Long Beach police are the first to use Segways on Long Island. Throughout the year and during the busiest months, Special Officers are recruited from college criminal justice programs to provide support for the department. One West Chester Street, Long Beach, NY 11561, Executive Officer - Inspector Richard DePalma  (516) 705-7341, Warrants/ID Division- Sergeant Brett Curtis  (516) 705-7344, Uniform Force- Lieutenant William Dodge  (516) 705-7320, Detective Division- Detective Lieutenant Stefan Chernaski  (516) 705-7320, Traffic Division- Sergeant Michael Corbett  (516) 705-7340, TARU- Lieutenant William Dodge (516) 705-7320, Special Projects- Deputy Police Commissioner Steven Weitz (516) 705-7349, Contact the Long Beach Police Department with CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS tips via email at tips@lbpd.com or by phone at (516) 705-7370. The Traffic Division provides everything from school crossings to aggressive traffic enforcement. Established in 1911, it has approximately 69 sworn members down from a full strength of 82 sworn officers. Photos featured on this home page are generously provided by local residents. The Department employs Bicycle Patrols on the Boardwalk and for major events such as races or bike tours and Four Wheel Drive vehicle's patrol on the beach. In the summer of 2007, the LBPD started using two Segway people movers on the boardwalk for patrol. Long Beach Police Department - New York The City of Long Beach, a community of more than 35,000 residents, has been served since 1911 by the Long Beach Police Department. Thank you to Kenneth Novaks for providing us with our domain name! LBPD Headquarters is located at One West Chester Street, across from the Long Beach Fire Department. window.document.write("