You will receive a verification email shortly. But it's worth cranking that up and paying an extra few pounds a month to get up to 50Mb+ if you can't get enough of that 4K streaming or your household is bursting with broadband-hungry inhabitants. Speeds are generally comparable to DSL and cable modem. Learn more about. DSL is a wireline transmission technology that transmits data faster over traditional copper telephone lines already installed to homes and businesses. Of course you might not have access to that in your area in which case other services like satellite or phone network broadband could be good options. This gives us a baseline for determining fast and slow internet speeds. Please refresh the page and try again. Fibre broadband can now reach speeds of up to 1Gb in some areas. Broadband is the transmission of wide bandwidth data over a high speed internet connection. Or, if cost isn't an issue, go for the fastest and know you'll always have enough speed. Dial-up is practically obsolete in urban towns, but it’s still a common form of Internet for many rural homes and businesses. Depending on your location, you might not have a choice of Internet speed. Mobile wireless broadband services are also becoming available from mobile telephone service providers and others. Then run a speed test and see what you're getting. Its speeds can range from approximately 128 Kbps to 9 megabits per second (Mbps). However, for real-world use, that might be overkill. Check out this guide to find out what speed is considered slow Internet, and what type of Internet is considered fast. Telecommunications providers sometimes offer fiber broadband in limited areas and have announced plans to expand their fiber networks and offer bundled voice, Internet access, and video services. Bath DSL-based broadband provides transmission speeds ranging from several hundred Kbps to millions of bits per second (Mbps). BPL is the delivery of broadband over the existing low- and medium-voltage electric power distribution network. … Learn more about fast fiber-optic Internet speeds for your home. Fiber optic technology converts electrical signals carrying data to light and sends the light through transparent glass fibers about the diameter of a human hair. Visit our corporate site. Broadband speeds are constantly being flaunted in our faces, with the offer of better never more than a click away when you're researching your next best broadband deal. Just as satellites orbiting the earth provide necessary links for telephone and television service, they can also provide links for broadband. BPL can be provided to homes using existing electrical connections and outlets. The new definition effectively means that millions of Americans subscribing to Internet service that clocks in at less than 25 Mbps are no longer considered "broadband" subscribers. But as a broad measure, to stream HD video and use multiple device at once on your Wi-Fi network, you're going to want at least a 2Mb line. Mb - sometimes displayed as Mbps - means 'Megabits per second' and is an easy way to compare the average speeds offered by broadband companies.