What do people think of that idea? It may also cause confusion for the people who are only invited to the ceremony and they may think they are invited to both and just show up at the reception. Just be sure you don't put out directions cards to the reception hall out after our ceremony. No worries. Yes, many people DO like the ceremony portion, but others do not. You can't have it both ways. We only sent inviations to those that were invited to the private reception. That and any who are offended it isn't like they can't get over it quick fast and in a hurry!! THEN, make up your own menu with those options WITHOUT the prices. A lot of people would just rather skip the wedding anyway. I know you are probably not trolling for gifts, but that is what will go through some people's heads, no matter if it is true or not. We would only be able to invite immediate family to the ceremony (find by me, less attention :P). I wouldn't. I am the personal assistant to the minister, the large event planner, the website ministry leader, and one of the women's fellowship coordinators. She needs to have some kind of reception for the guests that are invited to the ceremony. I would not accept a ceremony-only invitation. How to Change Your Bridal Look from Ceremony to Reception, How to Entertain Guests Between the Ceremony and Reception. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. My friend's engagement ended. The cost of our wedding will not be the cost of a car or a small house just to accomodate the feelings of others. So - they sent out invitations to closer friends/family for both the ceremony/reception (traditional wording), and posted a notice in the church bulletin for just the ceremony. With these, A gap between your ceremony and reception can feel like a bummer, but it can, It's important to ensure that your rehearsal dinner invitation wording sends the, Your (Stress-Free!) Just note that the ceremony is the gift giving portion so don't expect gifts from reception guests (though some may still send one anyway). I will have no control over if my mom or his mom or anyone else throws a shower but will insist only people invited to the dinner are invited to any shower. Destination Wedding The wording on this destination-themed invite includes guests that are invited to both the ceremony & the reception. A. Would it be "tacky" to have a renewal of vows in this situation? Hi guys, i havent been around lately, life is great, but i need ur opinion on something real quick, have a friend getting married in Dec.(helping her with the planning) and she wants to have an open ceremony and private reception, any ideas on how she can go about doing this without feelings getting hurt??????? I say have your private wedding ceremony and have the reception for everyone to celebrate your union. I know I always love seeing the bride in her gown, and it adds to the "wedding" feel of the dinner then. The characters written do not match the verification word. How do you think about the answers? http://farm1.static.flickr.com/35/73694035_4c013db... Obviously, your menu cards will be different as you are giving your guests a CHOICE, but you get the idea. B. Some said the date was too early; but, we didn't worry about what others said ... it wasn't their day. We are both very active in the congregation which is about 800 members. I'd just as well go to court then spend money on a vacation. Basic Wedding Reception Ideas Firstly, you have to decide if you are going to base your wedding on a distinct theme. We're here to help you keep moving forward, no matter what your plans are. The guest will be pissed and a confrontation is bound to follow and possibly at that very moment. If you are, then all your organizing will be centered all around this wanted theme of yours. or perhaps a vase of flowers with small votives next to it? Only inviting the majority of people to the reception kind of says "you are not important enough to us to witness our ceremony, but we'd love to see you afterward and possibly get gifts." open wedding ceremony private reception - Historic Ashland A Unique Wedding Venue in Wrightsville, Pa. For the "reception" we would like to invite a larger group of extended family and friends to dinner to celebrate (a dinner in a room in a restaurant, no big dancing party with a dj and all that jazz). so announce it in the church bulletin. If people only care about the reception, they may show up at the reception even if they aren't invited.