Sipping tea is the crucial step in this method, enjoy your drink, and keep collecting the peppermint teabags.

The steeping time is the same as it would be in a teapot or tea cup. Looking to speed up a compost pile? For more natural acne treatments click here. You can use this on clothes that are completely black with no mixed colors. You should see results within a few days.

The invisible barrier of tannins from the tea will help your cookware to last for a very long time. Getting them out of the house may cost a lot, and even after this, there’s no guarantee that they won’t come back.

Leave the tea bags in place for several days until your home is free of pests. Yes, even your hair! Sprinkle tea leaves from your tea bags over your carpet, leave them for a couple of hours, then vacuuming them up. But I’ve tried some of these and they do work.

Fill an empty kettle with 1 cup (250ml) fresh, cold water.

Tea of all varieties is delicious, and as most of us already know it’s also filled with health benefits (read my article about 6 tea types for great health). Make a strong infusion from your leftover tea bags to use in marinades, combine with herbs, spices, garlic and you will have flavorful, melt in your mouth steaks. You can bet there’s a use for just about every type of tea you could think of.

Really great for those hot summer months when water is scarce.

All rights reserved. Grow seedlings from soggy tea bags. @Deepak Chaturvedi : Tea has many benefits and it is such a waste to throw it away!

The presence of mice also causes a bad odor in the home. Pour out a few cups of tea.

It reduces garbage.

Rodents and bugs hate the smell of peppermint. The strong scent of used tea bags (and used coffee grounds) is too potent and bitter for many bugs and critters in the garden. Soothe a Sunburn. Your email address will not be published.

I was told this tea solution would accomplish a similar result. Soak one in water whilst you’re getting ready, then a quick gargle and you’re off. Don't throw the bag away, try making it work in as many ways as possible for you! Optionally open up the used tea bags and sprinkle them on the leaves, place them on the around the base of a plant, It feeds the soil. Thanks for sharing this wonderful hub! A typical person drinks tea and throws away the bag without a second thought. At Healthy and Natural World, our mission is to empower people to take control of their own health by providing comprehensive, practical and well researched information.

Tea bags are great as a dye. 5 – leave old teabags to steep further for 30 minutes in your watering can for an additional fix for your plants, it can reduce fungus and add additional nutrients to your garden. Thanks for the votes and share. One scientific study found that mint oil can repel spiders. Keep your black tees from fading by laying them out in the shade, not directly under the sun. My friend used tea leaves for his garden for years, and he attests to its effectiveness. Moreover, the smell of these toxins can be quite hazardous for health.

Brew a weak tea with used tea bags and water your potted plants with it instead of using regular water. It will also diminish the rash that often occurs afterward.

Place them deep inside the shoes and leave them there for a few days. Allow it to cool before soaking your clothing in the mixture. Using chemical treatment methods for removing mice from the house can cost you a lot.

Further reading: Read my article about the best home remedies for cold sores. | Copyright© 2018-2019 Great when done with jasmine, chai green and spice tea such as cinnamon.

Placing tea bags is exceptionally vital because that’s how they will stay away from your house.

21 – Been in the garden and received an insect sting? Today, we’ll discuss the effortless, safe, fast, and inexpensive technique of getting these relentless visitors out of the house. This all natural breath freshener is free and a lot better for you than fluoridated varieties (read my article about fluoride here). Use as many tea bags as you want and boil a gallon of water. This should bring relief and speed up healing. Your email address will not be published. It works—her hands smell better. And just like coffee grounds, the tannic acid in tea leaves can lower your soil's pH! Keep your sink squeaky clean for guests with this handy trick. You won't believe how fast your pile will decompose!

I tried this on my son's running shoes, and I don't smell any more offensive odors. The tea also imparts a lovely rich flavor to the meat.