Hope you have some information for me. I can slowing walk about 5 minutes and that's it. I felt awful. If I walk too much, clean my house too vigorusly, or anything else that requires energy I feel like that! The onset for me was just suddenly feeling extremely drained and then hot, and clammy like I was developing a fever. I still am able to maintain an exercise routine of about 3 times per week. then MAYBE do another 5 minutes. At least, let me clarify that to say that I don't know of any other situation where such light exercise would cause those symptoms. Photography by Peter Arnell. theatre and I are there already. I feel like that everyday of my life as soon as it hits 3:00pm...EVERYDAY!!! I have taken my temperature and it was normal, but that is interesting that you have a low grade fever. I've been wondering if I'm developing CFS for a long time now. Stress suppresses the body’s immune system making it more vulnerable to biological intruders. Flu-like symptoms after exercise? Hi NatashaI actually don't think the two are linked. I worked outside for 2 hours and left work early and couldn't get out of bed the rest of the afternoon. i attended one of his seminars but don't know where to suggest you find information. i am at high enough functioning level at this time for aerobic approaches- i can ride my bike for a while. "The symptoms of cough and congestion can linger for weeks if not treated." Sharecare, Inc. All rights reserved. HiEvery time I exercise I get flu like symptoms that stays with me for atleast a week or two. © Health24 2000 - 2020. with FM for about 10 years now. There are a number of health conditions that have flu-like symptoms like fever and chills, but are not actually influenza, including meningitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. I left work and went home to bed. i started a chain or whatever it's called (see 'exercise input, (looking for)' because this is a huge issue for me. That happens because the high rates of air flow irritate our air passages, they become inflamed and we feel sick. JavaScript is disabled. I really love doing exercise but just cant get into a proper exercise program due to this. The worst for me is after I take a few weeks off, and then I come back to lifting. Has anyone had this done? If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. I have learned to take the first few workouts back very easy and work myself back into it. I and my sister both had FMS, and went on to develope CFS. good hard excersise is GREAT for the body....NOT so good for this dIS-EASE. 3. Content should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It sound very much like you may be delevoping CFS. 10 ways to make yourself poop first thing in the morning, WATCH | 5 ways the coronavirus is changing daily lives. if you aren't careful, you could end up in a bad flare. For many years every time I try to exercise I have that flu-like achy-ness but then sometimes I just feel like I can't move another muscle. My throat starts burning then I start coughing. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges. My quesiotn is will it ever get better??? advice. i do gentle floor stretches and push-ups from the knees whatever days i am able to. if you are feeling this way from exercise, stop and recover. You might want to talk to your doctor about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I want to integrate exercise back into my life, but if this is the effect I dont' know how. Malaise following exercise or any type of physical exertion is a major symptom. i am trying to build up my health as much as possible through diet so that i CAN do more exercising. My muscles are a tad sore, but that is the least of my problems. Malaise following exercise or any type of physical exertion is a major symptom. All of this is such a good reminder of how slow we have to take it which is counter intuitive. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This also occurs with very intense deep tissue massage. It's the days were I wake up feeling like a football team used me as a practice dummy that that I dread!!! I finally beat a week-long stretch of fatigue and felt so good I went to the gym for the first time in 2 - 3 weeks. You must log in or register to reply here. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content. Does it work ? if you are feeling this way from exercise, stop and recover. My body feels so much inflammation, you would think I always have a fever. Only after hitting PR's on deadlifts or squats. It is so tempting to go more. What other problems do u get? That afternoon my throat was sore &  the next day I started coughing &  getting all the other symptoms.