Given these incentives, the desire to participate in the 8(a) Program is obvious. Your email address will not be published. The competition is fierce and plentiful, and the further an 8(a) graduate can distance itself from the chorus of sound bites, the better. This is where the sphere of public relations and marketing comes into play; an area where admittedly some new 8(a) graduates are not willing to spend significant amount of money when funds are tight. This will assist enormously in the most time-consuming but rewarding aspect of acquisition- establishing relationships. Firstly, it allows the 8(a) graduate to focus on providing exemplary service and establishing a Past Performance repository- an essential characteristic of a successful contractor. Experts strongly recommend gaining entry to this roiling market by forming a relationship with a larger, more experienced contractor first. With their extensive experience in the service and maintenance industry, they positioned themselves to apply for an 8(a) certification in 1996. 400 At times like this, it is recommended that upcoming graduates rely heavily on tools that are available for just this purpose, rather than “go it alone.”  A good place to start is the SBA website itself, where new small businesses can take advantage of the Business Plan Tool. Do one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals: If the answer is “Yes” to all of the questions, the business may be eligible to participate in the 8(a) Business Development program. Although the authors strive to present accurate information, the information provided on this blog is not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up-to-date. Using this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the authors and/or Koprince Law LLC. How long can your business participate in the 8(a) Program? The 8(a) Program itself is complex, but its potential benefits are tremendous. Failure by the concern to obtain prior written approval from SBA for any changes in ownership or business structure, management, or control. Your local SBA office should be able to provide a list of all required documents. 2868 0 obj Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Programs, Women-Owned Small Business Program Attorney Services, Joint Venture Agreements and Teaming Agreements, Organizational Conflict of Interest Training, WOSB Program: Company Ineligible Because Husband Managed Business, 8(a) Mentor-Protege Joint Venture Agreements: Details Matter, Court Says, 8(a) Program: SBA Final Rule Makes Important Changes, 5 Things You Should Know: All Small Mentor-Protege Program, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. Participants are also allowed to join in mentor/protégé and joint venture relationships to further increase their ability to participate in the American economy. The business, moreover, must maintain its eligibility throughout the course of its participation. The presumptive term is 9 years. Many small little-known enterprises such as PC Mechanical, Inc. have grown into multi-million dollar empires with the assistance of the SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program. This may be one of the more oblique sounding pieces of advice, but a new business must be capable of standing out from the crowd, and avoiding the temptation of falling into a laundry list of clichés when describing itself and its capabilities. He has more than a decade of experience with the acquisition, management, and marketing of Federal, State, and Local government contracts. The idea is to encourage companies to start obtaining commercial business outside of the 8(a) program by creating a balance between commercial and government business. (There are some separate requirements for businesses owned by Indian Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, Native Hawaiian Organizations, and Community Development Corporations.) ^���XqL�-�F1b� ҊE���̗�3!y���Q��vh��4�(p=e|6������X���E&3��C��phG��^^��a���鐂���w���y��A�)?T�����j����S0�k1��/p�a錝�(yc��6�X�Fl'|~]0P@�qj㊡��E��y���4�Jw �0��ϫB���Q��J9T�O37�"��@���㍒�$��z�����?��h_r6��>H�F�\M ���a����� �]�%��F Also, it is a good idea to explore attracting former federal employees that have an inside track on the internal workings and operations of Agencies. Indeed, the SBA was under scrutiny in the 90’s for failing to prepare their 8(a) participants for graduation. Guided by this vision, they sought out to found PC Mechanical, Inc. Like SBA’s other contracting programs, the 8(a) Program is a business development program—its purpose is to assist eligible disadvantaged small businesses compete in the American economy through business development. To address this vulnerability, the program’s five-year transitional phase offers a weaning methodology referred to as the “Business Activity Target”. Coley is dedicated to those who have served our nation and we focus on giving back to organizations helping Veterans. §124.101. �B��#��!�M~�'׮P�13.��B��WD�. They were recognized as an Outstanding Business at the Spirit of Small Business Awards held by the Pacific Coast Business Times and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Los Angeles District Office. 8(a) graduation can be a sobering experience when money is aggressively spent to maintain an image for a higher valuation, overlooking the necessity of obtaining a healthy balance of commercial and government business. Participating in the 8(a) Program can be a great way to grow your small business. In 1991, friends Lew Parker and Mitch Caron had a vision of creating a business that was built around the concept of positioning employees as the backbone of the company. Let’s get to it: here are five things you should know about the 8(a) Program.