Sam. So here are some tips on becoming a food blogger and how it is a lot of fun (and a lot of work too!). All the plans’ features will be listed, so make sure to read through them to see which plan suits your needs best. Especially the quote in the first caption box. The majority of blogs use pictures taken by the author himself/herself and some of them focus specifically on food photography. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. You can make money from your food blog by using it to sell products or services to your visitors. Also…are you familiar with the Healthy Living Summit? [16], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Food Blogging and Food-related Media Convergence", "Here's How To Turn Traveling The World Into Your Job", "Have you ever refused a local dish? That's not polite", "The Complete Guide To Food Photography : 77 Yummy Tips", "How are Food Bloggers Turning into Influencers and Changing the Foodscape? You’ll find countless educational videos for free. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to come up with relevant content. Required fields are marked *. Here are some great examples of powerful, moving, and engaging stories that I’ve seen: To my food bloggers, remember that we want to not only provide useful content (a rockin’ recipe) but that we also want to connect and share with a group of people who want to read our blogs. Sometime back, I was inspired by an article written about a Singaporean food blogger; ladyironchef, by Blogpress. I’m not one to wax poetically on the juiciness of spring strawberries, or the soul warming effects of freshly baked bread, or the velvet nature of melting chocola – AND now I’m starving. In fact “free makan” is not always the best way to go, sure it’s free but then that also means you get to sample their BEST and see the workers at BEST BEHAVIOR. Y'all carry on with the passion and keep it real! Thanks. How Writing Can Change Your Life Forever. Your food blog can become so much more than a simple passive income opportunity with a little bit of effort on your part. There are a few food blogs that I love, love, love, but they post erratically. Step 2: Choose what you’d like to add to your site. Read more: How to Write Blog Content – Posts, Pages, and More. And by every once in a while I mean all the time lately. Personally I find this frustrating. But don’t worry, that’s why this guide is divided into nine comprehensive steps that are easy to digest and follow. Light/Dark mode. Great post with great tips! Get a Food Blogger mug for your brother Manafort. Thank you so much for sharing it. Stephanie says: Tell stories. I’ve spent a good portion of the beginning this year struggling on and off with feeling inspired (probably bc I get stuck in my own head so much). , Great post, Lindsay! Have a click to view my Low Histamine Kitchen breakfast recipes ebook (it’s a bargain with 12 healthy and fun recipes!). . . Keywords are the words that your target audience would use to search for content in your niche. When I’m stuck I go to writing about the recipe, giving tips on how to make it and times to serve it. Mobile optimization is crucial for your SERP ranking. I did. Consider these carefully, but don’t stress – you can always change them later. This post contains affiliate links – thank you for your use of these affiliate links, at no extra cost to you, to help support the running of Through the Fibro Fog, it is very much appreciated. Blog with passion, enjoy what you are doing, and naturally people will want to come and read your blog. As a result, huge parts of the culinary landscape have sparked a new level of public interest. ←. You and Bjork inspired us, and we started our blog about a month ago. . Myself included. It of course varies from one platform to the other. This is important, because your blog is a reflection of you, this is what your readers are going to take away when they leave after reading a post. from teacher to full-time blogger. If there’s one thing that internet users love, it’s consistency. I enjoy the writing aspect of blogging most of the time, but lately that’s been the slowest and most unnatural part of the process for me. You only need a reliable blogging platform, also known as a content management system (CMS). People want to be connected to you, to know more about who you are, why you decided to make muffins today and why those muffins are just oh-so-tasty to you. Every once in a while, I sit down at the computer to write a post and my brain is literally empty. It’s usually a niche that is talked about with great detailing and story telling and occasionally has product and restaurant reviews. There’s no personal judgement from me on the histamine level of a food. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Favorite things include my camera, lake days, and dark chocolate. So, let’s get right down to it and teach you how to start a food blog that drives clicks and attracts audiences. While you do have access to free themes and gadgets, free versions come with significant limitations. This a great post. Just one thing you should never do as a food blogger: write posts this long. Even if you’ve decided to learn how to become a food blogger simply because it seemed interesting to you, you’ll probably enjoy the money-making aspect of it. Vegan blogs are incredibly popular today, and so are paleo diet, keto diet, and low-carb diet blogs. (and I promise to make a recipe of yours soon!). I feel that each person in the blogging world has their own contribution to what they can bring to the table…if that is the right phrase to use. I say this, because I have done all this and more. Yum. It should be: You’ll need to register your domain name, which will cost you between $10 and $15 a year. Food blogger – some dude who has a blog and writes about food! Please don’t be insulted, your food looks incredible and I have definitely gotten ideas from your recipes. Think of your domain name as your blog’s home address. Sometimes my photography feels effortless, some days it’s like pulling teeth. It sounds most natural, it’s easy to write, it comes across as authentic. Most often a food blog has overlapping elements of these three things. Do you have any questions or anything to add? And the goal is that you can very authentically communicate who you with your readers through your stories and your voice. Dishing up the Dirt. You can also change your theme any time you like. . That said, it can be pretty difficult to show that side of yourself. Thank you, Lindsay!! No way! If you had asked me five years ago for some tips on becoming a food blogger I would probably have laughed, asked why I would become a food blogger, and then asked you to pass me a piece of chocolate cake. The face of the blog is food, but I hope it always also tells the story of our lives and the people around us. So get smarter with your photography and try to constantly improve on the photography. Love that you received thought from some of my other favorite bloggers. Unlike the other types of food blogging, food photographers have a specific mission to take the best possible photos and videos of food. If you want, you can skip this step and come back to it later. Some of my most responded-to posts have included major fails like times that I’ve totally stuck my foot in my mouth. . Create social media accounts for your blog and keep them active. But as I was writing, a few things came to me and it all worked out well! First, you need to go to the website to get started. Just keep encouraging everyone to good work. I used to be a teacher, and now making food and writing about it online is my full-time job. We also love  food photography which most food bloggers would jokingly refer it to food porn. Your friends and family get tired of hearing about your food blog. Honestly even I am confused at times, is it a journal about the food I’m cooking, the stuff I’m eating, restaurants I’m visiting? It’s intuitive and easy to use, it’s continuously updated to fix any issues, and its customization options are virtually endless. If your site’s not optimized for mobile, engines such as Google will push you towards the bottom of the search results and make your blog more difficult to find. They won’t waste their time on your blog if it takes too long to load on mobile devices or if the text and visual content aren’t clear and legible. And of course I had to mention the less fun bit of food blogging . Finally, it’s time to reap the benefits of your food blog. And yes, you guessed it, eventually started to share on my Instagram and the rest is history. Thus, I sent out an email to other food bloggers – Malaysian and Singaporean. I completely agree, sometimes I sit down to write and all I can think is ‘What the heck am I going to write about?!’. And of course, loosing out on page speed. This was SUCH a great read, and I LOVE that you also got opinions from other great bloggers!! ), but somehow that just *poof* disappears when I try to write at times like 11pm or 5am, which has kind of been the norm as of lately. Maybe cooking, but maybe something else. If you’re interested in starting a vegan food blog, for example, make sure that you explore every aspect of veganism and try to bring something unique to the table. It is a lot of information and a lot of work but if you are passionate about it, it could be a lot of fun too! Affiliate marketing is the ideal solution for making your food blog profitable. This is a great guide for setting up a food blog and getting started. I have to agree that everyone can write about the food they love and whatever they like because it's a personal blog and they are entitled to express their own opinions. If you have a cutting board that you love, include it in all of your photos. If you select just any random name, you could hurt your blog traffic, ranking on search engines, SEO efforts, even your blog’s reputation. We’d love to hear from you! Read more: How to Find and Validate Your Niche (A Step-by-Step Guide). Or even serious, sad, and deep in my heart stories about Bjork’s young aunt passing away after a battle with early onset Alzheimer’s. All you need is some dedication, interest, and a little bit of guidance. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 8. Experimenting in the kitchen is something I have always done, and is definitely a huge part of putting recipes together.