October is also the beginning of the Acqua Alta season. It’s getting crowded. Venice, the city of canals makes for a great travel destination year round. Many people, rightfully so, chose to come in May instead of July or August. There’s music and all kinds of goodies to eat. The Vogalonga, a world-class rowing competition featuring rowers from around the world, typically takes place in late May. Feast of the Immaculate Conception Public holiday and a few of the public museums offer free entrance. Gondoliers race along the Grand Canal in September, as part of the Regata Storica (Historical Regatta), Venice's most exciting gondola race. If you win this class five years in a row, you get the title Re del Remo. You may also indulge in sailing or rowing, which is a popular activity in Venice during summers. Summertime is peak season and is characterized by high hotel rates, high temperatures and – you guessed it – plenty of crowds. It’s the second occasion (apart from July and August) when the Venetians tend to abandon the city. Don't miss the. With the Venice Film Festival taking place, September is also a lively time to visit the city. Especially around Saint Mark’s Square. The temperature during these months is pleasant, and one can also make the most of the iconic Venice Film Festival that is held during this time. Venice's very busy season occurs in the summer when hotels are charging their maximum rates and tourists are packed into gondolas on the canals. Biennale Teatro – Theatre-Biennial continues until the beginning of August. February 16. The 16th of August. Apart from this, Venice also celebrates Liberation Day on the same day, commemorating Italy’s liberation during the World War II. top sights Someone else is flying from the Belltower. You may also catch up on its various previews and pre-events, apart from Art Night Venezia. January 5, Panevin. However, this will also mean a cheerful atmosphere and sunshine that will brighten up the city unlike any other weather. This international arts showcase is a world-renowned event and takes place from the end of May to the end of November. With the onset of Spring, Venice warms up and you can enjoy the newly bloomed flowers across the city. The high tide season is closing. It’s getting worse. The season of the boat races starts. Feast of the Madonna della Salute. Still, these temperatures indicate a jacket or a sweater, at least in the evening. It is also the time before summer kicks in, leaving enough time before the crowd finds its way to the city. Taking all of that into account, the best time to visit Venice is November. Visiting Venice in itself is one of the best experiences you will have in life.