[16] — Lincoln Tunnel. I’m pretty sure there’s a movie about this and everybody dies,” Anthony Consiglio, who posted the clip to Instagram, can be heard saying as the water seeps out of the side of the tunnel. Daylight is a 1996 American action thriller film directed by Rob Cohen and starring Sylvester Stallone, Amy Brenneman, Viggo Mortensen, Dan Hedaya, Stan Shaw, Jay O. Sanders, Karen Young and Danielle Harris.The film was released by Universal Pictures on December 6, 1996, in the United States, and on December 26 in the United Kingdom. We find out that he was a former Emergency Medical Services Chief and he is the only one that can save the remaining surviors trapped inside the tunnel. No, Lincoln Tunnel commuters, it wasn’t a disaster film come true, and that was not Hudson River water gushing into the Center Tube through a leak. Directed by Barry Shear. The Lincoln Tunnel Center Tube to NJ is experiencing delays due to emergency maintenance. Sylvester Stallone is a limo driver taking passengers to the airport when the Lincoln Tunnel collapes from a toxic waste explosion. Eight people are trapped in a New York City subway after an earthquake, and try to find their way out. With James Brolin, Don Mitchell, James McEachin, Abbey Lincoln. Wear a Face Covering. (@PANYNJ_LT) July 14, 2020 However, shortly after the incident happened, Snopes was quick to fact-check many stories that were coming out and were able to clarify that it was actually a water main leak, and not a flood from the river.