I've had more trouble with this bike than all of the Japanese bikes I've had in 25 years of riding - never had a Jap bike breakdown either! With a 798cc engine, the F 800 is capable to get you to and from work. The F 800 GS is still the king, and for good reason. The F800R is a naked roadster, F800GS an adventure bike that comes in basic or Adventure format. Good. The BMW F 800 gives riders control, power, and excellent design.. all in one package. Normal A road riding brings around 60+ MPG. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-1965352595345478", enable_page_level_ads: true }); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The BMW F800GSA (or F800 GS Adventure) is a more premium take on the adventure motorbike recipe, with a larger underseat tank, extended bodywork and a host of options. Bike, Bmw, F800GSA Ryan at FortNine reviews his personal, heavily customized, BMW F800GS Adventure Bike. BMW F800GS Adventure Bike Review Paul / @PaulADV 10/2/2018. The Adventure Edition also adds spoke wheels and pannier fastenings. By Stuart Barker. I spied a flatter saddle there. The F800S/ST upon which it’s based has proved mechanically reliable and solid and the engineering is proven. Its sheer grin factor everytime I go out to do this. This was disappointing because on A-roads at similar speeds the bike was entirely composed and the buffet much reduced. Having spoken to other BMW owners and recovery operators, the vast majority of breakdowns is ALWAYS BMW'S! Very odd. The entire range gets new instruments which BMW claim are more easily readable. The BMW F 800 GS might just be the bike you’ve always wanted. Antworten. Off road, well, initially I was disappointed, as was hoping i could use this to replace both a road bike and an enduro bike. On the negative, i've had issues with the right heated grip not heating up correctly, my seat split after just 3 months and there's paint currently coming off the engine casing but, so far, I've found the BMW warranty excellent and things have been sorted out quickly. The seat, I am 5'11 and can get my foot down at traffic lights no problem and thats with a standard one. But the real magic of the F 800 is when you take it off road, since it’s designed to do both. A fair old slope on the saddle ensures that your buttocks are inexorably tugged towards your shoulder blades unless you sit at the front of the seat, where the curve up to the tank hoists your uhm, nether regions, forcibly upwards and outwards. Adds Electronic Suspension Adjustment, Pro Enduro/Enduro Pro riding models, Off Road Mode ABS & ASC, a LED Fog Light, and Heated Grips. Your clueless friends might even say, “Oh so you bought a high-powered dirt bike?” – at which point you can laugh in their face, and remove said friend from your life completely for displaying such ignorance. Includes: Everything from the base model. Includes: Everything from the base model. I'm surprised the average rating isn't higher. I've not taken it over 5000 revs as it goes well enough without doing so :) Can be switched off if req'd while off road. Habe bei meiner F800Gs mittlerweile 38.000km und fast die gleichen Erfahrungen wie du gemacht, bis auf die Benzinpumpe. Would I buy another? Rides well on the road, seat initially felt a bit uncomfortable but after a couple of thousand miles it beds in (or my backsides got tougher :) ). It doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out what this GS was all about: celebrating 30 years of the GS brand. Then I start playing with the roads doing everything I don't on my GSX, aim for the bumps, aim for the man-holes and go straight over the speed bumps (no need to slow down). Back into traffic it felt brilliant, now that I'd got used to it, it's good at slow speed and the stearing lock is massive. What you get with the Trophy is an aluminium bash plate, handguards with spoilers, a two-tone black and grey seat and a tasty blue and white paint job. Soaking up the ripples of the poor road surface and whipping along country lanes. Looks great, lovely motor. Thank goodness. Sorry, that’s all we’ve got for you. In July 2016 an update was announced for the F800GS. The tyres the the chassis the brakes the suspension, everything was ideal. Adds heated grips, an on-board computer, hand guards, a racing red frame (if that’s your thing), engine protection bars, and a main center stand. Each bike had the choice of pre-programmed Rain, Road, Enduro and Enduro Pro modes to suit the riding conditions. The F800GS Triple Black comes with a deep black paint finish, with fork tubes and rims in anodised black counterpointed nicely by chrome spokes. Took it to europe and found it wanting for nothing. What an amazing content is this and surely it makes realize each and everyone who read this. You’re not confused either right? Alfred Wiegand sagt: 30. Its main competition comes in the form of the 2010-2014 Triumph Tiger 800. 15 owners have reviewed their BMW F800GS (2008 - 2018) and rated it in a number of areas. If you have never ridden the F800GS, you've missed out. Price: Starts at slightly more than the GS Adventure Edition. f800gs adventure. One machine that exhibits this duality to a T is the 2016 BMW F800GS Adventure. Motorway about 55 mpg. Its too revvy and vibratey for me, and i hate it big time. I actually wish I'd bought an older, tattier example, simply because I know I could do more off road with it, and the bike is up to it, but I don't want to knacker it, after all, it's not really mine! However it has it's place, I use mine for recce'ing off road runs I'm putting together, I just keep away from anywhere particularly slippy as my little legs and porky body get overwhelmed by it's mass! f800gs for sale. They were great, and service and warranty work I had done at a different dealer were also spot on. Rob Slade 15th September 2015 Adventure Motorcycle Reviews. The F700GT is a lightweight tourer. My bike's going in at the weekend to get the paint sorted out. Price: Starts at slightly more than the base model. I've just ridden the BMW F800GS Triple Black and F800GS Trophy Special Edition and they're very, very good. 17 Responses to BMW F800GS: Meine Erfahrungen nach 50.000 km mike sagt: 12. Riders who want an almost perfect blend of power and performance, but can’t decide between an offroad or a street bike. If you’ve been graced with an opportunity to ride this bike, you know how amazing of a machine this is. Loaded up with touring gear, it might be a different story... As for me, I'll be testing the 1200 next. Share: 0. VAT no 918 5617 01 Only thing i've changed is the seat, as the standard was really uncomfortable past 100 miles. One of the greatest parts of riding a motorcycle is being able to control it much more than you ever would a car. Home » Motorcycles » The BMW F 800 GS – Still the King. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. The BMW F800GSA (or F800 GS Adventure) is a more premium take on the adventure motorbike recipe, with a larger underseat tank, extended bodywork and a host of options. Electronic Suspension Adjustment and Automatic Stability Control are available options too, If you want to get real fancy, there are additional Enduro and Enduro Pro options to give your bike a little bit more offroad focus. BMW has been known for many years to have some of the best adventure motorcycles on the market. Mostly used for 30 minute daily commute, with weekend rideouts, and one weekend trip of 2500km in 3 days. In 2016 we spent a year living with a BMW F800GS - check out the long-term test here. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. This machine has outstanding road handling, its powerful, fast, smooth and confidence inspiring off road. Okay, glad that’s sorted out. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Something you can easily maneuver down a smooth stretch of pavement, or confidently manhandle through a ragged river pass. Rear pedal travels too far before biting. He loves his F800GSA, but gives an honest assessment of its pros and cons, along with what aftermarket parts he needed for his riding. Because you know, the important the things. Gearchanges and braking faultless. Initially wanted a KTM 690 Enduro R, but were sold out everywhere so I tried a GS. I've not taken it over 80 mph and seems fine at that. Its a long way down though - stopping at junctions I found my leg sometimes wafting about helplessly rather than planted on the tarmac...but some careful planning when you stop sorts that out. Sorry America. The BMW F800GS is virtually unique: a 750/800 class adventure bike, that to most degrees offers the best of both worlds. A couple of weeks ago we brought you our First Ride impressions of the 2009 BMW F800GS straight from its U.S. launch near Moab, UT. Home. Updated adventure bikes prove you don't have to spend a fortune to join the BMW family – but you need to decide how you're going to use them before choosing. Superb bike. There’s nothing I like more than riding a bike with two distinct personalities. Wring its neck and duck yours behind the reasonable screen and you’ll see 125mph, which is more than ample, thankyou. Ever since I rode the brilliant Triumph Tiger 800 I've known with complete certainty that it was the best 800cc motorbike on the planet. However, it is a great bike all round. If i can get rid of my Fazer then my name is going on a new F 800 GS. But if you want better value still, got for the in many ways identical £5495 F650GS. After two hours my butt didn't want too much longer in the seat which dissapointed me. Normal service between 120 and 140, next one will be a tad more I guess. Way too heavy for that, weighs twice that of a lightweight off roader. To sum up, if you want a lightweight alternative to the excellent GSA for considerably less money this is the bike. After much debate and discussion, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that BMW is thoroughly trying to confuse the world with the various versions of the BMW F 800. It is a BMW after all and it really does represent excellent value for the money and a very good return on the investment. Perhaps it was over reading but guesstimated on tank at start and refill to tank level at the end of the ride I dont think its that far out. No doubt the BMW 'Brand Slaves' will denounce my posting! It is just the kind of bike I was looking for...light, powerfull, good handling, good for long and short trips...I does everything and does it all well...besides, it's BMW. Neither solution was tolerable for very long. Tweet. Norway. 90 mph and above the vibes kick in, quite bad at 120. (If you’re questioning this, do a quick YouTube “motorcycle crash” highlight reel). BMW calls it the “sportiest member of the large GS family“.. which is the result of a marketing meeting that went horribly south and apparently no one realized it. That represents fabulous value compared to the £2000 dearer 1200 version and there really is nothing else close to it in terms of all round ability. As an afterthought i should mention the fuel consumption,which after several hours of errr spirited (sorry OFFICER,LOL)riding had dropped to the appalling figure of 57 MPG!!! There’s nothing I like more than riding a bike with two distinct personalities. The power delivery in first and second is a mite snatchy until you get used to it, and the nose dives under hard braking. Riding mode information is also displayed on the dash too. Something you can easily maneuver down a smooth stretch of pavement, or confidently manhandle through a ragged river pass. All I can say is if you value your life, don't buy one! Dezember 2017 um 18:42 Uhr sehr schoen geschrieben ,vielen Dank. some pictures The whole F700GS and F800GS and F800GS Adventure range also now got ride-by-wire throttle control of the engine which means they can have rider modes made available.