And seeing as how Freddy is a mere adult human, it stands to reason that Pennywise can manipulate his mind as well. Pennywise bite Freddy's hand, Freddy yell and headbutts Pennywise, Freddy throw Pennywise. Boomstick: He has a powers and abilities: Trapping souls within the Deadlights, Shapeshifting, Photokinesis, Controlling Weather, Illusion Casting, Invisibility, Hemokinesis, Controlling Mind, Possession, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Can grant life to inanimate objects, Regeneration, Plant, Water and Electricity Manipulation. He is a demon from a other world. He doesn't even win. Freddy defeats his victims with the power of belief, and he's had a lot more practice at it than the losers. Who is more scarier to win this battle? When given the chance, he actually straight-up brutalizes his victim. Pennywise actually takes on the shape of children's fears, allowing him to have the abilities of what their fear is. Archived. Freddy uses his iconic bladed gloves to great effect throughout the series, so it's obvious that he relies on them to a great extent. This is how he is allowed to hunt the children throughout Derry without the adults' interference. @misterwhisper: what did he do in the book? NEXT: 10 Stars You Forgot Were In The Scream Films, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He doesn't dream. Dream realm- Freddy will show Pennywise a real nightmare. Well Pennywise has the scarier gimmick and a freaky catch line "They all float down here!" No use hiding buddy. That's because Freddy has complete control over the dream world. He stalks the player in the first game during Night 3 and on by moving while the player is not watching the monitor of the cameras. Pennywise doesn't sleep. Pennywise walks inside the Freddy's Pizzeria and saw the blood split, across the hall. What's more, Pennywise is not from the dark tower. Freddy charges at Pennywise, Freddy throw a punch at Pennywise, and stabbing Pennywise with microphone. The end. Wiz: Freddy has survived many years being alive, sneaks behind cameras, can easily murder humans, and has an indestructible soul but a breakable body making him unable to be killed. As Freddy walk away, Pennywise gets up, smiling. Pennywise blocks the swing of microphone and punch Freddy, Freddy groans and Jumpscares Pennywise. 1 Kudos Chucky vs Freddy Fazbear. In the film Freddy vs. Jason, during their climactic fight at the end of the film, it was discovered that Jason Voorhees may have a subconscious fear of drowning. Pennywise is a very dangerous creature. 11 years ago. Freddy Fazbear was shut down. Pennywise Vs The Babadook: Who Would Win? Pennywise vs Freddy Krueger. Pennywise: Looks like my prey is fighting back. After that, Pennywise can do with Freddy what he will... Pennywise has a heart. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. Even if Pennywise could fight back in the dream, and even if he was able to fatally harm Freddy, he likely couldn't. So both are even on the playing field of being able to kill their opponent. While this is true, Freddy has superhuman strength and durability even in the waking world, can possess people, animals, and objects, and can pull people into the dream world. Boomstick: As if the creature expected the event to occur, Derry was settled in 1700s. However, IT's nature as a psychically sensitive entity makes the creature victim when its prey can use their own imagination against IT or even starve the creature by making IT afraid. Villain' Themed Death Battles, 'Video Games vs Books' themed Death Battles,, Can created a hurricane that almost wrecked all of Derry. In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy even cuts his own finger off to taunt Tina, showcasing that such debilitating injuries mean nothing in the dream world. RELATED: The 10 Hardest Movies To Watch, Ranked. Pennywise then kicks Freddy's knee and tosses him to stage. . And, much like all mammals, Pennywise dies without it. He will happily just wait around for you to fall asleep. Let's find out. One simple look at the deadlights would be enough to stop Freddy in his tracks, just like how Richie was stopped mid-throw in It: Chapter Two. And seeing as how Freddy is human, that's the form it would take for him as well. If you dont believe me read the book or look it up. Pennywise is a  "demon" (good enough word) from todash space which is the nothing between worlds. Freddy is a brown animatronic bear with a lighter shade of brown on both his stomach and puffy muzzle. So Pennywise is literally an interdimensional cosmic Eldritch god and he gets a win. Final Notes About Which Killer Would Win 6. Anyway, Pennywise is whatever you fear most and in most cases does NOT appear as a clown. Which of these horror icons would take the crown as the top monster? it holds them together, and is the linch-pin of their existence, that includes all possible hells tied to these worlds. Pennywise can become whatever you are afraid of and is mentally psychotic. Posted by. But there are things that Freddy fears. I think Freddy (Jackie Earl Hailey) would win, while (Robert Englund's) Freddy would lose. I don't really know much about Pennywise. How can freddy kill a god like being? Freddy charges at Pennywise, Pennywise jump at Freddy, Freddy hits Pennywise with microphone. Also , freddy is not, as far as we know, well versed in the Ritual of Chüd, the only known way to do anything resembling damage to pennywise....i'm almost tempted to call a missmatch, lol. Flagged. That's against the rules. Pennywise punch Freddy, Freddy groans and throw a punch at Pennywise. Boomstick: Yeah exactly, I thought Pennywise was pretty strong! Pennywise is one of Stephen King's lovecraftian monstrosities from before the world existed. Freddy is just some sort of ghost bent on revenge. Pennywise punches Freddy multiple times, Freddy bite Pennywise's shoulder, Pennywise grabs Freddy by head and tossing him. My Mama Boomstick used to make pizzas for me since I was a child. and has cosmic level power. Hell < dark tower. Even eons-old alien entities have to sleep sometime, no? Wiz: He was a the soul of a child in a robotic suit. So too would it be for Pennywise. Also, im not sure if you are familiar with this, but Freddy is not the son of hundreds of murderers, rapists and lunatics, but the son of only one of these men. Both are powerhouses. Mostly this thread is asking for a second opinion. And luckily for Freddy, he has just the tool. Freddy survived being roasted in an incinerator. But sooner or later, the sweet embrace of sleep comes calling. It is kind of inaccurate to call IT pennywise, btw. The kid sprayed him with his inhaler, and told him it was battery acid. If he choose he probably (unless Penny is immune) could pull Pennywise with him. And that is a very good thing, indeed. In the dream world, he can seemingly manipulate time and space to suit his whims and pursuits. pennywise wins  he is a true demon who has been around a longggg time before freddy. He can just keep turning into fire so often that Freddy quits his bloody pursuit out of frustration and fear. Creating a hurricane that almost wrecked all of Derry, Killed more people than Freddy, he also arrived in Earth in such a cataclysmic meteor impact and it nearly destroyed the planet! Pennywise is not really a clown, and he doesn't come from the dark tower, he is a part of SK's universe, which you could call the dark tower universe. I hate Pennywise. Pennywise heard a noise, it was 6 AM! I don't know who is a most creepiest Freddy, Phantom or Nightmare. pennywise was around before the dinosaurs. How can modern anime fans tell the differences between shows when they all look the same? How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Video Games vs Movies' themed Death Battles, 'Villain vs. Boomstick: This battle wasn't really clowning around, Freddy was unbearable to beat a clown! The bad thing about Freddy is that he is just another human once he's taken out of the dream world. . Freddy charges at Pennywise, Pennywise disappear. If it was book Pennywise, he'd stomp, IT's a literal God that exists outside of the multiverse (a toadash monster) and Freddy is just a decently powerful ghost. Still have questions? Two notorious killers, who scared little kids, and utilize fear before killing their victims. Pennywise: This restaurant will be very perfect place to prey children! If I kill you, I'll prey every children in this restaurant! Freddy Frostbearis a Christmas animatronic delivered within FNaF AR: Help Wanted, visibly appearing very simi… Advantages: Pennywise the Dancing Clown winner. He’s as fast as a bullet train. Freddy may have the bladed gloves, but one kick from a massive spider leg should be enough to injure, and perhaps even kill, Mr. Krueger. Wiz: Pennywise was a universal, while Freddy can be easily damage and killed by Purple Guy. That isnt how sexual reproduction works. A lot of people in this thread have not actually read the book IT and are just going by the movie... Pennywise walks all over Freddy, and laughs while he does it. Winner: Freddy Krueger. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Freddy throw pizza at Pennywise, Pennywise jump at Freddy and toss him into ground. Wonder Woman 1984: 10 Hilarious Memes Celebrating The Movie’s Release, Freddy Krueger Vs. 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Chucky vs Freddy Fazbear. Who would win? But who would win? It's a toss up. They thought silver would kill a wolf-man, which is one of the forms pennywise attacked them with, so they invested it with power through their belief. That would been a long time! You are indeed where you belong. Freddy Krugger for the win. He also created a hurricane that almost wrecked all of Derry. Also poor Georgie got his arm ripped off by Pennywise, that was brutally and sad! Let end this debate once and for all! Boomstick: Ooh I'm scared but now it's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEE! Round 2: The entire cast of the Baldi's Basics game vs The entire roster of animitronics from the FNAF games, who wins? That's because, no matter what he did, Freddy would not be able to die.