8. The video is also elevated by its essential message. is set on the demise of Jon Mess, first shooting him point-blank in the forehead. joins the fight for equal rights in “3 Years Sober” under his new. Maybe that's why it became the most-viewed 24-hour debut in YouTube history.". The video doesn't treat its participants as afterthoughts, but rather allows the camera to linger on them and relishes in their presence. Download as PDF and watch all the videos of the chart. . With an imagery inspiring self-empowerment, this is the video to watch when you’re feeling down on yourself and need an outside source to help you get through some tough times. It's a rare music video — particularly when it's a solo debut— that manages to highlight the artist's captivating stage presence and star power while also inspiring shot-for-shot breakdowns and nostalgic think pieces. The video for "Late Night Feelings," as a reflection of the song's own genius, manages to feel both fun and desperately sad — but takes the genius a bit further, making the viewer feel both intimately engaged and voyeuristic. , though, the critter is able to swim happily toward the end and even undergoes a small transformation. Not only have the artists worked hard releasing killer albums, but they also put out stunning music videos for some of their tracks as well. "Kids Turned Out Fine" is ostensibly an acid trip, but each scene also underscores the song's themes of acceptance, growth, and diversity of experiences. It's also a fun reminder about how charmingly weird the Jonas Brothers are. That was the biggest thing that she wanted to say — just showcasing all different sides of what a woman is, and how every side is just f---ing awesome.". Rosa Acosta. A tribute to Chester Bennington, Machine Gun Kelly delivers a kaleidoscopic music video for “Hollywood Whore.” The rapper shows off his wit with an easy beat to back him up and strong visuals, which flow together like water. When it comes to Bones UK, nothing is a “Pretty Waste.” Using a split screen, the duo both get their space in the spotlight, with their silhouettes highlighted by a plain white background. While "You Need to Calm Down" has been fairly criticized for centralizing Swift in the fight for LGBTQ rights, there's something to be said for the world's biggest pop star taking such a strong and explicit stand. ” is a fast-paced track with on-camera movement to match. • Contact: Stephen Hill | stephenjhill8@gmail.com • Official Billboard Chart - Christian National Airplay: http://bit.ly/2bCM2kB The video follows a young couple from childhood through adulthood and highlights all of their struggles during their life together. It didn’t need to be October to start creeping everyone out. Bringing in the legendary Jabbawockeez dance crew to close the video was an especially ingenious touch. Bring Me The Horizon took Forest Whitaker (Black Panther, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) on set for the music video of “in the dark.” Taken off the band’s latest release, amo, the visual perfectly complements the electronic elements of the track and was singer Oli Sykes’ directorial debut.