Live prey is preferred at this time (especially young crows, rooks, magpies, voles and rabbits). The adults prey on small animals such as frogs and will also enter water to catch tadpoles, newts and even small fish. Since the adoption of an aquatic mode of life by Desis and Argyroneta involves no increased facilities in getting food, and merely substitutes for ordinary terrestrial enemies fishes and crustaceans in the former case, and fishes, amphibians, and insectivorous water-insects in the latter, the supposition is justified that the change in environment is due to the unremitting persecution of Pompilidae and Ichneumonidae, which would not venture to pursue their prey beneath the water's surface. The occurrence of this process can be predicted exactly for one day, before sunrise, in October and November, and as both the worm and the fish which prey on it are appreciated by the natives as food the occasions of its appearance are of great importance to them. Cosbuc, who has risen more recently to fame, is the poet of the unfortunate Rumanian peasant, emancipated only in name and on paper, and a prey to greedy landowners and to a medieval administration. In the early periods of their history the Greeks depended too much on their nets to capture game, and it was not until later times that they pursued their prey with dogs, and then not with greyhounds, which run by sight, but with beagles, the dwarf hound which is still very popular. After his death in 899 his kingdom came under the nominal rule of his young son Louis the Child, and in the absence of firm rule and a central authority became the prey of the Magyars and other hordes of invaders. If you need a noun or intransitive verb to suggest food or vulnerability, pick prey. The regular "man-eater" is generally an old tiger whose vigour is past, and whose teeth are worn and defective; it takes up its abode in the neighbourhood of a village, the population of which it finds an easier prey than wild animals. fledgling American kestrels prefer to play with objects resembling natural prey. His naturally weak constitution fell a prey to consumption, which he hoped to cure by visiting Italy, but he died on his return at Marseilles on the 8th of September 1853. The latter prey on the various kinds of antelopes which swarm on the grass lands. But however diverse be the appearance, structure or habits of the extremities of the series of species, they are so closely connected by intermediate forms that it is hard to find a gap between them that would justify a generic division. Aquitaine, hitherto the common prey of all the Frankislh kings, having in vain tried to profit by the struggles between Fredegond and Brunhilda, and set up an independent king, Gondibald, now finally burst her bonds in 670. The enemy had suffered so much in the year of the six battles that they held off for some space from Wessex, seeking easier prey on the continent and in northern England. All the song-birds and birds of prey of the temperate zone are plentiful. prey abundance, especially loss of old pasture due to high intensity agricultural systems. The Falcon is a skilled aerial hunter, flying low over the tree tops to take their prey by surprise. Crab spiders, rather than spinning a web or hunting on foot, employ camouflage to catch their prey. In the omnivorous type, as exemplified in man and monkeys, and to a less specialized degree in swine, the incisors are of moderate and nearly equal size; the canines, if enlarged, serve for other purposes than holding prey, and such enlargement is usually confined to those of the males; while the cheek-teeth have broad flattened crowns surmounted by rounded bosses, or tubercles. When the temperatures begin to soar, men's cutoff shorts can be a cool way to sport your favorite denim without falling prey to the mercury rising. Eagles, vultures and other birds of prey are seen soaring high over the highest of the forest-clad ranges. I see you are running against me for city council. The truly happy man must have Opovna es (prudence), which alone can save him from falling a prey to mere passion. Other birds of prey include peregrine, goshawk, merlin and barn owl. They hunt the beasts of prey destructive to their flocks, and form armed bands for protection against marauders or for purposes of aggression on weaker sedentary neighbours. Many people pray before going to bed and give thanks for the good things that they have, and ask for help with their struggles. Don't, however, fall prey to the dreaded oversize jacket. They are extremely tenacious, often chasing their prey to the end. The claws are large, strongly compressed, sharp, and exhibit the retractile condition in the highest degree, being drawn backwards and upwards into a sheath by the action of an elastic ligament so long as the foot is in a state of repose, but exerted by muscular action when the animal strikes its prey. 283+15 sentence examples: 1. 6 1 Iwanzov believes it to be contained within the thread itself before discharge, and to be introduced into the tissues of the prey by the eversion of the thread. Most of the external ornamentation is usually concentrated on the western front, which often has a lofty arched porch on marble columns, resting on griffins or lions devouring their prey. In a non-religious context, ‘pray’ can also mean ‘hope for something very much’. "The powerful retractile talons of the falcon and the cat tribes have not been produced or increased by the volition of those animals; but among the different varieties which occurred in the earlier and less highly organized forms of these groups, those always survived longest which had the greatest facilities for seizing their prey. When to Use Pray. Hunting with birds of prey was one of the prime leisure pastimes of the Tudor courts. I thank you for it, and pray that God will bless you. By constructing an entrenched camp at Ulm and concentrating all the available food within it, he expected to compel Napoleon to invest and besiege him, and he anticipated that in the devastated country his adversary would be compelled to separate and thus fall an easy prey to the Russians. galerites), a thrush, and some birds of prey also occur in Chile. If you need a verb to offer supplication, choose the word pray. Many of our native species spend the day lurking beneath stones, and sally forth at night in pursuit of their prey, which consistsof small insects, earthworms and snails. In the whiteness of its fur also, it shows such an assimilation in colour to that of surrounding nature as must be of considerable service in concealing it from its prey. Under the sway of the Cap faction, Sweden, already the vassal, could not fail to become the prey of Russia. The description is particularly noteworthy for the sudden appearance of birds of prey, which attempted to carry off the victims of the sacrificial covenant. As a noun, prey is an animal that is taken for food; or one that is helpless or unable to resist attack. The town had become a prey to anarchy. During the 18th century many works of art, which still remained in situ, fell a prey to foreign collectors. Too jealous of each other to combine, and too demoralized by luxury to resist, they fell an easy prey to Lydia; and when the Lydian kingdom ended with the capture of Sardis by Cyrus, 546 B.C. They live in woods and rocky places, and spend most of their time in trees, although descending to the ground in quest of prey. It was not till late in the 4th century that civil dissension became a danger to the state, leaving it a prey to Idrieus, the dynast of Caria (346), and to the Persian admiral Memnon (333). During the reigns of Ostojic (Stephen IV., 1418-14 21) and Tvrtkovic (Stephen V., 1421-1444) Bosnia was thus left an easy prey to the Turks, who exacted a yearly tribute, after again ravaging the country, and carrying off many thousands of slaves, with a vast store of plunder. These spines are sharp and connected by a black membrane which projects, when the fish is disturbed, as a danger singal, it is believed, above the surface of the sand in which the fishes lie hid awaiting prey. The bully considers the nerds to be her prey. Such a typically "campodeiform" grub, moving actively about in pursuit of prey, is the one extreme of larval structure to be noticed among the Coleoptera. At their worst they are still trying to kill foxes perhaps by flushing to guns or by using a bird of prey. First, look at the letters r a y found at the end of pray.