Tim Hortons Stores Are Making Halloween Donuts But You Can Only Get Them In Certain Spots Lisa Belmonte . It’s something a Kelowna father says is wrong and may intimidate parents into sending kids back, when they don't necessarily feel it’s safe during the pandemic. Hand-crafted and made to order just for you. If you're really in the donut mood, you can get Halloween-themed ones at Krispy Kreme locations in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. Tim Horton's was always a huge treat! Find out. Tim Hortons' Dream Donuts seem more like a nightmare than a dream. When something looks sexy, it’s usually going to taste great. We always knew exactly what we were going to get: a Boston Cream donut! In the first photo, the  Strawberry Confetti ones are actually pretty good, but in both of them, the blob of Dulce de Leche Crème topping leaves a lot to be desired. Now, this is a comparison nobody wants to think about. Made fresh and designed to satisfy. We always knew exactly what we were going to get: a Boston Cream donut! Ever order a bagel from Tim Hortons and been disappointed by the lack of cream cheese when you finally get it? Once that upcoming deadline passes, students are at risk of losing their spot at the school. Cool off with a world famous Iced Capp and more. Bagged or steeped, there’s always time for a cuppa. A few people have noted that in the Dulce de Leche Crème option there was hardly any filling. Now that my siblings and I are all moved out, its a memory that we cherish, and one that I think of every time that I visit my friendly neighbourhood Tim Horton's for a hot chocolate, or that beloved donut. Learn more about what you can do with your TimCard®. Amazing prizes make your favourite coffee even better! Fortunately for those who haven't yet tasted these new desserts, Canadians who have been less than impressed by the products have shared their hilarious and sometimes just plain sad encounters with the new treats online. Find the latest stock quotes, reports and more. However, when they're bad — they're really bad. 2020-10-27. See if you have what it takes to join the world’s fastest growing restaurant brand. The new line of baked goods was launched across the country on January 8. One location took their spider donut to another level and put a Timbit in the centre to make it look like an actual spider. However, these 12 photos show just how badly things can turn out. I can remember maybe once a month (although usually less often), Mom would take us to a Tim's, or just come home with that beautiful box. Makes a perfect gift for a friend or yourself!Buy Now. Cool off with a world famous Iced Capp and more. Register or login now! Here though, it seems to be just white buttercream frosting. The owners of HiFi announced on Tuesday that the popular club in downtown Calgary would be permanently closed. Hand-crafted with freshly ground premium espresso beans and steamed 100% Canadian milk, our Lattes are simply delicious and perfectly uncomplicated. The TimCard® makes a great gift. Discover what goes into every delicious bite and sip. Best: Mixed Berry Oatmeal . Here are 12 pictures of the Tim Hortons donuts that show just how much of a nightmare they can be. Pair your sandwich, wrap, or soup with one of our savoury sides. Today, Tim Hortons still serves coffee and donuts, along with breakfast, lunch, a variety of pastries, cookies, donuts, and beverages. Both of these people agree that what they thought they were getting wasn't actually what they ended up with. There's literally nothing inside. Not only does this look nothing like the advertisement, but the dollop is not looking very dreamy. That's a surefire way to disappoint customers. On Instagram, the coffee chain posted photos from four locations in Canada of donuts all dressed up in costumes like jack-o'-lanterns, spiders, bats, cats and more for Halloween. What’s new at your local Tim Hortons? We’d love to have you. Specialty Cold Beverages. Shop for Tim Hortons products online from the comfort of your home. Brew the Tim Hortons taste you love at home! Manage your TimCards® - reload your card automatically. Like now. Nutrition. Our signature Original Blend with the familiar and satisfying taste that Canadians enjoy every day.