Too rude to this super nice woman and then calling her out for actually answering you. Both brands have washable slipcovers. One of the major attractions to their collection is the Bohemian styles of furniture, it will completely change your outlook towards decorating your homes. Curbside pickup available They have a whole other section for furniture or décor items that you can build yourself at your homes and then set them up as per your wish and desires. It costs extra, but it covers the cost of repair or replacement if the couch is unintentionally damaged. I wanted to share with everyone what I ended up choosing. Well worth the investment. Not just in America has it recorded its presence, but it has spread its wings in other countries like Mexico and Canada as well. One of the most trendy and hottest items in their list of items is their rugs, which are large in variety and trends and have a great quality to them a swell. It’s affordable, easy to build furniture and home décor will make you fall in love with it. I don’t have any personal experience with the Ikea fabrics, but I do know that the linen and twill have held up with ours! If you choose a popular, ready-made sofa from Pottery Barn, the company gives you seven days to return it for a full refund. It appears that they do all their design in Sweden, and they do make their items in the USA. When I visited my friends’ houses with Ikea Ektorp sofas, I noticed similar wear and tear as compared to my Pottery Barn sofa – both had wrinkles in certain areas. Pilling is when the fabric or upholstery wears and you see little piles of fabric, similar to lint on a shirt. Click here to search for the term “Pottery Barn Grand Sofa Slipcover” and sign up to watch for the term! Our sofa has been gently used and I am extremely disappointed in the way it has worn. I can see how the PB would work for your and your family – you have to pick what you love – and the PB’s are certainly purchases for the long term. We adore our Pottery Barn sectional sofa. For the most part, I just don’t really like the “classic” round-arm look so as durable as they might be – I’m quite hesitant to part with my money just yet (I would go for their discontinued Solano series, however). I was able to find one in Twill Cream for HALF the price at $339. Depending on which sofa you choose, piling may or may not be an issue. But their other brand determinant scores, while somewhat lower than competitors, are consistent. Thanks so much for the comment. Pottery Barns attracts major customer crowds to their quality furniture showrooms. After that, we had it professionally cleaned which was a mistake. Thanks! Ethan Allen also offers free design services. Your email address will not be published. There are always some or the other discounts and deals going on in here, so grab those moments and get yourself some fabulous things. PB DOES NOT CARE. Although, this store is a bit overpriced when it comes to some products and overall expensive than Pottery Barn, but will have you stuck towards it because of the really trendy offers thrown by the brand. About a year later I was in Roundrock, TX at the IKEA store there and they had the Ektorp sofa and chair as well as the Jenny Lund and Tulsta chairs set up in a living room setting along with another fav of mine, the Billy bookcases. The Pottery Barn Sofa certainly is beautiful and looks so comfy! In addition, I’m one who LOVES slouching on the sofa, so I need deep seating. Hey Guys! I was debating on Ikea or Pottery Barn sofa too. Verified and Tested. Both companies have a limited 30-day window to return defective or unwanted products (for certain purchases), and neither company offers additional warranties on your purchases. So it aligns more with our daily usage. I complained and they sent a new set of seat cushions. The 360° Advantage: How Whole Brands Dominate, Whole Brand Index and the Total Performance Score, The 360°Advantage: How Whole Brands Dominate. We went to Ikea last night and sat a while on the Loveseat version and I think I could wrap up in a blanket in front of the fireplace with a kindle and be comfortable. Buyers graze the category—a Home Goods regular might also patronize West Elm, two wildly different experiences. It is an American chain retail store of discount home furnishings and décor, which was founded in the year 1992. The fabric casing is excessive instead of being tight. At the highest price point, the Ektorp slipcover was $149 depending on which cover you got. But lurking below the surface are other problems. As per official data, Overstock has been one of the most trustworthy companies in the retail sector in terms of customer and employee satisfaction. The most attractive and important part of their products includes bed accessories and bathroom accessories as well, which they boast to the customers. Never. And you what? Pottery Barn versus Wayfair — keep reading to make your pick! It’s even made its way to Australia! Thank you. Plus, my tips for finding budget-friendly Pottery Barn look-alikes will help you become a pro at finding the perfect pieces for your home. — can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending on size, functionality and materials. 25% OFF. In this Brand Battle, Home Goods faces off against Pottery Barn, two retailers approaching their volatile categories from different angles. Pottery Barn in Australia is outrageously expensive. If you don’t have a lot of room, the Ikea Ektorp Sofa might be perfect for your space. Overall, the price for larger furnishings from Pottery Barn — rugs, sofas, etc. Pottery Barn Regular Sofa: 83.5″ Send me an email with a photo of your current PB Seabury at and direct it to me (Ning) and let’s re-cover that couch! That's much more convenient — and much less hassle — than putting furniture together yourself. The down floats throughout the casing instead of being encased. A simple, single seat cushion with square arms, but because it’s fairly rounded it just looks very comfy overall. Brand Battles, Marketing, Modern Consumer, Research, Retail, Whole Brand, Brand Battle: Blue Cross and Blue Shield vs. Aetna. (An amazing saving money hack, am I right??) They tend to rave about the quality and comfort of Pottery Barn's furniture as well as the flexibility of many styles to fit in tight spaces. My PB sofa and loveseat AND oversized chair with ottoman (Arhaus) I purchased OVER 15 years ago!! One of the most popular furniture and other items shopping store for Americans. Ikea Ektorp Sofa (in Lofallet Beige): $399 (other colors $100 more) So while I’ll probably never buy a Pottery Barn sofa, I’d definitely consider one second hand simply because it most likely won’t cost as much. Almost all the products they sell are mid-ranged and quite affordable, so you don’t have to spend a huge fortune on your home décor. Pottery Barn Grand Sofa: $1,359 (on sale at 20% off) regulary $1,699. At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, our free design service gives you access to a degreed interior designer at no extra cost. Now that I have a little money to be able to invest in the furniture, but on the other hand, I’ve got these sweet beautiful kids who love to make messes. We have prepared a list of some of the best stores like Pottery Barn in the USA to help you choose from the best lot for your home furnishings. COPYRIGHT © 2018 COMFORT WORKS BLOG & DESIGN INSPIRATIONS, Looking to restyle your space and not sure where t, PSA: Slipcovers are a quick and easy way to refres, Is your fall style modern, cozy, or a little bit o, Too many pillows? Required fields are marked *. They have a very good collection of the mid-century styled furniture and décor items from which you can choose from. Hi! The metric that pulls their score down even more dramatically is brand-on-the rise versus on-the-decline: minus-14%. Consumer abandonment could happen suddenly. It’s amazing! Ready to explore what each of these companies has to offer? You’re a douche. Summary: Two brands face off, measured across brand impact determinants and evaluated by their performance data in our latest study The 360° Advantage: How Whole Brands Dominate. In 2013, I splurged on my big girl sofa at Pottery Barn floor model. As I looked over this I was very confused as to what you were attempting to explain, then i realized you have mislabeled the “Width” and “Depth.”. I was just going to comment that one of the pros of the Ikea is that they can be moved to smaller spaces and bedrooms as they can be assembled on site. Another great discovery to your home furnishing problems. The Ikea Ektorp Sofa definitely loses this battle. We’re a small Australian company specialising in the creation of beautiful handmade sofa covers with an aim to rejuvenate all the world’s old & tired couches. Tag a friend, Need Some Holiday Cheer? 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