If you want a small frame, you’ll have to settle for the 275. We also found that the most expensive product was £5399.99, however the cheapest came in at £2299.99. This, Nukeproof claims, should allow some squat under braking while still pushing the rear tyre into the ground, thus helping with traction and keeping the suspension fairly active. The average price was £230.73 and we found that the price varies right from as little as £0.99 up to £4999.99 with Nukeproof products. However, in turning the theory into reality, we created something much better than expected, and the prototype won on its international debut at Crankworx festival’s Garbanzo Downhill race with Sam Hill. Thanks! You can unsubscribe at any time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sharing your views will really help us to write more comprehensive reviews and we will share these thoughts with customers just like you that are looking to read reviews before they commit to buying. Reading reviews if going to be the closest insight you get into how good Nukeproof Dissent 275 DH Frame 2020 is, without actually trying or buying it. Made for rampant World Cup racing, this 275 version features a simplified design to drop the weight and increase the front triangle stiffness, and a more progressive leverage rate for increased mid stroke-support. Add sturdier wheels? This is where reviews come in to their own, as it gives us that chance to hear from other like-minded cyclists about how good or bad a product is. It makes it possible to push through turns, hammer compressions and send it without worrying about the landing, and the bike really comes into its own when you’re riding with a playful but purposeful style. The ride is top-notch, especially if you’re a playful rider that only has the space for one bike, and it’ll truly do everything you ask of it – and in RS guise, the Reactor is impressively capable. This website uses cookies. Whenever we’re buying bikes, or cycle parts, accessories and clothing there are a number of things to check before we go ahead and buy, especially when shopping online. So let’s take a look at the second most important decision making tool we can use when shopping online, price. The chainstay flip chips allow you to alter the wheelbase by 5-10mm depending on the type of track you’re riding, your height or riding style. Anti-rise — compressive forces acting on the suspension under braking that help to counter deceleration forces which cause the rider to move forwards, upsetting the bike’s geometry — sits at about 92 per cent at sag, dropping off to 32 per cent at bottom out. This is especially true when you’re buying products like MTB Frames. The Dissent platform was originally conceived by our engineers as a concept to test several progression curve theories at once. It seems to have the perfect combination of features, quality and price making it a great all-rounder. It isn’t a deal-breaker though, and I did choose to run the bike in the rail setting (the lower of the two) all of the time. Start dropping the hammer, though, and this same playful geometry does make the bike feel a tad skittish and out of its depth. Here's the full story on this exciting ride. Upon delivery, the assembly is simple and all necessary tools are conveniently included in the box Depending on the delivery service and destination, bikes will either be delivered in a large or a small box. The rear suspension feels good but doesn’t have a noticeably plush beginning stroke. In a move away from the Fallout Linkage, the Dissent’s rocker link is now positioned on the outside of the seat tube, rather than tucked inside a clamshell as before. The Main pivot flip-chips are fast and simple to change and give a tailored factory set up for every rider. At around 30 per cent sag, the bike’s anti-squat figure in first gear is just over 93 per cent. Nukeproof Dissent 275 RS DH Bike (XO1 isn’t rubbish, it actually scored very highly. But onto the reason you’re here today, let’s delve into some of the details of Nukeproof Dissent 275 RS DH Bike (XO1 to help you understand a bit more about where it sits in the market against some of the many alternatives that are available out there. It's a Fresh Batch of Vital MTB Gear Club, Protecting Our Trails Before They Are Gone - Soil Searching and Dillon Osleger, Has Specialized Cracked the Code? When descending, the bike doesn’t suddenly come alive like full-fat enduro bikes do. Below we’re going to get into the detail of Nukeproof Dissent 275 DH Frame 2020 to help you see how the prices stack up. It comes from being developed and tested in conjunction with the world’s fastest racers. Going off the Reactor 275 RS’s looks, it’s a logical step to assume that it would ride like a full-on enduro rig. The result of this is a frame which weighs over 400g lighter than the Pulse. You get bob on flatter, smoother ground where high cadence pedalling is possible, which is entirely counteracted by the use of the shock’s lockout lever. Dissent. The bike’s initial stroke is slightly regressive for the first 30mm of travel. By browsing our website you accept the use of cookies. Nukeproof Dissent 275 RS DH Bike (XO1 isn’t rubbish, it actually scored very highly. What happens when you mix the front triangle from a Nukeproof Dissent 290 29er with the rear end of a 27.5-inch-wheeled Dissent 275? Skip ahead a few years and, with Nukeproof’s rebirth, it hadn’t revived the Reactor name, instead filling the trail bike gap in its range with the Mega TR: a 130mm trail bike that was made from the same forge as its longer-travel Mega AM. Cleverly the geometry and travel do not change between positions. Rolling on a pair of Mavic Deemax DH 27.5″ wheels and Maxxis Assegai tyres, the bike is driven on by a SRAM XO1 7-speed transmission, ensuring a smooth and swift shift as you find the right gear for the route ahead. The bike’s got internally-routed cables that enter the down tube near the head tube, exiting just in front of the bottom bracket on the underside of the down tube. But you still need to spend the time looking through as many customer reviews as you can, it’s one of the most important (if not THE most important) steps to shopping online. All bikes for worldwide delivery outside the EU will be delivered in small boxes This video demonstrates assembly from a¬†SMALL BOX This video demonstrates assembly from a¬†LARGE BOX Buy¬†Nukeproof Bikes¬†from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store. As with any review, you want to get a feel very quickly for how well it performed as there’s nothing worse than trawling through 30 minutes of review content to find that actually the product is a load of rubbish. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we managed to find Nukeproof Dissent 275 DH Frame 2020 during our price scan of several cycle retailers, for the amazing price of £1999.99 which represents a £ or saving against RRP. And 2. we’ve given you four different scores below to give you a very quick flavour of how good Nukeproof Dissent 275 RS DH Bike (XO1 is. This is because your feet have moved up in relation to where your hands are, which forced me to ride in a more reward position to counteract the bike’s now perceived lower front end.