You could even consider changing the stock tapers on your guitar for a better set. Steel cores have octagonal shapes, while other materials may ship with a round shape. Like the model below, it offers three nickel wound strings plus three steel wounds, but they are all heavy (.012, 0.16, .020, 0.32, 0.42, 0.54). A lot of the heavy gauge thing us just ridiculous macho posturing. Is this because the nut isn’t wide enough? (I used 12-53's regularly.). This is where hybrid strings shine, as they pair heavy gauge bass strings with light treble strings, which gives metal guitar players the best of both. Hi Eugene, apologies for the delay in replying. That increases stability and maintains tuning for longer. The company made strings for Pantera’s guitar player right until his last moments in 2004. Hi Adrian, we have just run this issue past our tech who has suggested tightening the anchor screws slightly (these are the claw screws in the back of the body). Not only does the string core affect tone, but it affects the tension strength as well. I have spoken to our guitar tech here who has said you can do either, but, his advice would be to put the new heavier gauge strings on first and then see how your guitar reacts to the heavier gauge. In particular, the NANOWEB coating is ultra-thin and allows the strings to sound crisper and brighter. It’s particularly important to ensure the nut is checked if you have a tremolo equipped guitar as a “sticky” or ill fitting nut is a big culprit for tuning issues when it comes to these types of bridges. We’ve had instances of older nuts breaking as a result of drastic gauge changes, particularly on the thicker, low strings. From a playability perspective, typical symptoms of a raised neck include a raised action (greater distance between the strings and the fretboard) meaning fretting the strings could prove more difficult. Hope this helps, as always, feel free to message us if you wanted any further guidance. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Ultimate Guitar: Ultimate Guitar Guide--Strings. Do this gradually then you should be ok. Hope that helps. The set is made with carefully chosen wire. The most important factor to consider when looking for strings for metal is the gauge (the thickness). Sale The wire material is very important, and there are three: Bronze and brass materials are for acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars. Owner of United Lutherie Gene Imbody suggests that simple truss rod adjustments can be made at home, as long as you are careful not to force any adjustments. Old strings begin to sound rusty, out of tune, and muddy as they receive oils, rust, dust, dirt, and skin cells. Hello, great article. You cheeky monkey!! This Heavy Core set is not only great for distortion. This is a heavy gauge set (.011 -0.48) that’s able to deliver chunky chords and powerful tones. They add increased high-end presence, which helps the guitar cut through the mix. The difference between a good set in a budget set is literally pennies, so don’t go cheap on yourself. Also it’s worth pointing out that it’s not meant as an exhaustive guide on DIY repair so if you don’t feel comfortable carrying out any changes to your guitar yourself, we’d always recommend seeking the help of a qualified guitar technician or luthier…some shoddy work can often prove costly to repair afterwards. If done incorrectly it can prove costly so we’d always recommend consulting a qualified guitar technician or luthier to help give you some guidance or carry out the work for you. In order to alleviate this issue, the truss rod will need to be adjusted. rich, round, warm, and soft on the fingers, but with a lower presence on the bass. If your guitar is equipped with a tremolo bridge such as a Strat or if you have a Floyd Rose setup, you may find that there are some changes needed at that end too. Be sure to check everything! The string gauge is indicated by its thickness diameter. We say “may” occur as not all guitars are the same. He does, however, warn that use of proper tools is necessary in making these adjustments and if you do not have or know what the proper tools are, you should take your guitar to a repair person. proper measures for speedy metal genres and heavy rock styles. I have something much lighter on it and it sounds anemic......don't want to mess up the neck or stress the bridge. The main thing to worry about is how hard you play the guitar. Besides, I’m not even counting how the right string sets prevent unnecessary mistakes and technical troubles. More or less, yes! Heavier gauge electric guitar strings: are generally harder to play; require more finger pressure to fret and bend notes; produce more volume and sustain; are preferred for low tunings such as "Drop D" exert more tension on the guitar neck; Fender 250R strings have a bright, clear sound; the gauges are typical of a “light” set. Lastly, the set features an enhanced mid-range frequency response that makes it easier for your rock guitar to cut through the mix. Alternatively, if you would prefer to create your own custom gauged set from scratch, you can definitely do this by making a set up from our large selection of single strings from brands such as D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir, Rotosound and Martin to name a few. If you would like us to create you a custom gauge set, just drop our custom department.