Obsessed with travel? the blanket has two sides to the cover, the minky side for winters and the 100 percent natural bamboo side for summer. Weighted blankets work by providing a sensation called ‘grounding’ that involves applying moderate pressure to the body and pushing them deeper into the sleep surface. Your email address will not be published. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Today, the number of people suffering from various sleep disorders is increasing. —Joce. If you’ve never seen a weighted blanket, you might not know what to expect from one. I really like how saturated the color is. If you’re above 150 pounds and would love something really heavy pinning you down through the night, this is the blanket for you. Price: $28.49+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: Available in two color combos. I sleep deeper & longer & wake up way less frequent than before. Their blankets are not cheap but it is excellent quality. It’s a bit thinner than other models, making it easy to store and ensuring you don’t overheat while sleeping under it. High-end weighted blankets often come with a removable cover that’s soft to the touch and easy to clean while lower-cost options typically provide you with a weighted sheet. Looks nice, feels nice, and my dog Myles likes it too!" I got a blanket, 6 kg, 10% of my bodyweight since that was recommended I read. I haven't experienced any of the shedding that other reviewers reported. The Bearaby weighted is the best looking and best feeling weighted blanket on the market today. While the fabric is nice, we were a bit disappointed in the performance of the BlanQuil’s cover. Thomas. © 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. Soft, inexpensive, but still decent quality. Promising review: "This blanket is fantastic, and especially for the low price. Promising review: "The picture makes it look like the bark pattern was drawn in with a black outline. Innovative product companies are always introducing products to help people get better sleep. Only heavy adults will be able to use it comfortably. Promising review: "When this came in the mail and I opened the blanket, it was so soft it shouldn't be real. However, the material itself isn’t particularly welcoming to the touch. If you’re not completely sold on the idea of a weighted blanket, you might not want to spend several hundred dollars on a high-end one. There's nothing more relaxing than cuddling under a heavy comforter or an electric blanket after a stressful day. // Colors: Available in five colors. However, the ideal weight range is 130-lbs to 180 lbs. (My opinions on whether the blanket was too heavy or too light weren’t factored into the overall rankings, as the ideal weight will vary from person to person.) – Sarah Lytle. If you need help unwinding, you should consider a weighted blanket. Weighted Blankets provide a way to help calm down and truly relax at any time of the day or night. Learn how your comment data is processed. The weighted sheet also bunches up quite a bit during use and you may overheat when sleeping under this thick blanket—I definitely did! The ones I saw either had glass beads or plastic pellets (I opted for glass beads ). Good and bad review's of weighted blankets. I also used each one around the house, draping it around my shoulders and relaxing with it on the couch. This blanket comes in 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-pound options, but because the weight is spread out over a larger area, it doesn’t feel as heavy as other options of the same weight. The shell of the comforter is a 350 thread-count cotton batiste made at a hand-selected German mill. Reporting on what you care about. YnM offers that, and there are additional options that are fit adults. But it’s in between blankets, so it’s a pain in the ass. —Donovan N. Promising review: "The blanket is large, great quality, and luxuriously textured. This blanket is 48-by-74-inches and comes in 15- and 20-pound options and the micro-plush cover is definitely warm and welcoming to curl up under. If you frequently get hot during the night, you might do best with a product like the BlanQuil Chill. This one is currently sold out so I went with the chilla one that was suggested above. What’s unique about this weighted blanket is that one side is a cozy plush fabric while the other is a plain polyester. Promising review: "Too small for a large adult, but very soft and great for a kid. Get the Quility Weighted Blanket (Queen, 25 lb) on Amazon for $129.70, Best weighted blankets: BlanQuil Quilted (20 lb) (Photo: BlanQuil). It essentially feels like you're being held or hugged. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. In addition to choosing an appropriate weight, you’ll also want to consider warmth and cleaning when you’re shopping for a weighted blanket. Promising review: "I'm 5'5" and it's the perfect length for me! Estimated delivery Feb 2019. —Ellen. This way, you can simply take the cover off to clean it and not have to worry about hand-washing a bulky 20-pound blanket. The BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket is another high-end product, but it fell short of expectations during testing. The cooling cover keeps the inner weighted sheet in place much better than the other BlanQuil model and can go in both the washing machine and dryer. The Songmics Picnic Blanket is big enough to comfortably fit four to six people on a picnic. —M. I have always loved heavy blankets even before I knew weighted blankets were a thing, and in the winter I’d always pile as many as possible on my bed for that heavy feeling, so I’m thinking about the 25, but it’s so far out of the 10% target range that I always see mentioned that it makes me nervous. —melissa. But the outline of the bark pattern is actually indented in the throw, and It looks absolutely amazing!" The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. A lot of mental and behavioral problems cause restlessness and make it hard to fall asleep. Weighted blankets also help in the production of other hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, which are called happiness hormones. The “chill” shell on this blanket is incredibly effective—I slept comfortably under it all night, and I almost always overheat with any type of heavy blanket. While many of the high-end blankets came with the cover already attached, you have to put on the Quility cover yourself, which can be a pretty challenging process if you have a heavier model.