However, the employer must act fairly and comply with all the normal rules for making a fair dismissal, and in particular, must not: Take into account absences due to pregnancy … Find out how your leave is calculated. However, you can still see your baby in 3D in our Late Reassurance Scans. Long absences from work due to sickness may be a ground for dismissal. You learn all about pregnancy, birth and caring for a newborn. employer or look at your contract of If you are not sure whether you can get sick pay, you should ask your Make sure to apply for Maternity/Paternity Benefit at least 4 weeks in advance, or 12 weeks if you are self-employed. There are a number of different types of leave, such as annual, maternity and sick leave, each of which is regulated differently. If you become ill while you are on additional maternity leave, you may ask your employer if you can end the additional maternity leave. Benefit or Supplementary 51/2006 – Maternity Protection Act 1994 (Extension of Periods of Leave) Order 2006 are also highly relevant. public holiday if you are on sick leave immediately before the public holiday, If pay, or other conditions, have improved while you were on leave you are entitled to these benefits once you return. . Under the Medical An employee who is ill is entitled not to attend work however they may be required by their employer to provide a medical certificate verifying the same. The weekly benefit depends on the weekly earnings of a worker.