'Daddy Dom / Little Girl' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. #NMIK (No Minors In Kink!). (Hence the associations with BDSM and S&M). They invest in some super cute adult onesies, pacifiers, diapers, and adult bottles. They color and play with toys and stuffed animals! also work well for a lot of couples (though Papa is pretty much just Daddy by a different name). Share via Email Report Story Send. Obviously we both have plenty of nicknames for each other, but they're all kinda in the same category together, not the same category as "Daddy" would be for me. There are so many similarities to petplay within DD/LG. Adult sexual predators may target this specific community because of this reason, and prey on actual children who have mistakenly associated themselves with an adult kink! It’s the “mood” a submissive creates when they are acting and exploring their “little” side. You don’t actually need a caregiver to age-regress and let off some steam! Sir! I'm trying to find something else that gives me a similar feeling. Looking for the definition of DDLG? Share. A little may be denied orgasms, or be sexually teased as a punishment. What does DDLG stand for? Why does she have to call you a particular name? As such, they’re often referred to as “middles” rather than “littles”. Something that isn't just thrown into the same category as other names. We believe that she identifies as a Little (she is still learning and exploring this idea, but everything she's found so far confirms this). It is NOT a relationship between an actual father and daughter or any minor. For continuity though, we will be using the term DDLG in this article, since it is the most well-known term for caregiver/little relationships, and is often assumed to encompass all forms of BDSM relationships regardless! This is a type of BDSM relationship that may or may not involve sex, but often involves play with child-like things, such as stuffed animals, bed-time stories, and spankings. Some couples prefer to keep their DDLG relationship private and exclusively for intimacy in the bedroom, while others incorporate it into their daily lives all day long. With my help we discovered that she definitely is not vanilla, and possesses a few kinks. Captain! You could literally just pick something you love about them and make a name based on that. The primary difference is that DD/LG implies age regression to ANY age, which may not be a baby age. A caregiver may take their little one to the county fair, parades, playgrounds, or to toy stores for fun, and to help them age-regress further! You currently have javascript disabled. Your name maybe? Spend $30 more and get FREE shipping worldwide! They may not be able to touch themselves without “Daddy” or “Mommy’s” permission. This is not meant to be a formal definition of DDLG like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is In fact, we highly recommend letting go and exploring your little side in the comfort of your own safe space first to see if it’s something that resonates with you. We ship WORLDWIDE for free AND discreetly so you can easily find and indulge in cute clothing & accessories that appeal to you or your special someone's personal ageplay style! Uncle! I’m sure 90% of you have a twisted view of what DDLG is. For this reason, ageplay is very healing and nurturing, especially for littles who have a lot of daily stresses, or high-powered careers or jobs. This often implies an age regression between the ages of 6-12 respectively. They may or may not have a partner who explores this side of their personality with them. You can do whatever your heart fancies! DD/LG also implies a specific role of a caregiver or dominant partner to regress with, while ABDL is a term for any adult who regresses to a baby-like age often without a caregiver. It absolutely it is! A caregiver may brush their little ones hair. However, in our experience, we have found that there are SO many more people within this community that have absolutely no association with the kink community, and are often  innocently participating in DD/LG style relationships for therapeutic purposes of age regression and exploring their creativity and youthful side, often with a caregiver who only helps them explore that side even more! Master! Caregivers, Mommies, Daddies, adult babies, middles, babyfur, diaperfur, and all other Bigs and littles discuss regression, relationship dynamics, have open group conversation, share experienced advice, and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge. Sir is one i like to be called, also Master L because my last name starts with L. Sir/Daddy/Master/ or whatever he really wants to be called I just want to be able to please my daddy however he wants and I want to make him proud of me, Community Forum Software by IP.Board 3.4.9, This is not recommended for shared computers. Some advice for new littles and daddies/mommies #advice #cgl #ddlb #ddlg #howtoguide #mdlb #mdlg. (Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism). We actually have a fantastic article featuring many valuable tips to explore little space all by your yourself here! We would never suggest specifically seeking out a “Daddy” or “Mommy”, we think it’s equally important to find someone who matches your adult expectations, needs, ambitions, and general life-goals first! Daddy Dom / Little Girl. Find out what is the full meaning of DDLG on Abbreviations.com! rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of DDLG In the bedroom, the little often takes a traditional submissive role forcing them to “obey” their caregiver, and do exactly what’s asked of them. This is often referred to as simply "age regression" "ageplay" or "regression therapy". Even more considerably, since age regression involves fully-consenting adults participating in youthful or child-like acts for innocent fun, this also makes it even more important to protect ACTUAL children from getting mixed up with this community! I would let the both of you develop your names over time -- it's a bit difficult for us to give you useful suggestions, because we aren't, well, you. The pet may also wear a collar, often with a leash, that asserts their submissiveness and ownership by their master. If you are already in a relationship, try exposing them to some DDLG or ABDL content on youtube or on Instagram. DDLG, or DD/LG, is an acronym for daddy dom/little girl, a sexual relationship where the dominant male is the daddy figure and a woman plays the role of a young girl. Top DDLG abbreviation meanings updated October 2020 For example, the pet will often have rules and punishments, just like a DDLG style relationship. They may choose to only regress alone in private, wearing diapers, adult onesies, and using adult pacifiers on their own. Ok so if your new to the CG,L community here are what some things mean. DDLG Playground is hands-down the largest and top-rated store within this space, and for good reason! A lot of DD/lg relationships have pet play or animal names involved, so "Papa bear", "Papa kitty", "Teddy", etc. Hi babies. A little may watch cartoons with their caregiver, or having their caregiver supervise them while they play with toys and stuffed animals. As such, it’s important to be cautious and protect minors from exposure to kinks and fetishes through your age-regression or ageplay, even if you may not be participating in it sexually . It involves ageplay and getting into littlespace! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Papa! Some couples often prefer to only have a DD/LG style relationship that is non-sexual in nature, which is often used therapeutically to heal childhood trauma and to reduce stress and be “taken care of” and nurtured by their caregiver. - posted in Caregiver Cafe: Howdy, recently I got into a relationship with a girl whom we both initially believed to be vanilla. Mister! Below are a list of different takes of the classic DD/LG relationship: The most all-encompassing term for this nurturing relationship between a dominant and a little is “CGL” or “Caregiver-Little”. I think that's the one that's gonna stick(: Daddycakes, Papabear, and Sometimes my Daddy is the Big Bad Wolf. I want to start a Little group site in MEWE. DD/LG is a type of BDSM relationship where the dominant partner takes on the role of a nurturing OR strict caregiver (ie: Daddy), while the submissive takes on the role of a youthful “child” (ie: Little Girl). Ddlg names for Daddy other than Daddy (Caregiver Names?) Littlespace helps the age regressor revert from their daily adult life full of adult-sized problems and stresses, into a more care-free, problem-free, youthful state of being! DD/LG and all of it’s equivalents are often considered a kink because it is largely associated with the kink community known as  BDSM. If you’d like I would be happy to review this to fix any typos just bc this is a really important article for people looking into ddlg . They seriously have it all! Several functions may not work. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, or subjecting anyone to your kink in overt ways, play on! There’s also a term for older littles known as “middle”. ‘DDLG’ is an acronym for a relationship called Daddy Dom / Little Girl. DDLG relationships involve the submissive age-regressing to a younger and more child-like state of mind, while giving up some degree of control, and allowing themselves to be “taken care of” by their dominant partner. No revealing words for what’s inside. Plus they ship 100% WORLDWIDE and completely for FREE, everywhere! In fact, many littles end up exploring petplay as well. I think she should find whatever feels comfortable for her to use. In fact, most littles start out exploring all on their own. With that said, it’s important to understand that even though you may not participate in age regression or “age-play” in a kink or fetish manner, there are still so many long-standing associations with DDLG to BDSM & kink communities. Howdy, recently I got into a relationship with a girl whom we both initially believed to be vanilla. #ddlg. There are no hard and fast “rules” as to what you can or can’t do - whatever helps the “little” get into “little space” and age regress is what it’s all about! Often, the dominant caregiver helps the little reach this headspace. First and foremost, DDLG is absolutely not incest, pedophelia, or sex with minors, nor does it condone any of these things. A caregiver will often have a whole Arsenault of kinky sex toys and gear to role-play with in the bedroom! The shipping is also 100% discreet. For example, when a little is being bratty or naughty, they may get punishments such as spankings, floggings, or gentle whipping with a cute paddle.