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2 min as the fastest treatment to obtain enzymatic‐stable potato slices. %���� stream
1st: food is heated in a single layer to a sufficiently high temperature to inactivate enzymes. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of steam blanching and two (solar and electric) drying methods on physicochemical composition, antioxidant Put an inch or two of water in the pot and bring the water to a boil. In water blanching, the product is moved through water usually maintained at a temperature between 88 and 99 o C. In steam blanching the product is carried on a belt through a steam chamber into which live steam is constantly injected. M��CM�U�&����#"�REdQI�j",��'�4�GW��WGRu�_k�}.�\9~��V/l���7�m�e��f�n�߆�0fA. endobj The best packaging material is polyethylene (PE). Results from thermal inactivation kinetics promoted hot‐water blanching at 90 °C for approx. 3 0 obj <> Steam Blancher Steam blancher digunakan untuk proses blansing dengan uap air panas atau steam blanching. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> -���vSUSrS��5�d�֢[�Z����_��W����I�� ��`u�_�I�����/�K���P׽���;��֗}�z��[���^7��f�Lz�Nf��tԟf� P5��p(�� �|�+�[=�����Ӡ=��� Fresh broccoli is stored in room temperature, as for steam blanched • overheating at food’s edges loss of texture & others Individual quick blanching (IQB) blanching in two stages. To steam, use a pot with a tight lid and a basket that holds the food at least three inches above the bottom of the pot. • Conventional steam blanching often poor heating uniformity in multi-layers’ food. The aim of the storage study is find the influence of temperature and storage periode on vitamin C, antioxidant activity value, water content, texture, and colour of broccoli. The antioxidant activity of plant materials is affected by post-harvest treatments. 4 0 obj

<>>> Put the vegetables in the basket in a single layer so that steam reaches all parts quickly. Moreover, steam blanching required more energy (53.93 ± 1.24 kJ mol −1 ) than hot‐water treatment (41.41 ± 4.51 kJ mol −1 ) to reach the transition state and then to unfold the PPO enzyme. x���nG�݀�aI@O�3�0D�cd7 ����}0MY�Ƣ��&A�����guO�9\��>����b��}�����n~yS5�~����V?����v}uU]����?�|��gRY}��������5m��5i���/_4�|�{����z�W���Z_�����a-W���n����?_�x��`���1�O� 6. endobj Pada alat ini uap air diberikan pada lapisan irisan sayuran atau buah-buahan sebanyak 25 kali penyemprotan.

2 0 obj endobj Bagan dari treatment is steam blanching at 80oC in two minutes. }c(([�x����g��|[���LAc,|ܹ�R�'��R���Y�4F����((��a���X������G/0! Steam blanching takes about 1½ times longer than water blanching. Blanching is achieved in hot water for a short period of time or in an atmosphere of steam. <>
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