal. The present perfect has several meanings and uses, so it takes time to understand it and know how to use it well. No, I haven’t had time yet but I’ll bring you something, even if it’s only sand! Recently and lately are words that we often find with verbs in the present perfect continuous tense. She’s been writing about the architecture there.Daisy: Ah, yeah. You could, but then the focus would be more on the action rather than the result. Do you remember when we looked at the present continuous? Can you guess what this week's picture might be? Another is that the present perfect continuous is especially used when the action is ending or changing. The person’s life, which continues in the present, is the link to the present. Maybe you are explaining why the kitchen is in a mess. I haven’t had time yet. 3. I read the rules under video, but I can’t understand why “We have known|'ve known (know) (but “have been knowing”) each other for years.“ ? Hi shamim. It’s incredible! Present Perfect Progressive (Present Perfect Continuous) Usage & Form: Have + BEEN + Present Participle (Verb in ~ING form) For actions that started in the past and continue until now. Share this web page to your near and dear. It is so luxurious! The present perfect continuous can be used to talk about situations that have just stopped and have present results. Sophie is working in Dubai but Amy was hoping she may be able to ask her a favour. He’s been learning to make amazing food and he’s been practising his baking too. And I’ve eaten at the Burj Al Arab too! Excellent – you used present perfect continuous with a length of time and present perfect simple with a result! Is being vegan more environmentally friendly. Then read the conversation below to learn more. I never remember where she is.