my hot tub has yellow flakes coming out of the jets. Very weird. Anyone know where I can get this pool waterline tile? I blasted my jets on my tub with my steamer and ever since I have had black junk coming out of my jets! I have tried using cleaners, but it seems as though it continues. Top. To remove biofilm you are going to have to brush down the pool liner thoroughly with a pool brush and handle. We added shock, salt and stuff to adjust the Ph Level. Has salt generator. Recently, starting about 3 weeks ago, I started noticing white tiny flakes in my pool water. It is not very common and to cure your pool of this you would need to bring your chlorine level up to very high levels, around 10-20 ppm. I was feeling very good. Water can only hold so much mineral content in certain conditions.The alkalinity the ph the calcium content all have to be in harmony with each other.If the alkalinity goes up then the water can't hold all the minerals in solution. If your doesn't have a reminder, you don't need to wait until you start seeing white calcium flakes in your pool; there are early signs that you can check on frequently and clean your salt cells early enough and avoid seeing white flakes in your pool again:-. This happens because of the air in the tubes. Test your total alkalinity and pH, one or both of these are Above Ideal Range. BudgetPoolCare Pool Enthusiast Posts: 22 Joined: Sat 10 Mar, 2012 01:52 Location: Sydney. I was noticing our Chlorine getting a little low so I turned up my SWG from 60% to 80% a week ago but it does not seem to have made a difference in the amount of chlorine in the pool. Shocking the spa heavily is also a good idea – to 30 ppm – use 6 oz of household bleach per 100 gals, or .6 oz per 100 gals, of regular pool shock, to reach 30 ppm. Hum, take a sample of the "flakes" and water if possible to local pool store for analyzing. There are a few things that could be causing debris to come out of your hot tub jets. We have a salt-water pool with an attached raised spa. Can the professional jet cleaning stuff really help? Just the initial dosing and weekly update dose. They settle to the bottom when the pool isn't being used, but when you disturb them they seem to be suspended in the water. Here’s how to keep them that way, Classic white or dyed to suit a mood, plaster is the most common and affordable finish for pools today, It backs onto a lushly planted waterway and even has a pool, but this Netherlands home never loses sight of its capital skyline, These incredible infinity pools, heavenly oceanside pools and luxurious lap pools around the world have unmatched allure. Developing white flakes or calcium buildup in non-saltwater pool is not common, unless you are using a pool heater or you have not been monitoring and balancing Calcium Hardness (CH), pH, TA and other minerals levels, and these levels have gone extremely high forming calcium scales in your pool. *** I really think it is Scale since you used the key word "Flakes" It's not rust. Recently, starting about 3 weeks ago, I started noticing white tiny flakes in my pool water. 28 $12.49 $12.49. I don't know how to get rid of it. Everytime I run the heater I get little white/blueish-green flakes that deposit on the bottom of the pool/spa. Within the first couple minutes I began to see small black flakes floating in the water.