Sign up to our Slack channel. . While the profitability of relationships with members is measured with lifetime value, similarly to subscription businesses, other metrics are sought after. The figure might also include print subscribers. “My team believes that by investing in the subscribers we have and making the subscription experience better and better, we’ll be able to help all parts of the subscription business. “Funding journalism” as a benefit appeals to a segment of online news customers only. . . . . . Please note: we can only deliver to addresses that we can access straight away; we can’t use access codes or entry keys. . When you sign up to one of our voucher subscriptions, you receive a book of personalised dated vouchers every three months. . A digital subscription gives you access to the Guardian Editions app, the premium tier of the Guardian Live app and advert-free reading on Hey! 6: What if 50% from Apple is more than publishers get from Google? By knowledge exchange we mean examples like ProPublica’s readers tipping off an investigation into IBM layoffs; De Correspondent’s reader Rolodex; and Reveal’s crowdsourced hate report.” We also accept monthly and annual payments by Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards. Plus, enjoy additional exclusive features with your premium access. . . Monday to Saturday Guardian and Sunday Observer papers, plus 7-day access to the Guardian Editions app, premium tier of the Guardian Live app and advert free reading on . The complete digital experience from The Guardian. Email: vouchersubs@theguardian.comPhone: 0330 333 6767. . . . . Some promotions offer a special introductory price. . Both the Guardian Editions and Live app are available across Apple (iOS 12.4 and later) and Android tablet and mobile devices. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to convince people to donate. . . . . . They want to talk back to the organization and feel they’re a part of an authentic relationship. . 1. Within the app, open the full menu by pressing the yellow menu icon on the bottom right hand side. . . . For voucher subscriptions you should telephone us at least six weeks before the date printed on the last voucher in your voucher book. . . The Guardian Editions app, Premium access to The Guardian Live app and ad-free reading on . CASE: What’s so inspiring in the membership model of The Guardian? . 4. . . You can cancel your subscription in Google Play. If you already have a Paper voucher subscription but would like to upgrade to one of our Paper+Digital packages, please call our customer service team on 0330 333 6767. . In 2015 the New York Times pledged it would focus on doubling its digital revenue by 2020, in order to offset the decline in print revenue. . For organizations on a mission, with devoted followers and/or a not-for-profit mission, donations can also generate revenue. Guiding and leading communities is a different work than managing customers’ accounts. The Times of India has a membership programme called Times Prime that includes subscriptions to food delivery and online music. . Saturday Guardian and Sunday Observer papers. . I will present examples of how the subscription news sites successfully copy ideas from the membership sites. . Currently, we are only offering Guardian Weekly as a gift subscription. . . DEBRIEF: What can we learn analysing the case of The Guardian? . At the bottom of the menu click on the cog icon to open app settings, within settings you will be able to sign-in. . . Please contact our customer services team on 0330 333 6767. The Guardian … . Indeed, the subscription pricing model is aligned with newsrooms’ needs: It helps fund a variety of topics in the bundle and not just the most popular, and it lets invest long term in the coverage valued by subscribers. . . Sign in, then select ‘Manage’ under ‘Subscriptions’. . You can find out more about our Digital subscription here. . . . . . . . Saturday Guardian and Observer papers, plus 7-day access to the Guardian Editions app, premium tier of the Guardian Live app and advert-free reading on The ability to offer a free trial to allow users to sample content before subscribing. You have an active Guardian subscription (see section below for details). . A Reuter’s survey asked 200 digital newsroom leaders what their main revenue focus for 2019 will be. This will be specified within the promotional material. Learning about a new business takes time, the data shows. . . Yours with this 6-day print and unlimited digital package. . The Guardian’s model: Since 2014, The Guardian has built a worldwide supporter base of one million, and last year its reader revenues were higher than advertising revenues, declared its Richard Furness at the recent INMA Media Subscriptions in Stockholm. . . Product line: Members’ and subscribers’ benefits are different. Another element of memberships is that usually, the member will have access to a wider variety of products and services, and more of a give and take between the user and the provider. . . . Powerful WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce Subscriptions, Memberpress, Restrict Content Pro, LearnDash and Groups Subscriptions, combined with payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe, make it easy to accept recurring payments and set content behind a subscription paywall once an audience has been developed. Support the Guardian with a print or digital subscription. . . . Which subscription options are available and how much do I pay? . Or email Standard voucher subscription price: £5.07 per weekHome delivery: £6.23, Standard voucher subscription price: £2.77 per weekHome delivery: £3.92. . The Guardian is a publication who focuses on their membership model, and encourage dialogue between their journalists and their readers. You’ll get improved access to all the latest news, sport and opinion updated throughout the day. In my opinion: a success. Lines are open Monday to Sunday, 9am-6pm.Calls cost no more than 01 or 02 numbers from landlines or mobiles.Address: The Guardian, Unit 16, Coalfield Way, Ashby Park, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, LE65 1JT, Email: homedelivery@theguardian.comPhone: 0330 333 6767. Each voucher is dated and can only be exchanged for that day’s paper. Yes, you can. . Mailchimp offers a WordPress plugin here, which is easy to use. Agencies have welcomed the news that the publisher has got itself back into the black. . You do not pay the Guardian directly. . 3: How New York Times is disrupting magazines, No. . Conversion rate is much lower than its peers: With 157 million unique visitors worldwide, The Guardian’s ratio of paying vs. total users is 0.6%, or 0.3% if we count members and subscribers only. . . . Was this e-mail forwarded to you? Join an INMA member-exclusive online meet-up on memberships on Monday, April 29, at 10:00 am New York time: Today’s newsletter is written by Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota, Researcher-In-Residence at INMA, based in Oxford, England. Standard voucher subscription price: £12.23 per weekHome delivery: £15.69, Standard voucher subscription price: £10.38 per weekHome delivery: £13.38. A donation model works because people will contribute in order to support the publication in question. . . . Yours with this 6-day print and unlimited digital package. . Available for everyone, funded by readers. . Observer paper, plus 7-day access to the Guardian Editions app, premium tier of the Guardian Live app and advert-free reading on . . Please click here for further information. You might be surprised how truly niche paid content has become and what will inspire site or app users to pull out their credit cards or Bitcoin. To enter, tap the yellow button on the top right hand corner of the home page, and then select the cog icon to access the settings screen: From the settings menu tap ‘I am already subscribed’, then ‘Activate with subscriber ID’. . If there is anything else you need to know, please do not hesitate to contact us. . SUMMARY: A deep analysis of The Guardian’s membership model compared to The New York Times and The Washington Post traditional digital subscription model reveals a successful model that better fit its mission and values than a paywall. . He also serves as a senior researcher at Oxford University and Harvard Business School. The standard subscription prices for our packs are also given below. . . . . . Please note that your voucher does not cover any charges your newsagent makes for delivering your papers. . . . . . In 2017 alone, The New York Times gained 130,000 subscribers in November and the WSJ’s subscriptions were up 300%. We are open Monday to Sunday, 9am-6pm, or you can email and they will be happy to help you make that change. . Accessible info. . . See this article for a review of five popular, and simple to use, membership plugins. . . You will still see ‘Supported by’ content. . . . Membership organisations fulfil the needs by providing them a purpose of giving, co-creation opportunities, interactions with a community, and other non-content benefits. . For Digital subscriptions click here. This from NiemanLab: Simply open the settings menu, select ‘Subscription’, then tap on ‘I am a Guardian subscriber’. “Christina Shih, COO of the News Revenue Hub, talked about the importance of email when communicating with potential payers. . . . Recurring revenue is the holy grail of business for a reason. Users need to believe in your mission and the worthiness of their donation. . . We now run around 250 Guardian Live events a year in the UK. . The Guardian has never stopped experimenting with its model, and in 2018 introduced subscriptions to its mobile apps in 2018 and launched new extra-high patron tiers. . . These can be redeemed in all participating retailers in the UK, including most independent newsagents, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose outlets. This especially applies to news publishers, local news sites, and niche content blogs. If you are a Paper+Digital subscriber, your subscriber ID can also be found on the vouchers you exchange for the newspaper. . 52% of respondents said subscriptions, while only 27% said display ads. . . 4: What’s wrong with subscription product managers, No. . 2: Driving loyalty in the age of social networks, No. . Both the Editions and Live app are available across Apple (iOS 12.4 and later) and Android tablet and mobile devices. . . . . We’ll also point to preferred WordPress plugins to efficiently achieve these business models without the resources that major publishers like The New York Times, CNN, or The Guardian have available. . Simply open the settings menu, then select ‘I’m a Guardian Subscriber’. In the Reuters Institute’s survey of paying news customers in 37 countries, fewer people said they paid to help fund journalism (13%) than paid to get an access to a mobile app (32%), exclusive news (17%), or paid for quality (16%). The Information, a niche tech media company, has 4,000 subscribers paying $399 per year. . The Guardian Weekly magazine is a round-up of the world news, opinion and long reads that have shaped the week. . If you want to chat, e-mail me at: or text me on our Slack channel. . . . . We ask all new subscribers to enter into an open ended agreement with the Guardian on purchasing a subscription, with a minimum term of 12 months. This can be achieved without the need for expensive, custom programming in terms of website or app development, allowing site owners to quickly grow an engaged audience happy to pay for specialized content. . Whatever your revenue model, a responsive website is more or less essential, and WordPress is an excellent and sustainable, open-source platform to rapidly achieve this. Subscriptions, Memberships or Donations: What’s Best for Your Site? . . . Both the Editions and Live app are available across Apple (iOS 12.4 and later) and Android tablet and mobile devices.