The roads cross the national borders to Romania at the cities of Ártánd and Nyírábrány. The district has close linkage with the history of Shahabad, which was its parent district also. Araria is situated at the southern part of Purnia and Medhepura in Bihar. Supaul (Bihar): On September 10, a fortnight before the announcement of the state assembly elections, Bihar water resources minister Sanjay Kumar Jha laid the foundation for a 4.6 km long extension of the Sikarhatta-Majhari low embankment from Parsauni to Mahisha in Madhubani’s Baidyanathpur area. “The condition of those impacted by river erosion will only worsen.”, “The extended embankment will benefit the villages on the west,” says another resident, Indrajeet. DMPQ- Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, Public Administration and Good Governance. On the East is district of Rohtas of Bihar State. Western Uttar Pradesh has a history of religious riots happening frequently. West Champaran is an administrative district in the state of Bihar in India, located just 60 km (37 mi) west of Birgunj. During the flood of September 2019, the embankment itself came apart. 122 road bridges span the rivers and canals. Therefore, the administration should inspect the site and provide support to the dam. Arwal is situated 60 km south of Patna. The villages outside the embankment have access to a range of facilities like roads, sewers, bridges, culverts, electricity, drinking water, education and healthcare. The Sone enters the state of Bihar at the tri-junction of Palamu  (Jharkhand), Mirzapur (U.P.) The villagers claim that the dam is meant to protect villages like Parsa Madhopur, Baroha, Parsa, Ekadera, Sampatha, Saraiad, Burja, Sonbarsa, Benja, Kanupar, Dumariya and others from floods. Not Everyone Is Happy With New Embankments on the Kosi in Bihar, Ground Report: A Paper Mill That Never Opened in Bihar’s Baijnathpur, Bihar: Anti-Incumbency Has Weakened Nitish’s Hold Over EBC-Mahadalit Votes, Bihar: In Villages on Indo-Nepal Border, COVID-19 Curbs Have Thrown Business Out of Gear. Numerous rivers originating in the Himalays water this district. Many people are also advocating for the Kosi river to be joined with the Ganga in the form of a canal ahead of the Mahasetu. For a long time, political leaders in the region have used the issue of embankments for electoral gains. The Chinese pilgrim, Hieun Tshang. At that time, the hill was called Gayasisa. Motihari is the headquarters of Poorvi Champaran (East Champaran) district in the state of Bihar, in India. By inviting the Prime Minister in all the three phases of elections in Bihar, the BJP will begin training its guns with Modi's series of election meetings from Sasaram on October 23. It is also on higher level than the other part of the district and contains very few marshes. Location of West Champaran district in Bihar. At Shaileshpur Chowk, Puran Sharma, Jungle Sharma, Suresh Sharma and Vijay Paswan narrate how their houses were engulfed by the river. Also read: Bihar: Anti-Incumbency Has Weakened Nitish’s Hold Over EBC-Mahadalit Votes. It is well suited to the rabbi crops. The nearest airport is at Patna from where regular flights are available to all important towns and cities across the country. There are dozens of gram panchayat areas in Supaul, Saharsa, and Madhubani districts. The District has somewhat dry and healthy climate. Udaypur Wildlife Sanctuary. The district consists 11 blocks and two towns Banka and Amarpur. Districts of West Bihar is comprised of medieval monuments that were built by the different governors of Mughal era. The four largest cities – both by area and by population – are Debrecen, Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúnánás and Hajdúszoboszló. Ara town is the headquarters of the district and also its principal town. This idol was not established by any people but it was believed that the idol was seen as “coming out from the earth. Half of their villages are inside the embankment and the remaining are outside. BPSC Prelims and Mains Notes, BPSC Test Series. Buxar is a small city in the state of Bihar in the Eastern part of India. Chanan and Orhni flows from middle of the district. Jogbani is the last point of Araria and after that “Virat Nagar” district of Nepal starts. Aurangabad is situated on the Grand Trunk Road. and population of 2507815 according to 1991 census. Trees such as pipal trees and Akshayavat, the undying banyan, are especially sacred. The district has a vast alluvial plain devoid of any hills. Photo: Manoj Singh. Motihari is reported to have the tallest and the largest Buddhist Stupa in the world, following its discovery in 1998 through excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The plains of Banka is formed from several streams of the these river. The district came into existence by division of Purnia district on Makar-Sankranti day of 1990. Borders of Araria are surrounded by Nepal in northern side, Kishanganj in western side and Supaul at south-eastern side. Documented history of Gaya dates back to the birth of Gautam Buddha. It shares borders with the Hungarian counties Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Békés. A few days before the state minister announced the extension of the Sikarhatta-Majhari low embankment, seven families in the area lost their houses to the Kosi river stream. It is a part of Tirhut Division. One of the major location in West Champaran is Kumar Bagh for SAIL Special Processing Unit and Bhitiharwa where Mahatma Gandhi started Satyagrah Aandolan. For transportation both train and road media’s are available. Substantial proportion of trade activities are with well connected towns and cities in Uttar Pradesh such as Varanasi, Ballia and Ghazipur. Compared to the average, Hajdú-Bihar has a small number of inhabited places: 21 towns and 61 villages. The present day temple was rebuilt by Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar, the ruler of Indore, in the 18th century. A district of an Indian state is an administrative geographical unit, headed by a district magistrate or a deputy commissioner, an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service. It is not possible for the villagers to ensure security during the rainy season. It Lies between 25o-07 – 25o30′ N Latitude and between 86o 37 ‘ – 87o 30 ‘E longitude. It is also home to two wildlife sanctuaries: Valmiki (adjacent to its namesake national park) and It runs along the southern and eastern boundaries of the district of Bhojpur until it merges in the river Ganges near Maner in Patna district. For a long time these were the only ones with city/town status, the rest were only villages, but after 1979 – when Berettyóújfalu became a town – several villages were promoted. Yaduvansh Kumar Yadav, MLA from the Pipra assembly constituency in Supaul district, had written a letter to the district officer demanding maintenance and monitoring of the dike built by the villagers. The land begins to rise at an easy ascent near or after of Banka, Barahat, so south of Banka hilly tracts commence. “No one was there to help us. The administration wanted the villagers to dismantle it themselves but they did not agree. The area developed a rich cultural heritage during British era. DMPQ- What are provisions of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007? The embankments on the Kosi and its tributaries at both these places will now be extended by 10 km. District border is adjacent to border of Nepal, so the district is important in terms of security. km. The Hajdú-Bihar County Council, elected at the 2019 local government elections, is made up of 24 counselors,[5] with the following party composition: Hajdú-Bihar County has 1 urban county, 20 towns, 10 large villages and 51 villages. The ecology of the river has been badly affected but except river experts and villagers like Bhagwat very few people are concerned about it. The district has rivers running almost three sides-North, East, and some part of Southern boundary. In addition, six zamindari dams measuring 51.2 km in length have also been built. The move greatly benefited Yadav as he gained popularity in the region as a saviour. Gods and goddesses had promised to live on Gayasur’s body after he died, and the hilltop protuberances of Gaya are surmounted by temples to various gods and goddesses. But the construction of a series of embankments has sandwiched the Kosi between a number of such millstones, or embankments. Aurangabad district is the part of Magadh division. The state was the heart of Mahabharata war and the history of Uttar Pradesh is very much the history of India. Since then the places around Gaya (Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Patliputra) had been the citadel of knowledge for the ancient world. In case their demands are ignored by the government and the administration, villagers build security embankments on their own. Gaya was so holy that he had the power to absolve the sins of those who touched him or looked at him; after his death many people have flocked to Gaya to perform shraddha sacrifices on his body to absolve the sins of their ancestors. A JCB machine was also installed for the construction of the dam. While listing the benefits of the embankment, it was also reported that it has significantly reduced the number of deaths caused by snake bites. Araria contains two bus terminals one at ‘0’ mile and second in city. [4] Fauna include the Bengal tiger.[5][6]. However, embankment extension has continued unabated. The language spoken is Bhojpuri and the script is Devanagari. DMPQ- What are the Pillars and effective implementation of digital India. The nearest railway station is located at Jehanabad. For Buddhists, Gaya is an important pilgrimage place because it was at Brahmayoni hill that Buddha preached the Fire Sermon (Adittapariyaya Sutta) to one thousand former fire-worshipping ascetics, who all became enlightened while listening to this discourse. The floods have turned more devastating in 25-plus villages south of the Mahasetu. [jetpack_subscription_form title=”Subscribe to BPSC Notes” subscribe_text=”Never Miss any BPSC important update!” subscribe_button=”Sign Me Up” show_subscribers_total=”1″], BPCS 2020 Mains (65th Mains) Tests and Notes Program, BPCS Prelims Exam 2020 (66th Prelims)- Test Series and Notes Program, BPCS Prelims and Mains 2020 Tests Series and Notes Program, Syllabus and Pattern of BPSC Prelims Exam. History of Chhattisgarh dates back to the era of epics and traces through the reign of powerful dynasties in India like Marathas. The third natural region is the doab between the Burhi Gandak and Baghmati and consists of the low-lying areas dotted over by chaur and marshes. While those living outside the embankment area benefit from less flooding and erosion, those within the embankment area are more prone to risk. The present Bhojpur came into existence in 1992. Begusarai occupies a central position in North Bihar. They have no answer. “The water came like a torrent,” they told The Wire. State bound it on the North. Lord Vishnu killed Gayasur, the holy demon by using the pressure of his foot over him. As a result of these channels water from rivers of the district is self sufficient in production of  grain, fruits, vegetables etc. [9] The district has a population density of 950 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,500/sq mi) .