If the speed is close to the advertised speed of your plan but your internet is still running slow, try rebooting your modem. So now here we are a whole day without internet with tons of lies and broken promises not knowing when will we get internet. The company also features six only plans, but they all come in a broad range of speeds. Easy. CenturyLink DSL internet is available to more than 49.3 Million Americans while it’s Fiber, Copper, and Fixed Wireless Internet is available to another 9.6 million people. With CenturyLink, you get a variety of plans to choose from, including a fiber-optic plan – although that latter isn’t true fiber, as we’ll talk about soon. I have come across many people confirming that CenturyLink Internet is reliable. It’s still ample for the typical household that isn’t fully loaded up on devices, but you may have to deal with some buffering and slower connection times. The company offers Network services, communications, and the Internet. If you’re careful, you might have noticed that 5/6 plans have the same price. You are probably going to pay for Installation fees, which vary depending on where you currently live. The internet connection and speed has also been pretty much perfect. This feature is only available with some modem models but it’s worth it if you don’t already have security software. But that said, the latest ACSI report placed them in 7th place, well behind big names like Verizon Fios, AT&T Internet, and Comcast Xfinity. There are several factors that determine a good Internet provider. Receive news and offers from our other brands? These findings align with the low Performance and Reliability score from J.D. At the max speed, it would take 3.2 seconds to download 10 songs and 40 seconds to pull 500 Mbps of data for gaming, according to CenturyLink. Although CenturyLink doesn’t provide any specifics around the rate change, most gigabit plans — such as Verizon’s Fios Gigabit — start around $80, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this service follow suit. But they still have other plans starting from 15Mbps. In fact most ISPs charge $15 or higher monthly. If the network gets congested, CenturyLink slows down excessive users first (i.e. Please refresh the page and try again. The company will just send you a notice on your phone indicating you have reached your data limit but you will not be cut off internet provision. Consider changing your modem placement if it’s not in a central area of the home. Another thing is the plans, and their prices, as listed above, can change from time to time. CenturyLink is extremely limited in its bundling options, offering only one: internet and unlimited nationwide home phone. CenturyLink's prices range from middle-of-the-road to fairly expensive. Gamers would want Internet speeds as high as 100Mbps. Just about every ISP has a data limit of some sort: whether it be in the hundreds of gigabytes, or thousands, or all the way up to 1TB (1000GB) – it’s a fact of life. Unlike old-school dialup, these signals travel on a different frequency than your landline phone, so no need to do just one or the other anymore. Although DSL is the lesser of internet choices these days (behind cable and fiber optic), it can still suffice for basic online surfing, email checking, light streaming, and gaming. With an internet connection and a compatible streaming device, CenturyLink users can look into one of the many TV streaming services that are often cheaper than traditional TV packages. You can use their availability checker to find out if they’re in your area. Our goal is to empower consumers with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions. Check this out; As I was saying, the prices for the first five Internet plans from CenturyLink are the same. For example, our top pick, Verizon, had a latency of 12 ms. CenturyLink also had an average packet loss between 0-1%, which is considered acceptable for DSL providers. And while Verizon Fios is available primarily on the east coast, CenturyLink’s Fiber Gigabit is available in more midwest, southwest, and western regions of the U.S. CenturyLink’s Gigabit plan is also cheaper than Frontier Internet fiber options, as well. Your internet subscription come with 11 email accounts that have about 5GB of online storage each. Overall, according to FCC data, its DSL service had a latency of 33 milliseconds (ms). Though, this feature will cost you an additional $5 per month. CenturyLink does have a partnership with Dish Network, but there are currently no Internet and TV bundles or triple play packages offered. If you’re one of them, then CenturyLink is definitely your ISP. Hopefully, the company will do better. You can do just about anything with multiple devices on the fiber plan, from high-definition streaming to multi-player gaming to video conferencing. ©2020 Reviews.com a brand of Red Ventures Coqui, LLC. Both of them are month-to-month, meaning that no long-term contract is required. But surprisingly, customer service (i.e. Faster speeds than most DSL internet companies, Compatible even with heavy internet users, 1.5 Mbps – Best for a single user with 1-2 devices, 10 Mbps – Best for a single user with 3-4 devices, 40 Mbps – Best for two users user with up to 5 devices, 60 Mbps – Best for three users with up to 6 devices, 100 Mbps – Best for four users with up to 8 devices, Fiber Gigabit – Best for 5+ users with 10+ devices, Professional installation fee: Up to $125*, Self installation fee: $50 shipping/handling*. . This is actually the reason why CenturyLink earned an honorable mention for the best DSL internet provider in the US. That said, there are a few fees to watch out for, but they’re minor: CenturyLink service utilizes existing telephone lines to reach deeper into rural regions of the United States than cable and fiber options are able to. Note; the download speeds may vary from one place to the other. How can we provide this service for free? But you will find their customer service slow, and rude. Having to talk to a representative who has no idea what they're doing. But at $65 a month, the Fiber Internet option could be attractive to heavy internet users. Some of the customers claim they had to pay more than $60 for fiber internet installation. I have been "on hold" after calling Centurylink for assistance for over 30 minutes. The prices you see on the CenturyLink portal are what you will get for life. An installation kit is provided that includes all of the necessary cables and detailed instructions. Fiber optic provides faster download speeds (the speed we typically look at), but also has symmetrical upload speeds – which with cable and DSL tend to be drastically lower (think 3Mbps upload speed on a 20Mbps download plan). CenturyLink is a telecommunications company within the United States, and it is a popular choice for many individuals that need a digital subscriber line.