20th Anniversary book is here for the Holiday Season! And she makes way for the next drowning man. Powered by WordPress. Click cover to order! Lots of surprises coming! There were, of course, the mighty Big Three networks. Things were vastly different when I was a lad, however. Delia and Magnus exchange pretty exaggerated Significant Glances, by the way. You can also search YouTube under “Gargoyles 1972”. Powered by, Cleansing the doors of cinematic perception... until your screen glows... infinite. it talks like a distant landlord's accented scolding. I just go back from Heather Graham's 41st birthday bash (1) and what better time to celebrate her unnerving sexuality? Past that, Mr. Overgard basically wrote seven scripts each for the later cartoon series Thunderbirds and Silverhawks. The trawler is in fact a research vessel. Wrote the liner notes. ), Hot German Blondes Rule Space: STAR MAIDENS, ELEOMA, IM STAUB DER STERNE, STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS (2013), ACIDEMIC HORROR / SCI-FI REVIEW INDEX/ROUND-UP, Amazon Streams: Five Treasures drug up from Prime's Post-JAWS Riverbed (+ AVALANCHE), 13 Great Films for Week X of a Pandemic (on Prime), CinemArchetype 20 - The Three Sisters / Witches, CinemArchetype #3 - The Animus (the Daemon Lover), Gone Hawks-in: AROUND THE WORLD UNDER THE SEA (1966), Halloween Hookends: Best of Spotify's creepiest old radio shows + Eerie Electronic Scores, LOS ESPOOKYS is a "Reality": Four Points of the Future's Compass Towards Disclosure, Great and Wonderful Acid Cinema: WIZARD OF OZ (1939), Coolest Couples #2: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, American Grievers, Part Two: THE FOUNTAIN, DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978) Twilight of the Betamax, Coolest Couples #3: Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, 20:20 (Pt 3) Mind games, mood pieces, and Spanish winners, Friday the 13th Scream Factory Box Set: Steve Miner Interview, Ed Wood Wednesdays: The Wood Loop Odyssey, Part 22 by Greg Dziawer, Art Gallery: Children of the Corn (1984) Opening Credits, On Blu-ray: Glamorous Mayhem in The Opposite Sex (1956), John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV, André Bazin and Graham Greene (and Alfred Hitchcock): Some Points of Contact, The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense, Lost in the Movies (formerly The Dancing Image), “The Last Time You Men Got Together, Another Man Lost His Arm" - The Severed Arm (1972) - Film #190, Monster Kid Movie Memories: Growing Up With Horror, DENNIS SUBMITS TO DR. SAVAARD'S FIELD OF SCREAMS MOVIE QUIZ, Hubrisween 2020 :: Z is for Zombie 5: Killing Birds (1987), Blood and Roses / Et mourir de plaisir (1960), Movie Ads of the Week: Budd Boetticher in '72, The Projection Booth Episode 489: The Company of Wolves (1984), Schumacher, Falling Down, and Coronavirus, Classic Amiga Game Review: It Came from the Desert (1989), The Three-Night-Five-Ratings-Points-Palm-Exploding-Heart Technique, CineMarvellous! Many interviews and articles will be out shortly! And as for special TV events, you can watch them any time you want thanks to DVD and online video. I finally watched this one last night. Soundtrack discussion: Bermuda Depths, the Home Explore Movies Explore Composers Resource Directory Forums Contact Us About Us Search on: title soundtrack composer label number track for As for the fim: However, you’d really have to think looking forward to unending millennia of the same would be a bit of a drag. She said she was touched by the wonderful tribute to The Daydreamer and her role! This makes his eventual tragic death—oops, sorry—generate a bit more of a kick, especially in that his demise is pretty nasty (not to mention right out of Moby Dick). “Let the rest drown, but if he would save her, she would do anything.”  And so a deal is struck, and Jennie leaps into the ocean to join her new master. Hell, it’s practically Dickensian. There he calls out to a muscular chap named Eric (Carl Weathers!). "...a one-of-a-kind mix of the arcane and the passionate. so anxious to capture any fleeting images of our beloved we would take photos of the TV, to somehow 'own' a reflection, knowing how futile that is. Was this an accident, or rather her intent? After all, dreams never do. Awesome Inc. theme. In my suburban neighborhood, three to four kids (I have three younger brothers and sisters, for instance) per family was the norm, and five to seven children was not uncommon. (Shades of Splash.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3C28zdK9ME. The Weather Channel crew traces their path on the empty blue  screen, commenting and gesturing, but there is no making the 'sea wife' come, only letting her go... when she's ready... Until then, she just sits there off the coast, in the deep, twirling in place, grinding the Bahamas down to a nub. Credits by the board, we get right into things. The sea turtle that emerged from the shell is now basically their pet. RANKIN/BASS' THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS + 2 more and documentary! Gamera is obviously innocent. In those days, most TVs worked like an AM/FM radio. The giant turtle comes up for air. Meanwhile, a brief aside establishes that Magnus’ mother drowned the same year his father died. Still, it’s a carefully besmirched one, which does add a certain verisimilitude. 30 Comments. because he’d learned the scientific cause of the abnormal animal growth? GENERAL ELECTRIC FANTASY HOUR. But we know what he must do: choose Jennie over Poulis and Eric and there will be no need for words --thoughts will be told in currents, shifts in oceanic temperature, and a kind of perpetual mix of whale cries muted through bubbles in the current that seems to light up the soundtrack the way sunlight maps the waves in the film's many day-for-night shots. I mean, clearly in terms of plot mechanics it was to allow for the scenes of her and Magnus frolicking together as kids. It turns out that Magnus has been hospitalized for psychiatric issues—no big surprise, really—and she worries that he will bring trouble with him. Come and meet me! Bermuda Depths (1978) Updated on August 30, 2010 By Ken Begg 30 Comments Introduced in 1969 by the weakest of the big three networks, The ABC Movie of the Week was a major gamble. Otherwise, you had to leave the house to seek entertainment. Can there be a connection between Jennie and what lurks in the depths? Backstory established, the boy’s older self awakens. The boy calls out to Jennie, who unsurprisingly proves obviously the younger version of the woman. Even so, the transition is rather abrupt, even though it adds to the film’s overall highly tragic feel. Sorry for the interruption! It's been real, but now the sea nymph must return to the depths, lest she melt into a skull ala Sandra Knight in. Not as plummy a moniker as Maston Thurst, but it will serve. NEW HARDCOVER EDITION In-stock! What is posted there are episodes of a cartoon series which has nothing to do with the movie. RARE stuff! In any case, Magnus’ history of mental instability is a nicely judged plot point. His embarrassed expression upon hearing Eric jest that he’s the “drop out king of the world” suggests that there weren’t entirely copasetic motives for these moves. The final episode of M*A*S*H, for instance, drew a staggering 77% share; 77 of every 100 televisions being watched during those two hours were tuned to CBS. Hurrah for Luigi Cozzi! Speaking of, that means three of the four* Rankin/Bass – Tsubaraya coproductions; this, The Ivory Ape and The Last Dinosaur; all revolved around an obsessed character seeking to kill a fantastical beastie of some sort, and opposed in doing so by a scientist or two. In a less expertly assembled package, this would work against the film. Oh no! When my older brother was a tyke he’d wake up early to watch the Farm Report. You'd at least have the audio. The weirdest thing to strike me was the shot after Jennie Rescued Magnus and has pulled him onto the beach. He’s got no body art! Click on the banner below to consult the listings at the Roundtable Supersoaker. Given this, there was often but one show in each time slot likely to appeal to kids, whether it was a sitcom like The Partridge Family or an action show like Emergency. Gesturing at the mimetic map as if to move the vortex through their swirling mimetic hand magic. Please tune in tomorrow at…” Now, granted, even back in the 1980’s those words were rare, as most VHF channels had gone to 24 hour programming thanks to the infomercial boom, and post-prime time programming from the networks (I fondly recall the cheesy “Crime Time After Prime Time” lineup including Silk Stalkings, Scene of the Crime, The Exile and several others…). I saw this on TV when it first aired, and Carl Weathers’ fate haunted me for years. 22 years later and the Niagara Great Turtle museum still stands, empty in shell but present in corner real estate. Many, also similarly fallen between the cracks, can be watched for free on YouTube. The guy playing Magnus particularly doesn’t benefit from having to ACT! Plus, we were more excited about special programming. Nice to see on Amazon, but Pre-orders will be at www.miserbros.com later this Summer! The transfer quality is amazing, with crisp and clear definition and rich, vibrant colors throughout. Maybe it is the long time insomniac’s fond memories of waking on a sofa to see the test pattern, or memories of how hearing the anthem let me know I had to finally try to sleep, but something about the demise of the channel sign off upsets me a little. at FLASHBACK CONVENTION. As Paulis explains, accurately, a Jennie—or Jenny—Haniver is a faked nonexistent animal created from the parts of a real one, like the jackalope.