A religious revival and a part of the second Great Awakening took place in Cane Ridge, KY, in the summer of 1801. The service grew and grew, carrying on until August 12 … d. Tecumseh died in a battle with militia and regular army soldiers. Bourbon County Historical Markers: Cane Ridge Meeting House. 0 0 1. For the last decade, fervent revivals organized by figures such as Presbyterian minister… By the time the following report was written there was excessive enthusiasm in the outdoor camp-meetings. The Cane Ridge Revival was a large camp meeting that was held in Cane Ridge, Kentucky from August 6 to August 12 or 13, 1801. b. the Shawnee and Delaware signed a treaty with the United States. Late in the eighteenth century, both pastors and Christian laity in Kentucky recognized the deep spiritual need in their region. It was estimated by military personnel that some 20,000 to 30,000 persons of all ages, representing various cultures and economic levels traveled on foot and on horseback, many bringing wagons with tents and camping provisions. This is an eye-witness account primarily from Cane Ridge (Bourbon County), KY. - Jim Duvall The Revival of August 1801 at Cane Ridge was the climactic event of the Western Great Revival. Years later, in colonial Kentucky, a second move of God hit the nation, scandalizing the proud and religious and bringing thousands to Christ. At Cane Ridge, Kentucky in 1801, a. a major slave uprising occurred. The Cane Ridge Revival. A group of Evangelical ministers presided over the nations first "camp meeting". Introduction: In the mid-1700s, a move of God known as the “Great Awakening” struck colonial America under the ministry of a 24-year-old preacher by the name of George Whitfield. The revival at Cane Ridge, Kentucky in 1801 is mentioned several times. An extraordinary revival that lasted several days and impressed everyone involved. Cane Ridge. Most people living on what was then the western frontier were indifferent to faith or actively opposed to it. ON THIS DAY, Thursday 6 August 1801, the camp meeting at Cane Ridge, Kentucky finally broke up. Historical Marker #51 in Bourbon County highlights the history of the Cane Ridge Meeting House and the famous revival of 1801 and its results. This was 1801. Be the first to answer! c. a large revival happened. The new nation was quickly growing as more and more people continued to venture West. Cane Ridge Revival, August 6-12, 1801. here were still a few people living who remembered the “Great Awakening” of the 1740s when Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, Gilbert Tennant, Samuel Davies and other preachers witnessed the “outpouring of the Holy Spirit” in America. It has been described as the "[l]argest and most famous camp meeting of the Second Great Awakening."