Wow! Learn how your comment data is processed. I'm going to try this! I made these for my co workers a couple weeks ago and they absolutely went crazy for them, so I would love to experiment. Wondering what to cook today? I can’t wait to try this recipe! With the holiday season very much upon us, it is the perfect time to set up shop in your own kitchen, and start pumping out some delicious homemade chocolate treats. I use this recipe as my base, and go from there. I love hearing your feedback and answering your questions! How to tell if you are eating chocolate that is good for you. This recipe looks like a must try! I did manage to find christmas crackers today, but they were poxy little things, so I didnt bother - not like the ones we have back home , How easy! You don't even have to give them away, it's a lovely gesture just to have some on the table to have with a wee cup of tea if someone pops around. , Super easy Pam!! Can't wait to try Thanks for the recipe! OMG. Tip: Store your chocolates in the freezer and take them out a few minutes before serving because they melt pretty quickly if left outside. Put the mixture into fun molds (I used the egg chocolate mold and a heart chocolate mold). Any tips? Also NO CHRISTMAS CRACKERS! I’m wondering if someone wants to add mint into this, would you just add a few drops? I did come back on to read the comments to find out about the melting issue. Thanks CourtneyLynne! You may have realised by now that I am a huge chocolate fan. Editor's pick on the best recipes, articles and videos. I know, how cute are the heart shapes Hope you love it! And I love the ingredients! Super yummy recipe!! Not only are the chocolates delicious and my family loves them, but I know they are good for our health too. Or the big tins of quality street/roses. In a medium sized bowl, whisk together the coconut oil, cacao powder, maple syrup and sea salt … No Chemical Coatings; Mold Size: 9 x 4.1 x 0.4 inch. Make sure you choose a good quality coconut oil and raw honey or if you prefer, you can use maple syrup instead. I'm going to go gather my mom up and make these Thanks! January 18, 2018 by Creative Healthy Family 36 Comments. Then warm the milk to room temperature. Thank you for your comment. I may have to try my hand at these. Yeah, funnily enough, this is the first year I decided to give it a go. Just tried this recipe and it tastes good, but when I took it out the freezer it started to melt. I love this recipe! I'm addicted to chocolate! I'll have to try it thanks! You want to incorporate all ingredients really well. What a way to make healthy chocolate. © Whole Food Bellies 2020. ), which makes them perfect for adding to some warm milk for a hot chocolate. you happen to be a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will come back in the future. I actually love the texture using maple syrup and additionally, it is also the perfect choice to make chocolates for vegans. I will definitely try your recipe! I have a nut and coconut allergy. When you start getting into the more complicated chocolates - I would definitely leave it to the experts though , Yummy! Your email address will not be published. Now, heat a pan and fill it about 1/4 full with water and then place the bowl on top of the pan. Last Updated on November 9, 2020 By Donna1 45 Comments. I would love to hear from you. This is AMAZING! So when i pick up a block to eat, it gets all over my fingers instead of waiting to melt when I eat it. Luckily, I was able to find organic cacao powder at Whole Foods but it is also available online. Required fields are marked *. This will add a burst of new flavours to it. I have the exact same heart mold as you do, and for some I put in a dried cherry and the rest I sprinked some sea salt. It might be easy for you but for me mine would probably look no way near this professional and delicious tasting. I never thought making my own chocolate was so easy. If you haven't tried your hand at homemade chocolate this year, now is the time! I love the little hearts! Thank you Eileen. Are you using coconut oil? These are super easy, make at home with the kids, completely impossible to stuff-up homemade chocolates made using only clean ingredients. This time I used the egg chocolate mold and a heart chocolate mold. Can I substitute cocoa butter in lieu of the coconut oil? The chocolates will be good for about 1 hour aprox. I'm definitely going to be making this asap! They do melt quickly, just keep them in the freezer and serve right away. You will discover that unfortunately, most chocolates in the market are not real chocolate. It is so easy and yummy! Yesterday I was at the grocery store getting chocolate for different holiday recipes, and I thought, "I wonder if I could make my own chocolate." ... Chocolate + purple and blue candy melts + star sprinkles. Oh yay, I am so glad you love them as much as I do! Real chocolate you can make at home with only 3 high quality ingredients and some fun molds.