In the company of fellow you feel comfortable, not afraid to be honest. We must remember that no one is perfect. Being useful. True friendship involves mutual respect, which means relating with others in ways that honour their personal values, etc. They are 7 characteristics of genuine friendship I will like to share with you. Finally, friendship means that the parties are not opportunists. There is this adage that says that “a bachelor does not know when he passes the compound of his prospective in-law”. This is not an example of the work written by professional academic writers. Your email address will not be published. Naturally, when you benefit others, they, in turn, try to respond. Others come closer to you when you are in a better position, but vanishes in hard times. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. According to Quora, a true friend is ” Someone who’s not afraid to point out our faults and try to rectify them.“. Not all friendships are positive or beneficial. This is a key rule, following which one can gather many people around him. You both trust yourselves. Your email address will not be published. How to look for him or her? If you are having a bad day, do not go bothering friends. The most important thing is to learn to control ambitious impulses and not to distribute them to friends. In a recent study, for example, one out of every four of the lies told be participants was told solely for the benefit of another person. I think these qualities are important because, to me they are the foundation of every great friendship. READ ALSO: 20 English proverbs about best friends. This brings to the next quality I look for in a friend, trust. To become a really good friend, it is important to follow the rules. Not only that, but doing it without expecting anything in return. 3. A true friend should be the one who leads you on the right path, knows what is good and what is bad for you. A true friend will be able to keep every secret revealed to him/her by a friend. Everybody has different ideas on what they want and need in a friend which could range from, someone you can relate with to someone that is the complete opposite of you. What qualities do you look for when choosing a friend? Holding indignation, insult, will not help you to build a trusting relationship. They are people who claims to be a friend but not really. A lot of people don’t want to do any of these. Learn more{{/message}}. Friends do favors for each other and they do that without complaining or saying anything negative. There are many different qualities that describe a good friend. Having a true friend is a great gift in life that you need to appreciate and protect. He also has his own life and problems. A genuine friend is a committed friend. It’s easier for them to hide behind “I don’t want to hurt your feelings.” Thing is, good friends share. The definition of an inspirational friendship is to Fill ... kind and caring people, have lots of loyalty, honesty, empathy, are always supportive in what you do ... All Papers Are For Research And Reference Purposes Only. I once had a friend that constantly lied about everything, until it got to the point where she lied so much that it was hard to trust her anymore. A good friend is someone who’s there for you when you going through problems. If you have honesty and trust then you get dependability along with them. Instead, you offer suggestions or solutions. To be able to listen is an important indicator testifying to the sincerity of the relationship between friends. 7 Qualities Of A Good Friend Of course, you may have two equally good friends who are entirely different from each other in most respects. That will only make you feel a lot worse. Good friends are rare in this world. When it is not properly nurtured, the relationship gets terminated. Talking and listening builds friendship and requires mutual respect and loyalty from persons involved. A true friend does not want to be a part of your life 24/7. ... friend are sincerity, honesty and confidence. A good friendship is built on the followings: Good friendship is built on the followings: 1. It therefore implies that sources/avenues of friendship could be through peer group, neighborhood, school, classmates, social gatherings, workplace, playground/recreational centers, religious gatherings, or even accident scenes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You have entered an incorrect email address! Do you want to have a good Friendships built on honesty, loyalty, trust, and laughter are the friendships that will save you on a rainy day. He will not permit himself liberties and will always respect the individuality of man. Make sure you retain these qualities in … Selflessness does not mean that your friend should always sacrifice himself for you. Who is a best friend? That’s because he does not want your opinion. Inability to forgive kills friendship. A friend should always help you with advice when you cannot make a decision. 6.Acceptance of each other as they are. Without honesty the friendship would fall apart. A faithful friend can keep secrets, does not discuss you behind your back, does not spread rumors. Points: Introduction - Qualities of a good friend - Conclusion. The both friends are always willing to help each other in time of need. Thus, to be the best friend is to be as honest as possible. Trust, is another very important quality that I look for in a friend. However, each will try to reconcile with them. They are 7 characteristics of genuine friendship I will like to share with you. Copyright by Each person has shortcomings. The site is ours and not just mine. You can go and ask your friends if you’re being a good friend or you can just sit down and assess yourself. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). Then you need to know the characteristics of a good friend. A good friend is someone who has integrity, is loving and kind, and reliable. Qualities you might want in a friend ... we enjoy spending time with. If friends go through difficulties together, they feel mutual concern, respectively, the relationship becomes even better. Mutual Support. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When friendship becomes stronger and closer, it resembles the relationship between brothers and sisters. And even if you already have a best friend, it will not be superfluous to learn about the qualities that a person you call your ‘true friend’ should possess. 6 Practical guides on how to improve your life, The best tips for having a successful open relationship, 10 Ways to impress a guy you are meeting for the first time, how to get a girl to like you Even if She Doesn’t, 7 Tips on How to Survive a long-distance relationship, How to get a boyfriend in a few days time, 5 Reasons why you are still single by now. Don’t abandon them just because you’re far from each other. If your friend tends to disappear when the going gets tough, he’s probably not a true friend. Honest communication here implies sharing of truth and being able to talk about sensitive issues or negative behaviours without malice. You can share confidential information without fear of disclosing your secrets. One should set limits in friendships and all other relationships especially ones that likes respect. And even if your friend doesn’t directly ask for help, it’s good if you can check on him from time to time and ask if he’s dealing with anything you can help him with. There is nothing worse than people who only see the bad side of things. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. I am the CEO and Founder of Powerful Sight. Now a days we develop strong friendships through ... to shape a lifestyle. It is very easy to start a friendship. However, as a friend, you’re not really expected to solve all of your friends’ problems. And when you consider that, a true friend should not only be present volume of the of the wallets of friends. It happens and you should be aware of it. You can use different social media platforms to stay connected. In fact, most lies are harmless social imitates in which people pretend to like someone or something more than they actually do.” Is deception ever justified? Nothing. When we have a problem, we immediately ask for help from friends. (Find a price that suits your requirements), Friendships Trust Communication And Sex Partners Friendship Life, An Friend That Inspires Is a Friend You Want to Have. In the process of companionship, you should try to better understand the feelings and experiences of a friend. Take honesty, if your friends are honest then you can depend on them to tell the truth about things you ask them or they will be honest with you and come to you when they have problems. Here you can order a professional work. It’s OK to be competitive, but people who don’t have your best interests at heart aren’t your friends. Respect is another core thing in positive friendships. Your friend shows up with the most ridiculous pants in the world. Most of the time, we end up regretting meeting a friend not because he/she is not good, but because they lack the attributes of a true friend. Honesty is the foundation of a good friendship. He understands that you may have a crush or just want to stay in peace for a while. True friendship recognizes two different identities. For example, if your friend had an unexpected pregnancy, she wouldn’t want to hear a judgment about it, much less a religious judgment. If you happen to migrate to another country or move to another place, keep your connection with your friends. Through friendship, individuals come to know, trust and depend on each other for affection, acceptance and support. When friends are honest to each other, one ... qualities of friendship. You should be able to depend on your friends to be your friend because of the kind of person you are. Proving that, however, can be quite difficult. One may have several-friends in the school or college but a real friend is rarely, to be found. Most of the time, we end up regretting meeting a friend not because he/she is not good, but because they lack the attributes of a true friend. When you have a problem you need to talk about with your friend, you should be able to trust them not to go around talking about you. Our writers are amongst the most talented group of individuals you can find in one place. I take pleasure in inspiring people like you. He knows how to listen when required. Our first and most important relationships outside of the family are those we establish with friends.