Here’s our Full Review of the Microfiber Performance Sheets by SHEEX! The water drips off the material as though it were coated in oil. I absolutely love my microfiber couch and recliner. material used, the allergen risk, the amount of moisture protection, how it washes, etc. You can easily wash cotton bath towels with hot water and soap in your washing machine, but washing these towels is a bit more elaborate. Microfiber comforters are soft and breathable. O EcoTextiles: Is Ultrasuede a “Green” Fabric. I’m really starting to think we’d all be better off just sticking with things the way the good Lord made them! The more tightly-woven your microfiber sheets are, the more durable and longer they last. They can come from wood pulp or polyester, and even nylon polymers. Skin oils may also penetrate the fabric and can lead to permanent stains over time. Sigh. Microfibers are woven together in this material are extremely thin. Ravi Pal  |   Get your daily life hack right in your inbox. I thought they looked disgusting after three years. It is easy to see why the microfiber fabric has become so popular. For people with children or pets, microfiber is highly wearable. They have often spilled a little on the couch and as long as I get right to it, it just wipes right up. On the other hand, there are arguments to be made that petroleum mining is bad for the environment in the first place, and as a result microfiber production may be spurring on an otherwise objectionable practice. Some microfiber weaves have a more prominent nap than others, which can show movement. There are varying cotton blends and types of cottons that will change the texture, thickness and heat retention of your sheets. Microfiber sheets are better for cooling and hot sleepers, while cotton sheets are better for keeping you warm and easier to maintain. It’s fast to get dry. Microfibers are normally made from synthetic materials and that means that they are harder to manipulate when washing or drying. The sofa is still as bright today as it was when I bought it. Many manufacturers offer an anti-static protection that will largely eliminate the potential for static. 4. You always have to pay close attention to the label of your sheets to make sure what temperature that they need to be washed and dried at. Around my home, we are not real uptight folks. The dust, however, remains on the surface and can generally be easily removed with regular vacuuming. I usually only have these on in the winter as they are heavy and would be too hot in the summer time.