I knew nothing about the boxer twins and did a bit of research before deciding the R1100RS would be my next bike. But the BMW’s high quality and durability help justify the price. Doesn't have the kudos of the GS hence they are bargains. Read … please consider. The next year would also use the RS, but in purple. The ride quality is great on the highway, but a little rough in town. A punchy heavy beast, a proper bloke's bike that you can also carry your missus on, not to mention a ton of camping gear. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Read More, by It was a 1995 model and sported ABS and heated grips. VAT no 918 5617 01 Great bike for long distance touring at speed Buying experience: I've owned it for 6 years now and love it, I've not found anything that's motivated me to change. Hasn't missed a beat and has never let me down. I replaced my '99 RT with a new (2001) Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard. What can I expect? Compare and buy parts for the BMW R1100R in the MCN Shop. I've done Reg Pridmore CLASSes on one, ridden all over the US on em, and hauled groceries on em. The BMW R1100R's Telelever front suspension takes some getting used to but works extremely well once you are. Of course I like the shaft drive. Go and buy one and save £2k over a GS. Latest. Road Test: 1995 BMW R1100RS Blue Beemer on the Backroads. Thank you! Fairly economical to run, if you avoid main dealers, 44mpg isn't that good for the performance. Yeah it has a vibe at low revs, but tickle her and the torque will zap you down the highway nice and smooth. You never have to downshift, it's strong on roll on. Tweet; The BMW line of boxer motors -- two-cylinder engines where the pistons swing back and forth like a boxer's fists -- goes back more than 70 years now, an unbreakable BMW tradition. They are also very easy to work on, with good access too, things like adjusting valve clearances takes no time at all. As a result it's highly unlikely that there will be many around that haven't had every upgrade, as well as regular servicing. BMW R1100S Best Used Motorcycle Review. Find a BMW R1100R for sale. My engine is super torquey too, that improved dramatically with an aftermarket chip that makes it run a little richer. “Hmm BMW R1100RS?” Written on: 03/11/2013 by Glyns (1 review written) I've owned and now sold my BMW R1100RS. The R1100RS is the Swiss Army knife of aspalt going motorcycles. Buying experience: I bought from a private seller, $2900. Even more mid range and a satisfying exhaust note which at idle and cruise are very little louder just much deeper in tone. Cannot fault fit and usefulness. The R1100RS is a high-end quality sports tourer, in the truest sense of the term and cost $20K even in 1993. Once you ride one, you cannot help but be impressed by the smoothness of an opposed-twin engine. I'm hooked on her. Worst point is gearbox, which makes it a pain around town. I found fitting the high friction pads made the brakes even better. Solidly built, the finish and appearance definitely looks up market. Owned a GS1150 before this but pound for pound this is a better bike if you only ride on road. Vibey at low revs but with plenty of midrange. 2011 BMW R 1100 RT from United States of America. German quality means reliability. Great bang for the buck. I obviously bought it second hand after a disasterous flirtation with a brand new BMW F800GS (terrible bike). Paralever rear minimized the effects of the shaft drive and the motorcycle handles well in a smooth, slow turning manner – but don’t think it can’t hustle if required. I still get asked about it almost every time I stop for fuel, people seem to think it's a new bike with it's still somewhat futuristic look. Only the transmission really stands out as less than ideal. However, I could not accept the aforementioned flaws in a $16k machine, not to mention a BMW. ZZR600 Home > BMW > R 1100 RS. Faults: Both head gaskets failed at around 20000km. BMW R1100R Review Text and Pictures by Mark Trotta. They come terribly weak from the factory. BMW's definitely have a very loyal following, and not surprisingly so. These were replaced with an updated part by myself. It is also very quick for what it is, good acceleration for overtaking and it's hard to keep your cruising speed down it will sneak up to 80-90 mph if you are not careful. You hear some luke-warm comments about performance but mine really flies and is super torquey.. The rest is pretty much perfect for what it is designed to be (an uber-reliable tourer with serious performance capabilities). To BMW's credit, the company has corrected these before releasing the new R1150RT. Worth fitting a screen. Great all round bike, fun on twisty roads and can cruise long distances for touring too with the hard bags. Parts are expensive. Owners' reviews for the BMW R1100R (1995 - 2003) 8 owners have reviewed their BMW R1100R (1995 - 2003) and rated it in a number of areas. Very reliable, tours well two-up with luggage. Rear shock gets tired after 40,000 miles, replacing it transforms bike. A very easy job when compared to … The brake master cylinder is integral to the throttle and really expensive to change out. Cruises all day (literally) at fast motorway speeds. In 2018 after a couple of years storage I decided to rebuild her and her back on the road. The BMW R1100R is both so whether you’ll enjoy it depends on whether you’re a glass-half-full person. Brakes always when and where I need very well. I would not recommend it to the average motorcyclist, you would have to be that special person. Comfort’s excellent (a screen helps on the motorway), a centre stand’s always useful and the instruments are pretty comprehensive for the time. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 The engine has good power and torque, and it moves the bike quite well. Oil, filters tyres and two batteries in 9 years. I've not owned an air-cooled, boxer-type BMW before, just K's. To calculate the top 5's we take the following factors into account: Hindustan Tours And Travels - www.hindustantoursandtravels.com. It ran from 1993-1997, and in 1994 the series utilized the R1100RS sport-tourer in a pearl white. I obviously bought it second hand after a disasterous flirtation with a brand new BMW F800GS (terrible bike). I bought mine in Sydney NSW in 2009. Glyns (1 review written), If you are commenting on behalf of the company that has been reviewed, ($700+ labor). I wouldn't say its a fun bike to ride, performance wise. It even has a very loud hooter for urging the spotty oiks out of your way. Back in 1993 the R1100RS was a major leap of innovation for the German manufacturer. The ABS worked for awhile, but now it needs the ABS rebuilt. When you get on the power the sound is quite addictive. The R1100R is an incredibly versatile machine that does anything well except high speed work and track days. I installed a windshield, a must if traveling on the highway. I also like the character and the feeling I am on something special. The part alone cost $1025! BMW R 1100 RT Reviews. My R1100R has had some rough treatment, Bush rides, long rides, dropped twice, ridden in rain, sleet and scorching heat. Considering a Honda Hornet 600 will outperform the BMW R1100R for a fraction of the price, it could seem like an expensive buy. Worst: Heavy, very expensive parts, throttle return springs too stiff, could use a 6th gear, persnickety transmission. Reviews / BMW / Road Test: 1995 BMW R1100RS. “Hmm BMW R1100RS?” Written on: 03/11/2013 by Glyns (1 review written) I've owned and now sold my BMW R1100RS. Considering naked bikes are often pared down to the bare minimum, the BMW R1100R is quite well equipped. Compare and buy parts for the BMW R1100R in the MCN Shop. It was a 1995 model and sported ABS and heated grips. Given that most similar bikes don't even have ABS, it's hard to hold it against this bike... Great torque. Winds right up, for a fairly simple design. 8 owners have reviewed their BMW R1100R (1995 - 2003) and rated it in a number of areas. If you're a motorhead, you have to appreciate the power and efficiency of the BMW boxer-twin. Does not pulse. Charming, simple and torquey or an underpowered antique with an atrocious. They don’t seem to rack up the huge mileages or get used in winter as often as their stablemates. The factory exhaust is extremely quiet but makes the bike sound anemic. BMW R1100S Boxercup Replika: 2nd limited edition version, as before but with different paint job Owners' reviews for the BMW R1100S (1999 - 2005) 12 owners have reviewed their BMW R1100S … Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. ABS does go out from time to time. 1997 BMW R 1100 RS from Australia. " Too heavy and ponderous to use just in town, but fantastic on the highway. Road Test: 1995 BMW R1100RS, Motorcycle.com review, photos and videos of the 1995 BMW Sportbikes and Standard. I finally broke down and fitted a Remus system that transformed the riding experience. The running gear is uniquely bullet-proof. 845898), BMW R1100R motorcycle review - Instruments, BMW R1100R motorcycle review - Front view. Finally! One of the most popular American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) race series with fans was the Battle of the Legends, a partnership with BMW that had motorcycling legends face off against each other on identically-prepped BMW bikes. Use the tools below to refine your search by only displaying reviews with a certain number of star ratings or to only show reviews from a certain time period. Written on: 03/11/2013 Summary: If you can find a good one, buy it, you will grow to love it. The air/oil cooled twin’s not hugely changed since the 1950s. Photos by Andy Saunders and Mike Franklin. All luggage by BMW. I obviously bought it second hand after a disasterous flirtation with a brand new BMW F800GS (terrible bike). Read Full Review, " Summary: Best motorcycle I have ever seen for long distance riding. by Since the pistons travel outwards and inwards together, it is joyously vibration-free at all engine speeds. If you source your parts from ebay etc. 1995: BMW R1100R launched.1997: Small changes – chrome mirrors and bar ends, silver oil cooler cover and pillion handles. Disconnected ABS (Shhhh...) I prefer her this way. Bikes. I'm biased for boxers. BMW R1100RS - buying used Isn't it funny how when certain bikes are launched you reckon they've copped the ugly stick, and then ten years later you take a second look and suddenly the looks and design features just work? Glyns (1 review written), I've owned and now sold my BMW R1100RS. Often overlooked as a new machine, BMW's R1100R now makes tons of sense as a used bike.