Emma grows up in the foster system, sad that no families really want her. Powers/Skills

After foster dad chooses the wrong words to say at the wrong time, Emma leaves. Her son Henry, previously given up for adoption, brings her to Storybrooke to end the Dark Curse. However, Snow goes into labor before entering the wardrobe, and so only baby Emma can be sent to our world. Ariel | Zeus |

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Home Get custody of Henry, Save Henry and break the spell. No information.

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EmMiss Swan (by Rumplestiltskin)Savior Minions I will be forever grateful to Adam, Eddy, and ABC for giving me the gift of playing Emma Swan. Little John | Then, to take revenge on Regina, Emma gets a chainsaw and hacks away at Regina's beloved apple tree. GoodBad/Neutral (formerly)

Emma Swan is the main character and protagonist of Once Upon a Time.

Andrew J. Sleepy | At his house, the man reveals himself to be the Sorcerer's Apprentice, and explains that they both saw different futures for their daughter because, as she was unborn, she had not made choices to affect her siding.

Morrison also played Dr. Allison Cameron in House, M.D., and Winona Kirk in the 2009 film, Star Trek.


Alice | Dark One powers: After having absorbed the darkness, Emma becomes the new Dark One, giving her a very powerful black magic amplified by her Sauveuse status. She goes back to the adoption center, ignoring Lily as she calls that they can still be friends. Ingrid, disappointed that she was unable to keep Emma with her until Elsa showed up, uses the Apprentice's scroll to teleport to Storybrooke, where she becomes an ice cream vendor to lay low until Emma arrives at Storybrooke. [2] From entering into local modeling contests, this helped to attract an agent that brought Jennifer into the world of child acting and modeling.

She says that whether the child will be a hero or a villain is uncertain.

Long blonde hair, fair white skin, red leather jacket, grey top green eyes Age Play Little Emma Swan Summary Emma's live had gone from being a cool independent woman to a dependent little girl who needs her family it was strange but strange is the Life of Emma Ruth Swan the daughter of Snow-White and Prince Charming. At seventeen years old, in Portland, Oregon, Emma, while attempting to steal a car, meets Neal Cassidy, a thief who also plans to steal it. IntelligenceSheriff TrainingDetective SkillsMarksmanshipSwordsmanshipForesightWitchcraft:Lie DetectionAge ManipulationConjurationEnergy BlastsPowerful Light MagicPhotokinesisTelekinesisTeleportationPyrokinesisShapeshiftingLocator SpellsProtection CharmMirror EnchantmentsMagical ImmobilizationMagic HealingDark One: (formerly)ImmortalityEnhanced AbilitiesUmbrakinesisSummoningRessurectionVery powerful dark magic She was sent to the real world after The Evil Queen placed a terrible curse upon the Enchanted Forest. Ingrid |

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Mekia Cox, Jamie Dornan • Snow White(mother)Prince Charming (father)Neal Nolan (baby brother) Henry Mills(son/adoptive step uncle)Hope Jones(daughter)Captain Hook/Killian Jones(husband)Lucy(granddaughter)King Leopold (maternal grandfather, deceased)Queen Eva (maternal grandmother, deceased)Ruth (paternal grandmother, deceased)King George (paternal grandfather)Prince James (uncle, deceased)Queen Regina (step grandmother)Cora (step great-grandmother, deceased)Prince Henry (step great-grandfather, deceased)Zelena (step great-half-aunt)Robin (step half-cousin once removed)Ingrid(former foster mother, deceased) However, Regina was secretly working with Hopper to frame Emma for stealing the files from the therapist. When asked for her last name, Emma adopts the surname "Swan" to pay homage to the ugly duckling's story. [9], Lana Parrilla •

Television programs Lucy Mills | Emma gave her son up for adoption when he was born so that Henry could have a better life than to be with her.

They decide that Snow must use the wardrobe and have Emma in our world.

Snow is terrified, and soon they meet a peddler, who tells them that Maleficent had had her child in the form of an unhatched dragon egg in a nearby cave, and tells them to visit a kind old man living nearby for safety. On a mission for the police, Emma goes on a date with her target, and successfully catches him and turns him over to the police. She has Sheriff Graham arrest Emma. Jennifer Morrison, Actress: House M.D.. Jennifer Marie Morrison was born in Chicago, Illinois, the oldest child of teachers David and Judy Morrison.

She is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and the mother of Henry Mills and Hope Jones. Macintosh | Emma likes Froot Loops and grilled cheese sandwiches.

After Emma runs to the curb, Ingrid tries to explain the reality of magic, how a scary situation helped her find her magic, but Emma tells Ingrid that she is insane and flees.

However, Emma is able to make Henry feel better, and that she was just saying what Regina wanted to hear.

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For six mediocre seasons – and a few episodes in the seventh and truly unbearable final season – Jennifer Morrison starred as Emma Swan, the protagonist of the wishy washy ABC fantasy soap, Once Upon A Time.