It is not so easy to determine their relevance and usefulness in relation to distinctively modern problems, or to indicate within what limits their work is of permanent value, and we can only deal with these questions in their more general aspects. prominent on the political agenda, the relevance of UKIP becomes less clear. At any rate, if relevance in proximo is interpolated in the peccant clause of the canon of the Joint-Method, the practical utility of the method is rehabilitated. Similar principle to titles when selling on eBay, your title is critical to your search relevance. 67. Relevance, evidence base, and practical application are the key hallmarks of this major project which started on October 1 2005. His passionate plea for liberty, has relevance for every generation. 9.a review process involving the editor and other subject experts ensures the content's validity and Relevance. The Immortal Code, rule seventy four states that my status as a former-human has no relevance, once I was made Immortal. Suddenly, the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution has some relevance. 26.the following links have direct Relevance to the topic of this article. You can organize your searches by price, age and relevance so you can find exactly what you're looking for. The process may seem disorderly since multiple avenues may be followed in parallel, and relevance thresholds may be initially set quite low. You will ideally possess a PhD in Mathematics or Science with relevance to education. bristles with wit, satire and contemporary political relevance. present-day relevance of the Middle Ages to Modern Europe. Relevance theory The rhetorician 's dilemma is a special case of an even more fundamental problem in the study of human communication. 39.english humor can be discussed by Relevance theory of pragmatic principles. Examples of clinical relevance in a sentence, how to use it. 32.chief prosecutor col. lawrence morris said the Relevance "is clearly up to the jury to determine. consider which capabilities are of most relevance to your pupils. Examples of Relevancy in a sentence The attorney questioned the relevancy of the opposing council’s queries and insisted they weren’t connected to the case. What relevance has this little epistle to our modern day? motor neurons of possible relevance to the late effects of poliomyelitis. Automatic relevance ranking: A searchers complement to indexing. 23.the warehouse number and storage type are of Relevance only if your company uses the wm system. The practical relevance of ' quantum chaos ' has - to my knowledge - yet to be demonstrated. The process of buying " added years ", including the relevance of previously accrued pension rights 6.2. That it is not wilful is not of relevance. If we add the qualification of relevance we destroy the cogency of the method. (3) I don't see the relevance of your question. and accounting are taking on greater Relevance for civil servants and others. pin down sod's Relevance, the team has been spiking different types of neurons with the antioxidant to see how the various cells react. Here are some examples. the time, like most young people, i regarded this proverb as an old wive's tale with no Relevance to my own life. Comment: The clinical relevance of this paper is unclear, as no-one is currently proposing population screening for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. Likewise with Relevance: if B wants three bolts, he wants them now not half an hour later. 8.Relevance is at the heart of management accounting; if information is not relevant to some need, it has no value. hope be able to have helping a little bit to you! This sequel to Campbell's 1998 hit The mask of Zorro made the fatal mistake of undermining the masked swordsman by challenging his very relevance. relevance in a sentence - Use "relevance" in a sentence 1. The mechanism and relevance of these findings in the rat carcinogenicity study for humans are not yet clarified. extrapolated backward and do they have any relevance for the pre-school and kindergarten stages? neurophysiology of pain and the relevance of the biopsychosocial model to understanding the modern epidemic of backpain. When troubles come, try to understand the, (2) He claims that the laws are antiquated and have no contemporary. Mill has died out, the relevance of the " old Political Economy " is not likely to be a question of any interest to ordinary educated men and women, or even to the great mass of economic students. vast in scope, subjective in relevance, increasing daily and becoming obsolete almost as quickly. 28.the policy's Relevance to the request determines if the policy is to be evaluated for the request. Children discuss the historical relevance of the Seine River, the architectural design of the Eiffel Tower and make their own flag of France, taken from an illustration. 12.politicians 'private lives have no Relevance to their public roles. Here we analyze the prognostic relevance of histopathological grading and the immunohistochemical detection of p53 and p21/WAF1. Statecraft seeks through strategy to magnify the mass, In this proposal we will apply MFM to two prototypic proteins of significant medical, However, all inductive reasoning where data is too scarce for statistical, The goal of this analysis is to either establish the, Moore and David Eick, has distinguished itself by the intensity and present day. Contrary to popular belief, child support payments have no relevance to court-ordered visitation schedules. A good program will teach the basics and help students see the relevance through real-world application. But it was of dubious relevance in the Neidorf case. The doctrine of free trade only prevailed in so far as it could be restated in terms which had a direct relevance to the existing position of England and existing conditions of international trade. phraseology used by the learned judge is of some relevance in the context of his earlier findings. If students don’t believe history has relevance to current events, they won’t be interested in learning about the past. According to Bynes, she feels that her relevance to teen fans is that she is "more similar to them than some... socialite or whatever.". All Rights Reserved. 64. The search engines got wise to that game, however, and now the algorithms they use to measure a site's relevance and popularity are not only more sophisticated, they are also top-secret. eyelash follicles: relevance to lash ablation procedures. His passionate plea for liberty, has relevance for every generation. prognostic relevance of this conspicuous reaction has not been clear for the time being. The index, if properly made, will furnish a sure guide to its, One need not subscribe to either military or economic determinism to concede the, The purple clusters are, none the less, of a prime magnificence and of an inexpressible, He had thought somewhat upon these matters and, although he saw as yet no personal, He frowned, unable to understand at once the, Hymn in a sentence | Short example sentence for hymn, Incompetent in a sentence | Short example sentence for incompetent, Eyelashes in a sentence | Short example sentence for eyelashes, Foreseeing in a sentence | Short example sentence for foreseeing, Bog in a sentence | Short example sentence for bog, Pies in a sentence | Short example sentence for pies, Cents in a sentence | Short example sentence for cents, Attentively in a sentence | Short example sentence for attentively, Redolent in a sentence | Short example sentence for redolent, Readied in a sentence | Short example sentence for readied, Tangible in a sentence | Short example sentence for tangible, Demonstrates in a sentence | Short example sentence for demonstrates, Plausibility in a sentence | Short example sentence for plausibility, Modicum in a sentence | Short example sentence for modicum, Uniqueness in a sentence | Short example sentence for uniqueness, Sincerity in a sentence | Short example sentence for sincerity, Utmost in a sentence | Short example sentence for utmost, Persistence in a sentence | Short example sentence for persistence. Examples of special relevance in a sentence, how to use it. 2. They have more relevance and point in 2 Tim. Knowledge, on the other hand, is vast in scope, subjective in relevance, increasing daily and becoming obsolete almost as quickly. was these times that i reassessed my meaning and the Relevance of pride in my life. intertwined in the Celtic symbols on the ring have relevance to every couple contemplating marriage. bimetallic catalysts and their relevance to the hydrogen economy, Ind. 2. The concept of a fair bet has no relevance to statistical inference in science. Changes in spinal cord motor neurons of possible relevance to the late effects of poliomyelitis. morals of the tale have as much relevance now as they did in the 1600's when Cervantes was writing the novel. Vitamins B1, B2, niacin and B6 are of special relevance to sportspeople since they are all involved in releasing energy from food. 17 examples: This stable symptomatology included the stable absence of disorder shown by… The buttons on the left take the user to topics of specific relevance to electricity distribution. (61) This suggests that axons within such a bundle recognise one another using molecular cues and as such its, (62) This has not removed the scope for profound disagreement about the, (64) As I have suggested, the corrections that are made in unplanned discourse are also made in the pursuit of optimal, (65) Underlying these questions are contextual issues of, (67) Secondly, the measurement of performance depends heavily on the, (68) Patients received a full explanation of the, (69) Secondly, to give the magazine readability, something with lasting value and. This is part of a module, which explores the vocational relevance of history skills. If your time in the service has little relevance to the employment opportunity you're applying for or was some time ago, state it briefly under a separate heading for "Military Service.". While they were initially seen as merely a passing trend that would quickly expire, they defied the odds and maintained their relevance year after year, showing up on everything from clothing to accessories. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. The intervention process should include everyone who is associated with the care and education of that child, including doctors, caregivers, parents, family members, educators, friends, and anyone else of relevance. concentrates on issues of specific relevance to sexual harassment claims. 3. Estimating the numbers potentially affected is likely to be of particular relevance where existing severance is severe. topics of relevance to finance and banking. Google ranks websites based in part on relevance, so you know the very top sites are some of the most popular and active. results are ordered by Relevance and priority. in a sentence. The claim of economics for recognition as a science and as a subject of study must be based on its relevance to the actual life of the economic world, on its ability to unravel the practical difficulties of each generation, and so contribute to the progress of nations. Like the semantics of modal logic, the semantics of relevance logic relativises truth of formulae to worlds. ; One need not subscribe to either military or economic determinism to concede the relevance of military and economic matters in any society.