I want to make black water but a yellowish colour. Don't want to use green bark or twigs -- the sugars in the sap make such a mess of a tank. Or does it have caffeine? Tea bags will stop leaching after about 24 hours or so and will get fungus or slime growing on them after a week or two, so this may be an ongoing process. Isn't that handy! How many do you think will be enough? I think that's why the guy who buys my oak leaves does what he told me he does with them. Sure. I don't know if he strains it or not, I never asked - but what he doesn't use right away, he freezes in ice cube trays to store, and uses as needed, after it cools off. Ever hear of 'Swiss water process' decaf coffee? You can make your own decaf tea, just by brewing the leaves for a minute first and discarding that first water. There’s a huge park near me with lots of oak trees so I can collect some when they fall. I think it's the bark of the Catappa tree, which is where we get IAL too. IAL or oak leaves work best if you really want plenty of colour to show - they have more tannins to offer than most leaves. That’s a shame, I wish my wood would release tannins. Black teas will have loads of tannins left to offer afterward. Walnut has crazy tannin levels - the wood itself can be very dark and the nut husks will stain human skin near black with very little handling at all. Nano blackwater aquarium build with neon tetras - Duration: 16:30. Oak has massive amounts of tannins, especially in the bark of the tree, hence the famous oak bark tanning of leather. have come across tea bags reporting to do ... Indian Almond Tree Leaves, not releasing Tannins. Herbal teas can be made from any other plant but C. sinensis. If any of you ever visit TPT, The Planted Tank, there are a few threads there about it. I posted earlier about adding normal salt to my 15gal tank.10 tea spoons to... Can tannins from driftwood have a positive or negative effect on mollies? Are you trying to make blackwater extract? So I added some more natural materials, such as Savus pods, and various seed pods which will slowly release more tannins.I really like it!Blackwater build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwtsb1OLXbo\u0026t=23s-Links to all equipment in the video below:The Blackwater Aquarium: https://amzn.to/2nON0QgAPS HOB Filter: http://amzn.to/2ARJTvlLED lights: https://amzn.to/2BojWJ3Dennerle Heater: https://amzn.to/2oeevCRSubstrate: https://amzn.to/2odNuzp (mixed with builders pea gravel)Fluval food: https://amzn.to/2wfigwuHikari food: https://amzn.to/2PJxAtp-Follow me on my Dedicated Aquarium Instagram: @kierans.fish Are the tannins from driftwood/almond leaves harmful to ADF's? I'd be much too worried about the possible effect of juglone to want to use walnut leaves. have the most, next comes green tea, last, white tea, which has very little caffeine. It is a toxin that has not been researched with regard to fish so far as I can learn. I believe Hoppy, a TPT guru, even commented on the impacts of caffeine in one of the threads I read years ago. I prefer to buy loose leaf green tea, it's much better quality overall, but it doesn't matter what green tea you have. I know there’s different ways of adding tannins to your tank such as driftwood, Indian almond leaves, etc. Hi. Has adding fish overwhelmed the cycle in your fish tank? Tea is no different. Will the Tannins from black tea lower PH just like tannins from driftwood? Would they be safe if my fish (mostly my turtles) take a bite out of them? It says the only ingredient is tea. I also collect the cleanest oak leaves I can find every fall; before they have fallen to the ground, but after they have turned colours. And I ran across something interesting recently too - almond bark. It is an ongoing process - you have to keep adding more tannins. 10:24. I should think it would be ok. Acorns are edible, though very bitter - not much reason to suspect the leaves would harm a turtle. If you have leftover blackwater extract, freeze it. I don’t want the water to go to black but yeah it would be nice to keep the tannins every water change. Adding even a small piece of something like Mopani wood, would add plenty of tannins, probably for a year or more. And if you don't get quite what you're looking for, just add more 'til you do get what you want. I did wonder this myself, something I was tempted to do I my planted amazon tank. Don't know how big the kettle is though. Adding baking soda to your fish tank to help with pH. Maybe soak it in a cup of water first to release the caffeine? Ted’s Fishroom 15,312 views. I b... Do Driftwood Tannins Affect API Ammonia Test. Apparently, it lasts much longer in terms of leaching tannins, than the leaves - and has the same properties as the leaves. I feed oak leaves to shrimp - it's why I started collecting them originally, to provide leaf litter in shrimp tanks. Peat is a good alternative, but typically a bit more expensive. Tea could get expensive to use this way. The water is an orange colour and the fish seem to be happy. There's a guy around here I see at the LFS, who buys a big bag of them from me once or twice a year and he uses them to brew his own blackwater extract. I use almond leaves in tank. The water turns black as black can be, it's very concentrated. Tea Tree Oil to help treat fungal diseases? White tea is the bud and top two young spring leaves, which are very immature; little caffeine and very little tannin in white tea. Has anyone ever had this happen? *Note - excepting for walnut leaves. Does green tea bags add tannins? I’ll boil the teabag now and see how it goes. Hi I dosed my 15 gallon tank with seachem prime last night about tea time. Just wanna add, I can get tea bags for free (my grandmas job gets them in) so it won’t be expensive for me. I’ll probably get some oak leafs for the tank. I... What to Look For When Adding a New Betta to Your Tank. How dark the tannins are in any tea depends on the variety of the tea shrub and how the leaves were processed after they were picked, even on where they were grown. I think I'd probably strain it - be really messy if you didn't. It can be refrigerated for a week or so, but then it would go rancid - freezing will save it. While there is the chance Juglone wouldn't be good for plants, my worry would be more that it might not be good for the fish either. Most herbal tea does NOT have caffeine in it. Ok so I found the ingredients in the tea bags I have and it has 0.2% caffeine. I think I’ll just do the boiling method. I think it's … Good to hear the fish seem to like it. I have organic black teabags but I don’t know if it has caffeine in it. So oak twigs or bark strips might last much longer if you could find some that have weathered long enough. The tank looks much better and the fish seem happier aswell. I have black tea bags but I don’t want to kill all my fish. Adding even a small piece of something like Mopani wood, would add plenty of tannins, probably for a year or more. you read and agreed to the. I've seen it at my not very local but much-loved shrimp store, he's always getting neat stuff like that.