Login. Passing out of a jump shot or layup yields fewer errant passes than normal. Playmaking . Dimer is a must for corner builds but not worth it for actual shooter. menu. Login. I would assume HOF +4 attributes would be considered at least A Tier, Space Creator B Tier? It allows you to change speeds quickly and with Quick First Step HOF it’s insane. Nba 2k tier list. No dimer but your ball handle allows for 70 ball control for pro dribbles to handle the ball in a pinch. NBA 2K21 Next Gen MyPlayer Builder: How To Build A Demigod, NBA 2K21 Next Gen Lebron James Build guide, NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Builds for the new MyPlayer Builder, Razer brings wireless comms to Xbox Series X with the Kaira Pro headset, Razer Book 13 looks to target your productivity needs, NBA 2K21 next-gen MyPLAYER details: Balling on-the-go, more cosmetics, improved skateboarding and BMX riding, NBA 2K21 next-gen sees return of Affiliations in the newest version of The Park, The City, NBA 2K21 next-gen Park details: The City is ‘many, many times larger’ than The Neighborhood, NBA 2K21 next-gen gameplay shows lifts lid on in-match gameplay, Xbox Series X walkthrough preps gamers ahead of launch, NBA 2K20 Badges list: Your guide to the best badges for your build, Overwatch 2 silence only reaffirms Overwatch’s slow, sad decline, Ghost Recon Wildlands NAT Type ‘Strict’ – How To Fix It, Call of Duty Mobile errors and bugs, and how to fix them. And dimer is just... underwhelming for me, I don’t know if people can’t shoot or what but people miss way too many open shots and on a lot of the ones they make it seems like it never activates, Dimer is only worth it for players with a 60 or 70 rating. Shortens the timer that determines how long after a pump fake a player can shoot without incurring a shot percentage penalty. With NBA 2K20 comes yet another year of My Career shenanigans, and year-on-year we continue to see an evolution of the year’s prior offerings. Boosts the speed and leaping ability of a player when he is chasing down an offensive player in anticipation of a block attempt. CORNER SPECIALIST – Gives a boost to shots taken near the corner. Defense/Rebounding . Hot Zones . Gives an extra shot boost for having slightly early, slightly late, or excellent shot timing on layups. Recently I updated the latest version of your app, it crashed every time when i open.Need Assistance. Badges have a significant impact on your player’s skills and attributes, and depending on your player’s created style, as per our My Player Builder guide, you’ll have the ability to upgrade your Badges right through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and, perhaps, Hall Of Fame.