Step 8: Finish the hems. Be sure all corresponding seams are trimmed to ¼-inch. A zigzag stitch will be best from the right side of your T-shirt. Step 6: Stitch the hems of your T-shirt by using the method described above. A serger can help you develop a neat hemmed edge using only one step. Enjoy. I will add it to the list and keep you posted!! You could pin the pattern in place, but sometimes pinning can stretch or distort your knit material. Apply the hem settings for your serger so that you can come up with a neatly folded hem on your T-shirt. Fold it twice together with the wrong side and push gently. Not only is this faster, but it helps keep your neckline from stretching out (similar to staystitching). Once you’ve threaded both needles, you can sew as usual (though I like to take it slow). But, this time, fold it towards the outer part of your hem where it meets the right part of your T-shirt using a scant that extends towards the right. Sew with the neckband up, directly under the presser foot where you have clear visibility of it. Just like with a sewing machine, there are multiple ways to finish the hems of a T-shirt. Serge the middle back seam to allow a neckband. These cookies do not store any personal information. Here you find steps on how to make jersey women's t-shirt with 20 photos and pro comments. Mark the balanced setting of your stitch when starting so that you can refer when you’re serging the T-shirt seams. Stitch T-shirt hems using the method described above, watching the guide as you stitch and slightly skimming the fabric that extends beyond the blades. Your email address will not be published. Using this kind of setting will alter the pressure and make the blind stitch flat. This hem is good for feminine clothing and is a quick hemming finish. . What is the model number for the blind hem foot? A great tip from the book is to “make one change at a time.” All the effort will lead you to your favorite T-shirt that you can re-create time and time again. Pay careful attention to the seam intersection where the sleeve insets. There is more than one way to approach cutting out fabric, so find the way that works best for you. If you are not accustomed to working with a rotary cutter just use your best scissors. Be sure to follow the pick a knit guide on the pattern you have chosen so your knit has enough stretch. Want to learn how to hem knits on a serger? I’m here to encourage you to give it a try Denise. Sewing tutorials and professional tailors tips for those who want to learn to sew. Kimberli. Tutorials. Read on to find out more about the entire team and the philosophy behind our inspiring sewing tutorials – each designed to result in items you’ll be proud to keep, display, and use; give as gifts; or even sell. It is always good practice to press each seam as it is sewn. I suggest teaming up with a sewing friend to measure each other. Step 9: Lastly, Serge the T-shirt seams as listed below, serge your seams together with the right sides. The width you choose is simply a matter of personal preference. When stitching, carefully and slightly skim the part that extends past the blades. I’d love to see your T-shirts! Just like with a sewing machine, there are multiple ways to finish the hems of a T-shirt. I’m a writer, craft addict, and former professional seamstress/fashion designer. It can be a little more challenging to sew a shape like this on an overlocker. Replace standard serger foot with the blind hem foot. Tack down loose seams at sleeve and bottom hemline using a few small hand stitches to keep them flat. Happy serging!! There are a few intricate details you must take into consideration to ensure you do a great job. Pattern weights (or heavy hardware store washers) work great for holding the pattern to the fabric while it is being cut. I generally cut T-shirts on a folded layer, however, if I am working with stripes I will cut on a single layer. By all means, avoid stretching your fabric, take care, and smoothen it from the back foot as you sew. Hemming a t-shirt is usually a bit challenging as you have to ensure your openings are stretchy enough so that you can pull it on and off the body. Snippets of Sewing News – Guest blog by Joanne Banko – AllBrands Blog,, Blind Hem foot/Blind Stitch foot for Serger, Three cones of serger thread to closely match fabric, Sewing Machine Needle, New, size 70 or 80 as per manual, T-Shirt pattern with separate neckband, I’ve used New Look pattern #S0190/6445, Basic sewing notions for cutting and sewing. In the article, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to hem a T-shirt with a serger. At home, the hem can be done in other ways. Press hems toward back of garment. Otherwise, it will stain the right section of the fabric. Check all seam allowances against the pattern and trim any excess so that each seam has a ¼-inch allowance. Be the first to see new projects and patterns, helpful techniques, and new resources to enhance your sewing experience. Our first recommendation is always to visit your local dealer for a “test stitch” in order to compare pricing and get a real feel for what you can gain. Remember, at this stage. E-mail for sending is on the contact page. Rib knit comes in a few colors and could provide nice contrast as well as offering a bit more stretch. I do this from the sleeve to the shirt hem. You’ve finished. Stitch the hems of your T-shirt by using the method described above. A T-shirt is the most basic item you can have in your wardrobe. You can make a neckband from the same fabric or you could cut a neckband from rib knit. Don’t be afraid to fill it out. When you’re ready to hem your bottom and sleeve hems, prepare as follows: Fold your T-shirt and press the hems intensely on both sleeves, back, and front. Read this post I wrote about making leggings here. This feature allows you to control the amount that the fabric stretches while moving through the machine. At beginning, you need lift up top knife of serger, as shown on this photo. The serger makes quick work of stitching together this easy knit garment and the When you sew a regular straight stitch, the top of the stitching will be two parallel rows of straight stitching. Or you can buy a stand alone coverstitch machine. When sewing is finished you need stretch the folded hem and press it on face side, as shown. Sew4Home is dedicated to stylish home sewing – from bags to blankets, pillows to linens, aprons, gifts, accessories, and more. It would be best if you used the standard serger foot in place of a blind hem foot. When the hem is finished it will be wavy and look like a frilly lettuce leaf. T-shirts are comfortable, can be dressed up and down and are the backbone in most wardrobes. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Cut all the pieces that you need using a nap. Don’t stretch your garment. The next step is to set your stitching length and stitch the hem of your T-shirt. To sew your hem, balance each wheel of your blind. Using this tutorial you will be able to sew children's shorts also. Sometimes I will use a product called Wondertape to hold the hem in place while I sew it. This will make it easier and prevent you from trimming too much of it away. When stitching, carefully and slightly skim the part that extends past the blades. Make note of the balanced stitch settings at the beginning so you can refer to them when it is time to serge your actual T-shirt seams. I’ve sewn with twin needles on a standard machine to achieve this effect, but never liked the zigzag of the single bobbin thread underneath. Get in touch with your local BERNINA store. By all means, avoid stretching your fabric, take care, and smoothen it from the back foot as you sew. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 Stitching Sewcial All Rights Reserved. Then make your muslin. Some higher end sergers will indeed convert to a coverstitch machine. Want to know more about it? Check out Angela Wolf’s video HERE. A cover hem machine is all about making professional, high-end-looking hems. It’s much better compared to ancient hems; however, like any serger, you need to master your way around it. COPYRIGHT © 2009-2020 Sew4Home LLC:  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The sleeve will be edge finished with the zigzag stitch. Do you have any plans… OR have you already created… A 4-thread overlock is the perfect stitch for sewing knitwear. Now you are ready to sew the side seams. Step 1: First, you need to make a pattern by using certain modifications to make it match with the serger. Press it well. Try to do this woman's bucket hat. Pre-shrink fabric before cutting and sewing. It’s the type of hem commonly found on most ready-to-wear knit garments (and many woven RTW items as well) as it has plenty of stretch and so will not distort the hem. The design has a 5/8 –inch seam allowance on the main seams and a 3/8 –inch space on the neck. To begin with the setting, try to balance a three-thread stitch. Follow the step by step guide below to hem your T-shirt. There are high-end, five-thread sergers that allow you to do general serging as well as cover hems. Remember to trim the similar seam to ¼-inches. To stay up-to-date on all the news from Janome, visit their website and/or follow the creativity on their blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. A cover hem is a professional-style “serged” hem that traditionally has two to three lines of parallel stitching on the right side and a looper stitch which covers the raw edge of the fabric on the back side. This flat method of construction is the key to keeping it really simple. How to Fake a Coverstitch with a Twin Needle Posted on January 30, 2010 October 18, 2018. Sewing Patterns and Tutorials / All rights reserved / If the pattern contains curved hems, use a ruler so you can straighten the bottom of your T-shirt back, sleeves, and bottom. Cut a remnant of fabric to use for testing the stitch by folding and pressing the fabric as you did in step 3. Serger Style T-Shirt & Learn the Blind Hem Foot. If you do this, the serger will handle the tension like the flatlock serger stitch. *Sew4Home reserves the right to restrict comments that don’t relate to the article, contain profanity, personal attacks or promote personal or other business. Serge it with a neckline as you match all the markings, stretch the band to secure it. Then divide the neckband into 4 equal parts. The photo above features a couple of our important furry friends who like to help out in the studio, especially when the testing of soft blankets and pillows is needed. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. And just like that… a perfect fitting T-shirt! Here is a link for a project that was done a while back using the piping foot on a serger to install zippers in a bag. Designed for enthusiasts – by enthusiasts. Here you will find 30 photos with pro comments how to sew women's jersey shorts. You can use this way to hemming the boys pants, girls skirt and for hem other kinds of kids garments. You don’t have the right needle in your serger. If you sew every day, a serger that does a cover hem as well as other serging might be a great option for you. Chain stitch – 1 needle: This hem can be a decorative effect or used as a temporary seam that can be quickly removed by pulling the chain from the looper side (this is the stitch you often find on bags of pet food or farm feed). The New Look pattern is a product of Simplicity Pattern Company Inc., and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such products. Measure the hem allowance and press in place. You can use it for any finishes. See. Note: Some modern models of sergers do not have the upper knife. But the biggest benefit is how this type of machine allows you to sew in a more efficient manner, especially if you are making several items at once or creating more complex garments that require you to hem at multiple points within the construction process.